My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 352

Chapter 352: The Son Luo Qingyu.

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Chapter 352

Ye Yanxia battles Ling Tian, on the one hand is a peerless swordsman who is unstoppable, and on the other hand is a shocking wizard of the war body double cultivation!

Abyss Longtai; the two are opposite.

Ye Yanxia held the axe in both hands, and she must go all out to fight Lingtian!

"I'm not interested in hitting women, but if necessary, I won't be merciless."

Ling Tian's expression was indifferent, and he slowly drew the sword, and the sword came out of the sheath. Yun Tian shook. The wind rolls over the clouds, and the seven stars of Longyuan.

"If you look down on a woman, you will regret it!"

Ye Yanxiafang moved the **** battle axe in his hand, slashed in the air, and was full of energy! The fierce and overbearing axe slashed through the eight wastelands, cutting the surface of the dragon platform into deep cracks!

"It's so domineering, one shot is comparable to the early attack of Yuan Zunjing!"

The top ten geniuses' expressions changed slightly and their eyes were fixed.

Lin Chen, who had just retired from cultivation, urged Zijin Tong to observe the fight between the two with great interest.

"Ye Yanxia really used 9999 dragon power from the beginning, combined with her quasi-respected mid-term practice, every move has the strength of Yuan Zunjing!"

Ling Tian, proudly standing on the Dragon Platform of the Abyss, raised a disdainful sneer in the corner of his mouth. He wiped his Longyuan Seven Star Sword with his fingertips, waving a sword diagonally, and the blade of the sword flowed with a slight Jin Gang breath!

"Dragon worm skills, even if combined with combat skills, there is only brute force, no rules. Let me tell you, what is a real stunt!"

The aura of Qifeng of Longyuan Seven Stars suddenly expanded, the mighty, the sword rushed to the sky, and the sharp cut!

"Ling Tianjian JueJin Gang fights against the world!"

Jin Zhifengmang, invincible, turned into a vertical split sword gas, cut off Ye Yanxia's axe on the spot, Longtai shocked a violent wind!


Ye Yanxia snorted, bleeding at the corner of her mouth! Her beautiful shadow flashed, the residual image tearing the void! The axe hacked wildly, crushing the mountains and rivers, and the strength of each axe was violent!

She must force Ling Tian close and launch a melee that is beneficial to her!

"Ling Tianjian JueXuan Yu flutters and rolls the residual cloud!"

With a cold drink, the Longyuan sword moment in Ling Tian's hands became cold and killing, and pulled at a rapid speed. The sky's sword light turned into endless raindrops, just like a violent wind and rain!

The **** battle axe wields the afterimage of the anime sky and collides with Jianguang raindrop hole!

Dang~! Dang~! Dang~! boom! boom! boom!

The figure of the two is fighting together, and everyone is shocked that each drop of rain contains a sharp edge that penetrates the void.

Blood dyed red shirts, in the case of close combat, Ye Yanxia was suppressed by Ling Tian on the spot!

When his sword rain fell on the dragon platform, a bang sound penetrated the ground!

The abyss dragon platform, which is said to be able to withstand the attack of Yuanzun Realm, is as fragile as a tofu block in front of this sword light raindrop!

The sword light is vertical and horizontal, the axe shadow flashes continuously, the space crystal wall is shaken continuously by the turbulent weather waves!

More than 100 rounds of fighting between the two sides, Ye Yanxia fell into the disadvantage all the way!

In her familiar melee field, Ling Tian was suppressed to death! There is no chance to fight back!

Ling Tian's power is once again beyond everyone's expectations! Ye Yanxia, who is also the four kings, was beaten and beaten all the way to the beginning!

Ye Yanxia's every blow can be comparable to the first stage of dollar respect!

"With my blood, burn my blood!"

Ye Yanxia burst into a cold cry, and the energy of Qi and Blood in the whole body burned violently. The whole person was bathed in a **** flame. This is the flame glowed by the burning of Qi and Blood!

"Pure power has entered the level of 10,000 Dragon Power!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the next time is really desperate!

"Sky Devourer!"

The **** double axe held high, the burning blood flame condensed into the axe, forming a dark red blood line, Ye Yanxia snapped down!

"Do you really think you are at the same level as me? Ye Yanxia, see the reality!"

Ling Tianjian points to the sky, and his body does not move like a mountain, and a powerful atmosphere is formed!

"Lingtian JianjueLoess opens up tens of thousands of miles!"

He lifted his sword with lightning and cut it down, a steel rock sword with flashing yellow scales was born, and he swayed with the Longyuan Seven Star Sword. Thousands of countless strengths passed through the void and dark red Bloodline crashes!


The battle between the two caused the entire abyss dragon platform to shake violently, and the smoke filled the sky!

The shocking gold-iron collision still echoed in the dragon platform, and the two were still fighting, but apart from a small number of people, most of the Tianjiao were covered by the sky and dust.

As the smoke disperses, the fire dragons are intertwined in the eyes of everyone.

Ling Tian shook his sword and pointed at it. The fire dragon penetrated the blood-stained Ye Yanxia. She waved her axe and cut off the three-headed fire dragon, but she was penetrated by Jianguang alive!


Blood spilled into the sky, Ye Yanxia fell to the ground in disbelief, her body was covered with wounds, and even the strength to stand up was owed!

Ling Tian fell to the ground, the white clothes were like snow, the palm was holding the sword, and the command was obliquely directed.

"Have you ever been convinced?"

Ye Yanxia's teeth were bitten, his face pale, and his eyes blew out a few words; "Yanxia, be willing to fall."

The sword withdrew its sheath, Ling Tian was still like the previous round, with a handsome temperament, and entered the finals!

It was a pity that most Tianjiao shouted, they failed to see the final battle of the final battle, thumped their feet, and sighed deeply.

But the few people who looked to the end fell into a strange silence.

"Is this the new Jianzun, Ling Tian's real strength!"

"His Lingtian five-element sword tactics, out of only three, will defeat Ye Yanxia, who is also the four great kings!"

"It's terrible! The ordinary Yuanzun Realm has only one dead word in front of him!"

Some of the top ten geniuses showed unprecedented panic, and their knowledge of Ling Tian rose to a new height!

"When Ye Yanxia burned her blood, her combat power was equivalent to the mid-level of Yuanzun Realm. It was still suppressed by Ling Tian. If he exerted his full strength, he might have the strength to match Yuanzun Realm's duality!"

Lin Chen took a deep breath; facing Ling Tian, he did not have much confidence himself.

Lin Chen would not want to provoke opponents of this level if it was not for the purpose of attribute lightball, but now, he has only one battle in the end!

"Ye Yanxia dropped a total of 48 attribute spheres and Ling Tian dropped five. It seems that the attribute spheres must be taken away first."

Lin Chen looked around the entire abyss Longtai, and said to his chin.

"In the second half of the semifinals, Lin Chen played against Luo Qingyu!"

Yan Qianyun couldn't wait to announce when he recovered the shining arrow of the two.

After a few words with Han Yizhi and others, Lin Chen jumped into the dragon platform!

Luo Qingyu walked empty, handsome and unparalleled, and slowly stepped into the dragon platform, making many women proud of the peach blossoms.

Luo Qingyu, who has always been elegant and graceful, saw Lin Chen when he saw Lin Chen, and could not help passing a trace of murderousness!

Feeling the beauty's sight, Lin Chen seemed to think of something, shrugged, and jokingly laughed.

"Big beauties, the situation was urgent at that time, and I touched it, let alone the mirror image, why are you so angry?"

Luo Qingyu's beautiful cheeks touched Hongxia, but his killing intentions were more intense, and he said coldly.

"Dengtu prodigal son, I will make you pay later!"