My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 354

Chapter 354: To Play Go To The Dance Studio To Play

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Chapter 354: To fight, go to the dance studio!

"You seem to be very interested in my mindset."

At this time, Lin Chen blinked and laughed; secretly transmitted a voice to Luo Qingyu.

"To tell you the truth, my mind is the second half of the Five Spirits of Chaos. I think either, chick."

Lin Chen raised an eyebrow, Luo Qingyu stopped his hand rare, staring at Lin Chen in amazement.

If you can't say it, it's totally fake. Luo Qingyu knows well, if this chaotic Wuling tactic can get the complete second half what it means to himself!

That would be five super-attacks that can be turned into special energy bloodlines at any time!

Even his former ancestor, exhausting half of his energy and all his connections, failed to find the second half of this original mind.

Its potential and strength, Lin Chen has fully revealed!

"Even if I believe you have, how can I be sure you will give it to me."

Bi eyes looked directly at Lin Chen, Luo Qingyu questioned.

"Of course it is a deal. I can give you the second half of the mind. But you must also agree to my terms."

The "conditions" that Lin Chen said lighted Luo Qingyu's eyes. She never believed that there was a free lunch. If it was a transaction, she would be desperate.

"Tell me about your conditions." Luo Qingyu said secretly in a quiet voice.

The sudden silence of the two made the crowds outside the stadium arrogant and puzzled. This was still playing fiercely just now, why is it suddenly not moving now?

"They seem to be talking in private?"

Yan Qianyun's eyes turned Qiu Bo, staring at Lin Chen curiously.

"Well, what's the situation?"

"Why didn't they suddenly move?"

"Did it hit halfway and find the similarities between each other, and cherish each other, thus sparking the spark of love?"

"Love you! What do you think of the two men?"

Just when everyone couldn't figure out what was going on, suddenly; the offensive was on again!

Luo Qingyu's expression with anger and furiously launched a fierce attack on Lin Chen!

Lin Chen unfolded the wings of the Purple Phoenix and used his magical powers, such as thousands of illusions and shadows, to avoid many attacks.

At this time, Lin Chen seemed to smile, his lips moved a little, and secretly said a few words, Luo Qingyu's offensive stopped again.

Before waiting for everyone's reaction, Luo Qingyu was another attack!

"What did the squad leader say, let Luo Qingyu make such a big fire..."

"Did you say? Lin Chen wore a green hat to Luo Qingyu and secretly said; is your wife really good?"



Guessing four times, Luo Qingyu's onslaught stopped again! The expression was extremely struggling and suffocating, Hao teeth clenched, and cloudy and uncertain.

"If you perform according to your conditions, will you really give me the second half of the Five Spirits of Chaos?"

Luo Qingyu whispered her eyebrows tightly, staring at Lin Chen.

"Why are you so inking, I am a handsome man in Kyushu and eight wildernesses, and I am talking about a handsome character and a letter of integrity. If you don't believe it, I will give it to you first."

Lin Chen's words were amazing. When he took out a roll of jade slips, Ling Kong threw at Luo Qingyu.

Luo Qingyu stretched out his hand and ran a little battle to explore the contents of the jade jade, and found that it was actually the operation formula and meridian route records of the second half of the Five Spirits of Chaos!

"You give it to me so easily? Are you afraid that I will just take it away and run away? Do you regret it?"

Luo Qingyu pretended to put away the roll of jade jade, and smiled cunningly.

"It's okay, even if you repent, I have enough confidence to beat you back. Secondly, if you run on the spot, I'm not afraid, because without the tips I gave you, you can't practice this heart-warming method."

Lin Chen calmed down and laughed. Genesis Nine Tribulation is one of his greatest secrets, and he is naturally not so easy to hand over.

Even if Luo Qingyu agreed to his condition, she only received one-third of "Creation Nine Tribulation", which can only transform the five attributes of Jinmu, Shuihuotu, into special energy bloodlines.

The wind, thunder, light, and darkness behind are still in Lin Chen's hands. As well as the secret of the final ending of "Genesis Nine Tribulation", "The Ultimate Nine Tribulation" is only known to Lin Chen.

"I promise you, only once!"

Luo Qingyus beautiful cheeks appeared on the cheeks. Someone Lin touched his chin and grinned badly. ."

"If you go too far, I will refuse you!"

Luo Qingyu pretended to be a fierce threat; Lin Chen smiled and said nothing, and the Ring of Naling flashed.

At this moment, Luo Qingyu's hand waved lightly, and a curtain of water turned around, shielding herself and Lin Chen from the screen.

Tiantianjiao is even more puzzled, what is the situation? Can these two people still fight?

Between the rotation of the curtain, the last disappeared.

At this time, what struck Lin Chen and the world's eye-catchers was a man of extraordinary beauty!

Regardless of men and women, everyones eyes are staring at the stunning people in the field at this time, and their eyes can no longer be moved!

Shes green silk is embellished like a star, and her figure is astonishing, and she is like a dragon, and the soft blue gauze-like dress is like a cloud of smoke.

The snow-white skin is as bright as a gel, the eyebrows of the eyebrows, the jade lips and the teeth, and the Fang Zehao is white against the cherry red. When Na Luo comes out of the water, it astounds the time and all the eyes on the scene.

She is elegant with lotus steps, soft catkins swinging, jade fingers dancing, without much decoration, but it reflects the endless brilliance and pure beauty of the beautiful woman.

The waist is slightly twisted, the scallion and jade fingers point to the void, and the slender hand swims vigorously.

"It's so beautiful...this, this is the Water Moon Dance!"

"The legend was that it was created in the ancient times for a saint to pray for the **** of water to bring spring rain to the earth. What a beautiful dance!"

"But who is this stunning beauty, my goodness!"

"Who else, Lin Chen's stage remains unchanged, and of course the rest is Luo Qingyu!"

"Luo Qingyu is female?"

"My God! Luo Qingyu can actually have such a peerless dance!"

"What's the situation? The two of them can't fight anymore. How come they danced and danced halfway!"

"What to fight, to fight, go to the dance studio to fight!"


When seeing Luo Qingyu's slightly raised throat on the white jade neck, many Tianjiao were stunned, and someone nodded in satisfaction.

"Pseudo-boys in men's clothes are dressed as girls again, I'm such a genius, haha!"

After the Shuiyue God Dance ended, Luo Qingyan moved step by step, came to Lin Chen, slightly nodded, and stretched out her slim jade hand.

Lin Chen placed his palm on the jade of the beautiful lady, and the two simultaneously operated the mind, at this time, a large number of attribute light **** in Luo Qingyu began to transfer to Lin Chen!

[The host receives 90 million elementary exercises, 3.5 million rune energy, 60 million ignition energy,]

[The host gains 230 points of Heavenly Dao, 40 million points of water energy, 70 million points of elementary exercises,]

[The host obtains the light ball of the power attribute, the blue-level advanced combat skills "Blaze"

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains the sixth-order low-level medicine: Yin-Yang Returning Life Pill.

Many high-quality attribute light spheres passed from the jade hand through Luo Qingyu to Lin Chen's body!

Even without fighting, Lin Chen has a way to get the attribute light ball in Luo Qingyu's body!