My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 353

Chapter 353: Lin Chen Vs Luo Qingyu

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Chapter 353, Lin Chen VS Luo Qingyu!

Luo Qingyu's expression made someone stunned Lin!

Don't you touch the chest of the mirror avatar, as for this!

It made me look like someone in Lin seemed to be unrecognizable after mentioning the trousers the night before and the night before you. Is this kind of person, Brother Chen? Ok?

Luo Qingyu's delicate jade hand clenched the white lupin, and suddenly waved! The energy of the Jinshan-like water system rolled out and turned into a monstrous sea, submerging the entire abyss dragon platform!

The monstrous sea waves seem to be violent and violent, but in fact everything is under the control of Luo Qingyu.

She exquisitely controlled every trace of energy without overflowing the dragon platform, but it was flooded with the entire dragon platform, leaving Lin Chen with nothing to escape and had no chance to withdraw her attack range!

The quasi-zun's later cultivation was to suppress the audience, the fire energy condensed into empty, the flames of gold and black flew to the sky, surrounded Lin Chen around!

"Blue Sea Fish Tide!"

A flying swordfish condensed by fighting spirit leaps into the waves, and the power of each swordfish is no less than that of a quasi-zun's early full attack!

They are in droves, the momentum is magnificent, and the scene is particularly spectacular, rushing towards Lin Chen!

"Sure enough, it's an improved version of Chaos Wuling tactics. It's a bit interesting. In front of my creation of the Nine Tribulation, Chaos Wuling tactics is not enough to see!"

Lin Chen laughed with great pride, the two changes of the Jiuhuang change took place in an instant, and the cultivation stepped into the middle of the nineth level!

All of his nine kinds of fighting energies were transformed into special energy bloodlines. The fingertips of "Nine Skills of the Sorrow" were quickly connected, and the earth's fighting tactics came out of the ground, and the painting was a prison.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four peaks of hundreds of feet condensed around Lin Chen instantly, blocking most of the flying swordfish, and a small number of swordfish rushing to Linchen, he took the Wanyue Xuanzhen Jia all!

Although the four peaks were destroyed by 60%, they broke the wave halfway!

Five elements attribute; tuk water!

"Jin Wu Chi Yang!"

Luo Qingyu squeezed his hand, and the Void Jinwu swooped down into three pillars of blazing fire, such as the three new blazing suns, bursting with unprecedented heat!

"ShuirouBingtian Finger!"

Lin Chen has been embellished, and the ice star Blue Mansao shot out! And; the energy of the vast water system is centered on Lin Chen, breaking through the sky, and turning into a three-headed water dragon leaning on the blue star blue star that pierced the void!

boom! boom! Sigh!

Five-element attribute; Shui Ke Huo, Lin Chen's modified version of Bing Tian Zhi, still completely blocking Luo Qingyu's offensive!

"Wan Mu Sen Hai!"

Luo Qingyu Hao teeth nibbled, a feather fan fluttered as if he was not convinced, the tens of thousands of sturdy trees were as thick as a few feet, and they poured down like a violent wind and rain!


Ten Thousand Seas has great strength and strength. One may be useless. If it is one thousand, five thousand, ten thousand! That is enough to shake the entire abyss dragon platform!

The golden arm splendidly carried a breath of Gengjin, Lin Chen held the five dragon dynasty lances, and skillfully operated the "Shenhuang Nine Secrets", reducing the rune energy by 700,000 points.

Brush ~! The dragon gun turned into a golden dragon, and the sky of the Gengjin gun was invincible, piercing and tearing a lot of fighting spirits!

Five elements attribute; Jin Kemu!

The confrontation between the two has intensified, truly bringing a'visual feast' to all Tianjiao present!

Their mentality has the same tunes and different effects, and contains a variety of attributes of fighting, mixing various attributes of fighting into a combined attack, the offensive is terrifying!

Before each attack, Lin Chen seemed to be able to anticipate what kind of strength attribute Luo Luoyu would mobilize to attack.

Every time, he can immediately find the attribute of corresponding restraint, and run "Shenhuang Nine Secrets" to fight back.

The entire abyss dragon platform, a breath of Gengjin breathed sharply into the sky, splitting the air, vertical and horizontal void, terrifying!

Immediately afterwards, the flames were intertwined and fluttered, just like a smallpox, and the burning atmosphere of Gengjin continued to melt. After the explosion, the sparks were shining and the forces were in full bloom.

Shuimanlongtai, when thousands of huge waves rolled up and swept over, Qianyue's dignified thick and rustic standing around the dragon platform, if not moving Xuanwu, when they collided with each other, it was even more shocking!

The battle between the two makes all Tianjiao open their eyes.

Where is this a battle between two people, this looks more like a super-large disaster in ancient times collided in a torrent of energy forming a torture!

"How do you feel, the two of them have a similar mentality!"

"I also feel this way. Their trajectory is very similar to the trajectory of the five elements of energy!"

"But it is obviously that Lin Chen's way is even better. His attributes can be converted into special energy bloodlines. Doesn't that mean he has five special energy bloodlines?"

"If Lin Chen's cultivation base can reach the level of quasi-respect, this battle will be judged. The attribute restraint is really too serious, and Lin Chen has not given Luo Qingyu a chance!"

Many Tianjiao are aware of the doorway and the greasiness, and the eyes of Luo Qingyu, who is fighting fiercely, are surprised!

"How can he also possess the qualities of the five elements attribute? Is he practicing the same mentality as me?"

The more he fought, the more terrified and shocked Luo Qingyu was. The "Dengtu prodigal son" in front of him took turns to switch the attributes and fighting spirit, which coincided with his own mentality!

Although Lin Chen's cultivation practice is only in the mid-nine days of Tiangang Realm, his creation of the Nine Tribulation can transform the attribute of Qi into a special energy bloodline, and exert the power of the energy bloodline!

In addition, he combined with the power of the recharged rune, with the attributes to defeat, offset the opponent's 70% attack power, the remaining 30%, even Lin Chen's attack level can only be broken by the quasi-respect!

"Chick, I know the Chaos Five Spirits recipe better than you. Even if you change it again, it will remain the same. I will know what attributes you want to mobilize before you shoot."

With a joking smile, Lin Chen's secret was transmitted to Luo Qingyu's ear, which made the beauty stunned!

"He even knew "Chaos Five Spirits"? Where is he sacred?"

Luo Qingyu was stunned for a while, and then he heard that he said that he was a chick. His pretty face was angry and angry, and his jade hand flicked the white feather fan and pushed it out. The strong water energy condensed into blue waves!

The temperature in the void dropped sharply, a large amount of ice and snow flew and condensed and fell, Luo Qingyu's slender jade hand lightly caught, and the energy of the water system condensed into a giant acre of frost!

"Bing Juetian Frost Claw!"

Lin Chen suddenly runs the blood of the earth system and displays the Wan Yuexuan Town Armor!

When Xuan Zhenjia was covered in the whole body, Lin Chen held the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun with two hands and violently slammed it, smashing the Frost Claw with the most rude and brutal attitude!

"Sure enough, his mind is the second half of "Chaos Five Spirits", which is more complete and perfect than mine!"

The offensive was broken, Luo Qingqing didn't panic and rejoice!

But still not happy to breathe for half a time, she was Hao teeth clenching cherry lips again, the green eyes flashed unwillingly.

Who does this mentality appear to be bad for, and why is this'smelly rogue'!

Thinking of what he did to his mirror image, Luo Qingyu was ashamed and annoyed!