My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 357

Chapter 357: The Ultimate Battle Ling Tian Vs Lin Chen

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Chapter 357, The Ultimate Battle Ling Tian VS Lin Chen!

"This is the boundary between Tiangang Realm and Yuanzun Realm, Dantian Yuanfu."

Looking inside the Tiangang battle spirit in Dan Tian, Lin Chen found that one-third of his nine-color battle spirit had been transformed into a mysterious energy cave mansion.

This cave house is the prototype of Dantian Yuanfu, once it is constructed, it will step into quasi-respect! In the end, a new world will be formed inside the cave, that is, Yuanzun Realm!

Ling Tian sneered indifferently and sternly at the corner of his mouth, Longyuan Qixing Sword circulated in the deep and deep water system of Qiqi raindrops, cold killing, Jianfeng cut diagonally, countless raindrops Jianqi bombs soared!

"Lingtian JianjueXuanyu Xiaoxiao, point Xinghe!"

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo! The Jianqi raindrops seem inconspicuous, but in fact they completely penetrate the crystal wall of the space, soaring away at a very fast speed!

Lin Chen's purple phoenix wings flapped, and the wind prison Pluto stepped, like a dragon leaps thousands of miles, and each step is like space moving!

"Blue Dragon Possession! Demon Fight Thunder!"

9500 Dragon Power blessing, Lin Chen moved the high-speed movement of the body while quickly dancing the Wulong Dynasty Imperial Gun.

Thunderlight is in full bloom, such as the rainstorm pear flower, and will aim at his own sword gas raindrops and pop up!

Dang Dang Dang~! Jianqi Yuyun Cave penetrates the Dragon Platform, leaving countless crack holes.

"Thunder system and wind system? And both can be transformed into energy veins!"

Luo Qingyu, who was watching the battle from the front line, was stunned. Bingxue cleverly thought of the key!

No wonder he is willing to teach himself the second half of the Five Spirits of Chaos to himself. It turns out that his cultivation method is far more than that, he still keeps his hands!

"Huh, this gangster is cunning!" Luo Qingyu whispered strangely.

She didn't really hold a grudge, everyone had their own secrets, and she was already satisfied with the second half of the Five Spirits of Chaos.

Inside the Long Abyss of the Abyss; Lin Chen shook his numb arm, and the corner of his mouth outlined a confident smile!

"Bounced off?"

Ling Tian was stunned; he did not know that after Lin Chen broke through the spiritual power of the Fa-phase, Zijin Tong's ability skyrocketed again. The location where he had previously moved is the area with the most loopholes in Lingtian swordsmanship.

"It's kind of interesting, how come, don't the strange blue dragon who summons you come out to help."

Ling Tian didn't pursue immediately, but asked with a sword in his hand. Eyes swept all around, and Long Yuan continued to attack, ready to attack.

"Who knows, my Qinglong is very smart, it will only rush out when you are deadliest."

Lin Chen, standing on the other side of the dragon platform, laughed. Ling Tian's opponent of this level, he did not intend to risk calling the ancient Qinglong to join the battle.

Ling Tian's swordsmanship is too strong, and any sword can easily kill the ancient green dragon. Instead of this, it is better to let its dragon power be attached to Lin Chen.

"You are afraid of my strength, don't dare to release it."

Suddenly, Ling Tian's indifferent expression appeared a ridiculous smile, and suddenly stepped into the void, and the whole person turned into a swift sword light!

His speed is one point faster than Lin Chen's full speed! Much faster than when fighting Ye Yanxia!

Lin Chen was shocked, the Taishi Bible urged, and the spiritual power of Dharma Realm was transformed into a white sword blade!

"Prison Dragon Wanmu!"

Long Yuan Jian stabs out awe-inspiringly, thousands of wood-based sword lights are shot over the tip of the sword, and a little Aoki breaks the imaginary god, actually puncturing Lin Chen's "Tai Shi Sheng Chan" sword!

Sword Qi rushed forward, pointing directly at Lin Chens head!

Concentrated, the war guns grow five-colored dragon spirit, Lin Chen swept through the sky, smashed his waist!

The tip of the gun tears Ling Tian, knowing that it is actually a residual image! Because of too strong murderousness, Lin Chen mistakenly thought it was an attack launched by the real body!

Brush ~! The blazing high temperature burned the space crystal wall to twist and twist!

Ling Tian ghostly appeared behind Lin Chen, Long Yuan Jian burned red flames, raised his head high, and slashed down!

"The sword of fire, the flames shining all over the world!"

At the moment when Long Yuanjian was cut off, Lin Chen's pupils shrank, and a slow rune with 20 million rune energy appeared in the air!

Almost in the electro-optical flint room, Lin Chen exhibited two great skills at the same time, the nine-day mad thunder of the magical thunder and the Wanyue Xuanzhen armor!

The electro-optical dragon, the golden war rifle and the seven-star sword blade crashed together!


The aftershocks of yin and yang upside down set off an energy shock wave of thousands of feet!

Waiting for everyone to see the situation inside the Dragon Terrace, I can't help but take a breath!

The center of the abyss dragon platform is split with a thousand-meter-long sword mark, half a meter wide and ten meters deep, and there are traces of severe burns!

Lin Chen's left shoulder was fleshed with blood and blood stained, and he dyed his silver robe.

His eyes are deep, and he didn't anticipate that Ling Tian was so fast, he suffered a big loss on the spot!

Yan Qianyun in the void gazed at the two on the dragon platform of the abyss, and the face of Qingguoqingcheng showed a trace of inexplicable doubt.

There is no sign of Lin Chen's appearance in her divining and deducing the heavenly plane. Secondly, behind the tiger-eating dragon, the mysterious black star has not surfaced.

Lin Chen was neither the mysterious star she had performed, nor any of the fierce tigers eating dragons. He was like a nihilistic man with no fate, and was involved in this battle.

This caused Yan Qianyun to host the Battle Dragon Platform this time, and did not get the answer he wanted.

Because, she came for the black star that she saw when she was playing the sky! It now appears that Tianji hides others.

On the other side; the eyes of the Tianjiao who witnessed the two fighting are trembling. Compared with the previous ten geniuses, and even the destruction of the Longtai caused by Ye Yanxia, Ling Tians sword is almost equivalent to Yuanzun Realm!

Lin Chen didn't die because the slow rune made him flash the most prosperous position, otherwise it would not be as simple as hurting his shoulder!


Sword Qi rushed into the sky to transform Long Yin, from Ling Tian's body, spurting out the fierce sword energy, piercing Lin Chen's slow rune into nothingness!

Although he couldn't see how Lin Chen's characteristic runes were launched, he had long been devoted to Lin Chen's "slow runes", secretly possessing a sword power, ready to break the sudden run out of slow runes.

With his strength and heritage, as long as he is careful to guard against it, Lin Chen would be extremely difficult to find flaws under his offensive!

Even though the slow rune of 20 million rune energy did not cause him too much pause.

The most important thing is that Ling Tian has already figured out that as long as Lin Chen is in a crisis, or at a critical moment of attack, he is very likely to use this tricky secret technique!

The four heavenly kings are peerless geniuses who stood out among the trillions of people in Lingzhou. Lin Chen's previous battle with Murong Changsheng revealed too many cards.

Even, if it werent for the fantasy dream that the Luoqi soldiers were out, they absorbed Murong Changshengs last trick, the Demon Forbidden Recruiting. Between Lin Chen and Murong Changsheng, its really not necessarily who will die.

"I want to see how fast you can be!"

Lin Chen swallowed three fifth-order top-level elixirs "yin anode wind dan", which not only has the magical effect of treating trauma, but also can increase his fighting power by 30%.

If it is a wind-based fighting spirit, it is 50%, and the body speed can be further improved!