My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 355

Chapter 355: The Style Of The Knife

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Chapter 355

Holy flame, extreme north area, ice valley.

Here, the pillar of the Holy Fire shines into the sky, and the candle shines on the Xiaohan.

The top celestial celestials of the seven heavenly gangs and the nine heavy layers fell in the pool of blood, and their expression before death seemed horrified and puzzled.

The handsome young man in white was kneeling on the snow on one knee. He held a single knife in his hand, covered in blood, and looked dull, as if he could not believe everything in front of him!

His left arm flew away, leaving a smooth and perfect cut, without a drop of blood!

The handsome young man in white is the Baijia Baiming who ranked first among the top ten geniuses who once played against Lin Chen!

At this moment, proudly standing in front of Bai Ming was a charming and enchanted young man in purple clothes.

He wears a crown of feathers, hangs on a copper border, and his face is as white as a crown jade. A pair of red phoenix eyes looks cold and magical, and his pupils are as green as green, revealing the dignity of all beings in the world!

Even more terrifying is the quaint black sword in his waist!

The blade is cast like a black iron, and it is dark and dark, like Nazang's countless abyss. The boiling knife flows between the handles, like a huge dragon lying on the ground!

If the sword is out of the sheath, it will cut the sky!

"Various ants, dare to touch their prey."

The indifferent youth's indifferent eyes are like the indifference that does not belong to human beings. Bai Ming's eyes gradually recover the last sense of reason, and the murderous intention suddenly becomes red eyes!

"I don't believe it! I don't believe there is such a ridiculous thing in this world!"

Bai Ming was hysterical, waving his sword angrily between the roars, fighting on the sixth-level low-level Demon Sword, rolling out a sword gas that swallowed the mountains and rivers!

Dang~~! Bang!

A flash of lightning was extremely fast, and Bai Ming's energy was not sent out. His sixth-order low-level celestial demon sword exploded on the spot, and the blade light exploded!

Bai Ming held his famous sword of war, his eyes fluttered and stayed in place!

The demon youth knife withdrew its sheath, and Bai Ming didn't even see when he pulled the knife! ~

More importantly, the sixth-order knife! The knife of Yuanzun's realm rank was cut off by the other party?

Even if it is a top-level fighter of the sixth order, it is impossible to achieve this level!


A crisp crackling sounded, and Bai Ming's Tianling cover cracked a very pale blood stain!

"Roar roar! Good at, lair, die!"

At this moment, the roar in the ice valley was endless, the obscure human language roared, and the two behemoths rushed out of the snow mountain and ran quickly!

The two fierce beasts are as tall as magnificent mountains, the snow-colored hair is as hard as steel, and they have four arms. They are two sixth-order beasts; the four-armed snow demon ape!

Their **** and violent eyes stared at the demon youth, and they were able to utter their words, and they were the sixth-order fierce beasts with higher intelligence.

"The ants do not become stronger because of their larger size."

The demon youth sneered disdainfully, his fingertips pressed against the handle of the knife, and a dragon-like broken mansions rose into the sky!


The sword of light travels for thousands of miles, just like the divine sword of the Son of God, and it opens the earth!

The style of the knife, amazing time and years. Before the fall of the two sixth-order beasts, the final glory reflected.

The demon youth received the knife, the two snow demon apes burst into the sky, and even the fierce beast core was cut into pieces!

Spike! The two tier six beasts couldn't even get a sword out of this young man's hand?

What is even more horrifying is that his cultivation is only in the late stage of Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong!

Bai Ming stared at this scene staring blankly, and the demon youth took away the seeds of the flame and walked away slowly.

Click ~ Moment before the head split, Bai Ming heard the last sentence in his life.

"You don't believe that there is such an outrageous thing between heaven and earth. After all, this heaven and earth are just gods' playthings."

The indifferent voice of the demon youth disappeared in the snowstorm, and Bai Ming's head burst into two on the spot!

Where is this person sacred?


The first line of heaven, the abyss dragon platform.

Lin Chen put forward the three major conditions for the second half of the Chaos Five Spirits skill: First, he asked Luo Qingyu to abstain from the game.

Second, according to his requirements, use the mental method to send fighting spirit to Lin Chen.

3. Luo Qingyu uttered a women's dress and presented the best dance he could.

Of course, the third one behind is just that Lin Chen wanted to humiliate this bad-tempered chick.

When Luo Qingyu's fighting spirit was passed to Lin Chen by nearly 80%, she finally no longer had an attribute light ball on her body, and Lin Chen stopped the operation of her mind.

"Okay, okay. This is the second half of "Chaos Five Spirits" cultivation tips, and every attribute of fighting energy into energy bloodline."

Lin Chen let go of her jade hand, kept her promise, and handed over her jade jade prepared to Luo Qingyu.

The latter had a happy expression, and his cheeks were red. When he took the jade jade, he hurriedly glanced. After confirming that he was correct, he waved his hand gently, and the infinite water curtain enveloped her all around again.

By the time she appeared in everyone's eyes again, she had reverted to the beautiful and beautiful Luo Qingyu son in the past.

With the exception of Lin Chen, Tianjiao, who is beyond the first line of heaven, can't guess whether'she' is a man or a woman.

"I chose to abstain in this battle."

Luo Qingyu responded to the first sentence of men's clothing, shocking everyone!

"What's the matter, how did Luo Qingyu quit?"

"There must be a dirty deal behind this!"

"The two of them seem to be negotiating something just now. Obviously the negotiation was successful?"

Many Tianjiao had a lot of discussion, hands clasped their chests, a look of indifferent Ling Tian, his eyes turned to Lin Chen.

"Is he the opponent of the finals, but that's why it's a terrible situation."

From the perspective of Ling Tian, Lin Chen's tricky degree is not even as good as Murong Changsheng.

He just happened to have the fantasy dream of Luo Xunmo's catalog that restrained Murong Changsheng, but that thing did not pose too much threat to Ling Tian himself.

As for the card that Lin Chen showed from Murong's longevity battle, he only needs to beware of his secret technique that can make people's fighting spirit and actions extremely slow.

Yan Qianyun looked at her and Lin Chen meaningfully, and then announced: "The opponent has abstained, the winner, Lin Chen!"

"The quota for the final has been set, Lin Chen will play against Ling Tian. The final will be held in five days!"

This result was all as expected by Lin Chen; Luo Qingyu left Lin Chen in front of the abyss dragon platform, and pretended to be fiercely white to Lin Chen, but instead looked charming and charming.

"What's your eye rolling? I'll teach you how to play basketball next time!"

Lin Chen was also very happy to wave goodbye, and then wiped out the net of attributed light **** remaining on the abyss dragon platform!

The attributed light ball remaining in the dragon platform this time was left by Ling Tian and Ye Yanxia in battle, and part of it was dropped by Luo Qingyu when he attacked.

[The host gains 30 billion primary qi blood, 13 billion primary qi essence, 5 million runic energy, and 150 heavenly path values.

Suddenly, Lin Chen found two blue and gold treasure chests on the edge of the abyss dragon platform.

I don't know if it was Ye Yanxia, Ling Tian or Luo Qingyu. He reached out and grabbed it, and when it opened, the system screen popped up.

[The host opens the Blue Gold Treasure Box and receives 200 million points of elementary merit awards.

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains: Phantom Rune Fragment (3/1).