My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 359

Chapter 359: Lin Chen Also Smiled

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Chapter 359, Lin Chen also smiled!

Abyss Dragon Platform;

Jian Feng cut back and cut horizontally, the five dragon dynasty's imperial gun turned away, backstab shot, Ling Tian body law tilted, look at the time of escape, the dragon gun reversed and smashed again, hit a big pit!

Seeing Lin Chen's energy recovery, Ling Tian reversed the sword with his sword in his hand, and the sword light was three thousand miles in length, and a sword cold shone on Kyushu!

Xuemang's sword light cut across the waist, only Lin Chen's residual image was cut!

Lin Chen turned into a ghostly ghost behind Ling Tian, and a pair of purple golden pupils stared at him closely, and when all his actions were prejudged, he was shot with a shot and the offensive continued!

Turning around, Ling Tian saw that Lin Chen's shoulder injury had gradually stabilized, he became more and more frightened!

"Why is this kid getting more and more fierce, is he still above me?"

In his heart, he has been guarding against Lin Chen's "slow rune", but Lin Chen has reversed the reverse. What he uses in many confrontations is not the slow rune, but the corrupt rune!

As a result, his fighting spirit was in a state of erosion throughout, and his strength could only be exerted by about two-thirds!

In a moment of consciousness, Ling Tian pierced a residual image of Lin Chen!

After he stunned slightly, Lin Chen's figure suddenly flashed to his side!

Lin Chen was spinning in the sky, holding the gun in both hands, the gold-lined sharp edges merged into a line, and the dragon force suddenly broke out, violently smashing down towards his heavenly cover!

While the defensive combat skills were running, Ling Tian gritted his teeth fiercely, his sword traversing the sky, and his sword rushed to the sky to block Lin Chen's Wulong Dynasty imperial gun. The whole person was blasted to the ground of the abyss dragon platform!

Lin Chen was about to chase after the victory, Huoli shot up and shot, the sword gas pierced the void, the purple wing flapped, Lin Chen barely avoided this sword!

Ling Tiantou broke his blood, blood was dripping, and his breathing became a little quick and heavy.

The two don't know how many rounds they have fought against each other. Ling Tian is the end of the crossbow, and Lin Chen's Shura Jiuhuang change is about to reach the time limit. Both of them are unhappy.

"What's wrong, Ling Da genius, can't help it? Kidney deficiency, sometimes after overwork, only hard enough and long lasting! Fang is king of kings. King of kings, small sausages, one piece is better than six knots. , Pretend, I only learn stand-alone king."

Lin Chen, who stepped aside, laughed and laughed, distracted Ling Tian while secretly operating his mind, refining the energy of the heaven and earth aura and the power of Yin and anode Fengdan.

"Let's play tricks on that, no one knows whether you are dead or I am born!"

After wiping the blood stains, Ling Tianjian pointed his fingers slantingly, and the seven star jade on the Longyuan sword reflected the five-color sword light, and the edge was moving!

Shining gold, wood blue, water blue, fire red, yellowish yellow. These five kinds of sword lights are constantly circling on the Longyuan Seven Star Sword, each containing different sharp edges, condensed on the tip of the sword!

The crystal wall of the space is cracked, and the five-color sword light formed by the fusion of five kinds of sword lights will stir up the wind and clouds in the dragon platform.

"He has not insisted on breaking through my corrupt runes! With the corrupt runes in his body, this kind of attack comparable to Yuanzun Realm can also erupt. It is worthy of being the strongest guy of the Four Heavenly Kings."

Lin Chen's expression was solemn, and the five dragon dynasty lances in his hands began to frantically grow the five-colored dragon qi. The lance tip condensed a light golden edge, and he mobilized all the gold-style fighting spirit!

But even more weird is that Lin Chen's rune energy suddenly dropped by 50 million rune energy!

A golden dragon remnant was formed on the imperial gun of the Five Dragons. The golden dragon screamed and collided with the five-color sword light that raged!

"Lingtian JianjueFive Elements Holy Sword Slashing Tianwei!"


The moment the two suddenly slammed, the gun swung and the sword cut!

The turbulence in the Dragon Platform of the Abyss; the five-color sword light rage violently, the golden dragon spread its teeth and claws, constantly colliding!

Lin Chen waved his gun again, and the Golden Dragon stirred the situation and changed its color, and the dragon passed through the galaxy!

The five-color sword light cuts the void, cuts the golden dragon scale armor obliquely, and then cuts back the three swords to cut off the dragon's claws!

The dragon gun smashed in anger, and Tiangeng's golden dragon turned into a **** dragon swinging its tail. The dragon's tail swept through the sky and slammed fiercely at the time of the five-colored sword light. The light was scattered and became even more dim!

The aftermath of the collision between the two caused a large amount of space crystal walls in the Longtai to collapse like a tofu block!

The ground of the abyss dragon platform is even cracked with python-like cracks, which are all over the entire dragon platform, which is shocking!

The Abyssal Dragon Platform, which can withstand Yuanzun Realm's attacks, has now begun to collapse!

Hundreds of cracks burst open and began to spread like dragons and dragons throughout the entire dragon platform!

Such a terrifying battle is not so serious in the historical Dragon Tower! Following this momentum, Longtaibi will collapse!

"Damn, are these two lunatics going to dismantle the dragon platform!"

"Run! The space crystal wall shield is breaking!"

"After a while, the aftermath of their attack will overflow, and the entire sky will have to be razed to the ground!"

When many Tianjiao were horrified, Yan Qianyun turned into a purple starburst, suspended to the height of the dragon platform, and the slim jade finger lightly, the space crystal wall shield that was about to crack was stabilized again.

"Miss Yan Qianyun shot!"

"Fortunately, otherwise there will be few people who will survive here."

"Just in case, let's pull back a little bit!"

Many Tianjiao retreat again and again, and withdrew dozens of miles away.

Only a few people and Leng Yueqi stared intently at the situation inside the dragon platform!

Both Lin Chen and Ling Tian fought desperately, and the fighting spirit of the two quickly disappeared.

The first round; the golden dragon was split into half of the dragon claw by the five-color sword light!

The second round; the five elements Jianguang was suppressed by the Golden Dragon reverse fight!

Round 3: Golden Dragon and Five-Colored Sword Light suddenly collide! It crashed and shattered into the aftermath of the sky's energy, falling down the entire dragon platform one after another!

At the moment when the Golden Dragon and the five-color sword light shattered, the pale-looking Lin Chen was ready to go, and suddenly shoved it!

"Slow rune!"

Rune energy reduced by 50 million points, this time the slow rune is stronger than ever! Fiercely blasted to the space where Ling Tian was bursting open!

The movements and fighting spirit of his whole person became as fast as a turtle!

But at the moment Ling Tian in the slow rune, a strange and gloomy smile was drawn in the corner of his mouth, as if waiting for Lin Chen's move!

I saw that there are countless transparent hair threads intertwined with Lin Chen around the side of Lin Chen. These wires are small and imperceptible, and I don't know when to lay them down!

"Lin Chen, Lingzhou is the strongest, I am Ling Tian in the end!"

Ling Tian laughed sullenly, the tip of Longyuan Sword rotated a little bit of void!

I saw; the thousands of transparent threads shuddered and began to tighten towards the center!

The transparent silk thread easily cuts through the space crystal wall, seeing the space crystal wall as nothing, seeping through the terrible sharp edge, blocking all the retreats of Lin Chen as much as possible, including them, and gathering together to Lin Chen!

However; even more horrifying!

Lin Chen, also smiled!