My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 356

Chapter 356: Illusion Mark Sentence Success

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Chapter 356: The Phantom Rune is Born!

[The system congratulates the host and successfully collects all phantom rune fragments. Level 3 phantom rune fusion succeeds.

Lin Chen's eyes widened suddenly, staying on the spot!

Was the surprise too sudden? The last fragment of the Phantom Rune is actually here!

Lin Chen turned on the system, directly ignoring many attribute values, and at a glance locked the level 3 phantom rune description within the rune function.

[Phantom Rune: The power of the copy host can be copied to release a phantom avatar. The avatar can use the same attack as the host, and is compatible with the hosts three major rune effects. The avatar has the hosts fighting consciousness, and can also communicate with the hosts consciousness.

[The strength of the avatar depends on the rune energy consumed by the host. The more rune energy consumed, the higher the damage the avatar can bear and the more attacks it can perform.

"From the point of view of the description alone, it is indeed the strongest existence of all characteristic runes. As for how strong it is, it will be tested in actual combat. Exactly, this time there is a best opponent for testing runes!"

Lin Chen suddenly turned to Ling Tian, who was beyond the line of sight, with a high war in his eyes!

Although the results of Lin Chen and Luo Qingyu were beyond everyone's expectations, everyone still wanted to witness the pinnacle of the younger generation!

The last battle, Lin Chen against Ling Tian!

Lin Chen took away all the attributes of the light ball in the abyss dragon platform, and cultivated for the advanced eighth stage!

Ye Yanxia's many remaining qi and blood energy attribute light **** have given Lin Chen a total of 280 billion primary qi blood, which is almost comparable to killing a sixth-order beast!

His pure power soared directly to 6800 Dragon Power!

Late at night, many Tianjiao still stay in the first line of the day, Lin Chen sat cross-legged.

The blue dragon in Dantian is burning a faint green fire, and the ancient blue dragon is refining a mass of unprecedented energy!

That was the sixth-order fierce beast core of the Nine-headed Demon Dog. After fighting with Murong Changsheng, Lin Chen had a better understanding of the strength of the Four Heavenly Kings.

With his own strength, he may not necessarily be able to get the first place. In case of emergency, he let the ancient green dragon swallow the sixth-order fierce beast core before the semifinals began, and cultivated the energy in the fierce beast core.

"With my help, the ancient Qinglong will absorb the ferocious core several times faster. I don't know if it can be absorbed before the finals."

There was a trace of anticipation in Lin Chen's heart, running mentality, and the nine-color battle gas turned into a round of energy round the Qinglong origin.

Lin Chen wholeheartedly assisted the ancient Qinglong in refining the sixth-order beast core, and was practicing for five days.

Han Yizhi and Leng Yueqi were guarded by him. Anyone who tried to approach Lin Chen was repelled by Leng Yueqi.

During this period, even Yan Qianyun wanted to see Lin Chen, but was stopped by Leng Yueqi.

In the early morning of the sixth day, dawn dawned within the first line of the day.

The origin of the Green Dragon in Lin Chendan's field has expanded by a third. Lin Chen assisted the ancient Qinglong to absorb the sixth-order beast core at the last moment of the final!

Lin Chen looked at the dragon veins in the origin of the green dragon. 950 dragon veins gave birth to the dragon spirit of moving mountains and reclamation!

"Very good, the ancient green dragon with 9500 dragon power, the cultivation of the late eightfold, the spiritual power of the legal phase. And many elemental energy with an attribute value of more than 600 million, plus 500 million rune energy and a new phantom rune!"

When Lin Chen opened his eyes, he was so imposing, showing the domineering and fighting spirit of the world!

"If you have so many cards and combat power, if you can't even win Ling Ling, the coach might as well find a piece of tofu and kill him!"

When the ancient green dragon gave birth to 950 dragon veins, Lin Chen gradually felt a sense of touching the boundaries.

That's right, that is the limit of Qinglong bloodline. Lin Chens blood of the Qinglong is only 50,000 points. At the end of the 50,000-point growth, it is only enough for the ancient Qinglong to grow to the sixth level.

If after reaching the sixth level, the blood energy has not been replenished, the ancient green dragon will be unable to move forward.

These things, Lin Chen can only stay for a headache in the future.

And this day; the strong gather. After receiving the wind, Tianjiao hurried to the first line of the sky!

Long Yuan Qixing Sword throbbed slightly, when dawn dawned down, Ling Tian opened his eyes suddenly, and when he got up, the figure flashed inside the dragon platform.

"That is Ling Tian, the four great kings!"

"What four kings are now five kings!"

"Come, the strongest battle in Lingzhou's contemporary ancient family!"

"I never dreamed that a representative of the Leng family with eight layers of gangs would actually be here all the way."

Some of the Tianjiao who hurried to the Long Abyss of the Abyss and saw Ling Tian enter the venue couldn't help but discuss.

And those arrogances that once ridiculed Lin Chen, all shrunk behind the first line of heaven, for fear that Lin Chen found them.

"Unexpectedly, he has become the new five kings of the new life, we all looked away..."

"It's a real eye-catcher, how nice it would be to follow him like Lengyou!"

The ten Lengjia Tianjiao also arrived in the first line of the sky, and when they looked at Lin Chen on the other side, they realized that the two sides were not a world at all, and their intestines were regretful!

The five newly born kings were once members of their cold family. They obviously had the opportunity to be exposed to such adventures and opportunities, but they took the initiative to let them go.

When he heard that Leng You and his entourage had obtained two sacred fire seeds plus an inheritance of the ancient Yuanzun Realm, he couldn't believe it!

When they arrived on the battlefield of the first line of heaven, and heard many Tianjiao discussing Lin Chens appalling behavior and record, they realized what a stupid decision everyone had made!

All eyes were on the eyes; Lin Chen was wearing the five dragon dynasty emperor gun, struck the silver robe, awe-inspiring, stepped out, moved the void, flashed into the abyss dragon platform!

"Zhanlongtai final, Ling Tian against Lin Chen! Now, start!"


Yan Qianyun's words just fell, the sword edge came out of the sheath of Longyin, Geng Jin's sword was indestructible, like a thousand-footed golden maneuver, raging!

"Golden Slash!"

The afterimage is like an image, and the blue flame of Ziyan turns into the body of Lin Chen, which is swirling and flowing, and his afterimage flashes away, avoiding the sharp edge of the sword spirit of Geng Jin.


The crystal wall shield protecting the abyss dragon platform and the first line of sky is crumbling, and the arrogant expressions of those who arrived for the first time to watch the battle are horrified!

These are the four kings who made it to the finals, Ling Tian!

With this simple sword, the power has already surpassed the mid-level of Yuanzun Realm!

"Oh my god, how can Lin Chen win against such an opponent!"

"If I were, I would be scared by the sword on the spot!"

The arrogance of the cold family swallowed saliva, cold sweat!

"Xiu Luo Jiuhuang changes!"

"TianshuiThunder PenaltyMeteorite!"

Lin Chen's three kinds of special energy blood veins were pulled up sharply, and doubled qi energy exploded and injected into Lin Chen's meridian battle spirit!

The world-warming war is about to happen!