My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 358

Chapter 358: Unprecedented Lin Chen

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Chapter 358, Unprecedented Lin Chen!


Purple Phoenix wings flapping, wind howling hunting, Lin Chen's speed, once again exceeded the limit, let Ling Tian look slightly changed!

"Slow rune!"

Lin Chen shot with a palm, and the grey and white rung came again! Rune energy is reduced by 30 million points again!

A sense of crisis suddenly rose into Ling Tian's heart. He didn't expect Lin Chen to be able to continuously urge the "quirky secret technique" that can stop others!

"Five Elements KendoTiangang Rebellion Shatters the Universe!"

The golden light was dazzling, and the edge of the sword condensed on the tip of the sword, and a sword came out! The energy of the gold system is unbreakable; the sword is rolling, and the golden horses that are thousands of feet in length are practicing and angering Lin Chen!

At the same time, he flew back; almost the moment he launched the sword move was blocked by Lin Chen's slow runes!

"Is there any gold-based combat skills?"

Lin Chen's eyes glowed with dazzling golden light, and the whole body was covered with gold veins, and the fighting spirit was perfused in the new thousand meridians, running for a week!

"Tiangeng's Counter-Dragon Shooting Technique! Ten Counter-Dragons!"

The five dragon dynasty guns were pulled at a rapid speed. When the ten guns were stabbed and the golden guns of the hundred feet were smashed out, they swallowed the stars and swept the moon.

The gunman crushed the swordmancer, Lin Chen hurriedly urged his body, purple phoenix wings flapped, an arrow step spanned thousands of feet, and instantly forced Ling Tian to the edge of the dragon platform!

Ling Tian's expression finally changed dramatically, at this time he had not completely broken the shackles of slow runes!

"Oops, it's too late!"

Not paying much attention, Ling Tian forcibly operated the fighting tactics available at this stage, urged the defensive combat skills, cooperated with the defensive treasures, and turned into a water-fire-hole-like shield around his surroundings!

"It's useless!"

Lin Chen sneered with a sneer; the melee field is the time when the Dark Dragon Palm is full of power!

His left arm is dark and dark, and the fighting spirit of the dark line is writhing layers of dark energy, containing the universe, as if it could collapse!

"Dark Dragon PalmSixfold Dark Dragon Power!"

Lin Chen took two consecutive shots and slammed three shots at close range. Because the fighting became slow, Ling Tian was too late to run the fighting and the defense shield was shattered by Lin Chen!

Part of Dark Dragon King also passed into his body through defense!

"Sevenfold Dark Dragon Power!"

At the last shot of the Dark Dragon Palm, Lin Chen snapped it towards his heart, the rune energy dropped by 22 million points, and the charged rune superimposed on the rune!

The third note of the dark dragon palm makes Ling Tian, who can't be quenched, only ward off the sword!


The horrible sound of gold and iron collisions shakes the entire sky, and it is still clearly visible thousands of miles away!

Ling Tian was blown away by Lin Chen's palm, and the whole person turned like a spiral inverted shell in the void!

A large number of colorful attribute light **** dropped rapidly from Ling Tian's body, dazzling and colorful.

Most of these attribute light spheres are the elemental energy of the five-element system, and their quality is extremely high.

Lin Chen couldn't care about picking up the attributed light ball, chasing after the victory, but unexpectedly another thousand rain drops of sword light came from!

Zi Yan rolls over, Zi Huang **** his wings, and his footwork retreats, Lin Chen barely flashes away.

"It broke my slow rune **** so quickly, you are really the first one!"

Lin Chen clutched the injured left shoulder, the blood continued to overflow, and just forcibly started the dark dragon palm with the injured arm, almost collapsed.

"Damn, what's going on! I clearly broke the **** of that strange energy to me, but another force was constantly corroding my fighting spirit!"

Corrupted runes in Ling Tians body, a cold expression, and a large amount of blood on the corners of his mouth, he also guarded against Lin Chens dark dragon palm, but did not expect Lin Chens hole card, it seemed far beyond his expectations!

Lin Chen did not intend to give the other person a breathing time. He held the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun with one hand and slammed away. The gun came out like a mad dragon and went out to sea, and it was powerful!

Jian Feng sternly picked up, blocked Lin Chen's overbearing shot, Ling Tian turned to quickly cut Lin Chen's calf!

Zi Jintong's ray of light was great, Lin Chen turned around like a dragon, avoiding the sword edge, holding the gun in his backhand, the dragon force exploded, and the gunpoint was flowing with a strong Geng Jin edge, violently picking the galaxy off!

The two beat fast, the shadows of the lances flickered, and they fought from the edge of the dragon platform to the sky, and turned into two gods fighting together!

The special space crystal wall is easily broken into pieces in front of the two people's attacking aftermath!

Although Lin Chen was injured, Ling Tian was even more uncomfortable, hitting Lin Chen's dark dragon power, and the erosion of the corrosive runes, which greatly reduced his offensive and attack power!

Seeing Lin Chen shake Ling Tian with the ninth level of Tiangang Realm, some Tianjiao are completely in a state of blank brain!

Although Ling Tian is a quasi-respectful cultivation practice, his strength is infinitely close to Yuanzun Realm's double! Can Lin Chen use the Jiuzhong of Tiangang Realm to achieve the leapfrog battle?

If the two are at the same level, there is no doubt that Lin Chen will definitely crush Ling Tian!

In terms of age, Lin Chen is smaller than Ling Tian's practice time for decades. The talents of the two, who is higher and who is lower, are clear at a glance!

But what everyone does not understand is, why can Lin Chen achieve such a terrifying power?

In the history of hundreds of thousands of years in Lingzhou, there is no Tianjiao; it can achieve the Tiangang Realm to challenge the Yuanzun Realm!

As strong as the four heavenly kings, it was only after stepping into the quasi-unity cultivation practice that they began to have the fighting power to match the Yuanzun Realm. When they were in the Tiangang Realm, they still had no power to parry Yuanzun Realm!

Only Lin Chen, the demon, not only stepped up, but also stepped up on the basis of stepping up!

Is this **** human?

Where is this monster! The strongest sons and daughters of all generations are not as scary as him!

There is no doubt that all the people present, despite the turbulent waves in their hearts, have endless doubts around their hearts.

But they understand one thing at the moment, that is, they are witnessing history!

The higher the advanced combat skills are, the more powerful and scarce the power is. The lower-level combat skills of the blue rank are generally held by the arrogance of the first line of the day.

The Blue Rank Intermediate is basically the core combat skill of most Tianjiao. The Blue Rank Advanced is basically only held by the top ten geniuses or a few of the top ancient Tianjiao.

And the top blue rank, maybe only one or four of the four heavenly kings!

The value of a blue-level top-level combat skill exceeds the sum of ten blue-level advanced combat skills, and its value is also very rare in the ancient family.

Although the gap with Ling Tian's cultivation base is huge, Lin Chen's strength starting point is already in the late stage of quasi-respect!

He mobilized the power of the ancient green dragon, the 9500 dragon power, so that the combat power he played in pure power can already match the quasi-zun later!

In terms of mentality, "Creation Nine Tribulation" has more mental methods than Ling Tian, and the attribute combat energy can be transformed into energy blood veins, and the attack power has doubled.

Secondly; his five dragon dynasty imperial guns are temporarily ranked sixth-level intermediate, inheriting the memory of the ancient caster Jin Xiahua, and can exert the power to suppress the dragon yuan sword!

And in the combat skill of "Tiangeng Reverse Dragon Gun", if it is used with the blood energy of the gold system, the attack power will increase by several times in a straight line. peak!

Finally, in conjunction with the magnificent Zijin pupil and spiritual realm, and the 300% attack combat skill enhancement effect of the rune, the attack power has soared by two grades again!

Physical training strength, spiritual power, pupil technique, mental method, characteristic runes, each of which is directly or indirectly doubled to enhance Lin Chen's strength!

With so many card stacks, Lin Chen completed this unprecedented and unprecedented historical feat! Leapfrog plus leapfrog!