My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 36

Chapter 36: The Invitation Of The City Master

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Chapter 36

"It's impossible, their Shangguan family can't reach this level of treasure level!"

Everyone in the Huangfu family was shocked. The Huangguan Qingyu undercover Shangguan family for many years has already figured out the general level of the Shangguan family.

Their treasure appraisal level obviously did not reach the level far beyond the Nangong family!

A glance passed through the eyes of Nangong's head!

The eyes of the Shangguan family also revealed surprises and surprises of different levels!

"They don't know that this will happen to their own people. In this way, there is help from superiors!"

From the beginning of the contest, it can be seen that Shangguan Bihan's treasure level is not as good as Nangong Yuyan!

"Superior help?"

The two families watched the scene vigilantly, but the people in Shangguan's family were all familiar faces, and the realm of Zi Jin Tong was not high at all!

At this time, only Nangong Yuyan's cold eyes looked at Lin Chen on the stage!

"Is this kid? Isn't he a mathematician?"

Seeing her daughter's eyes, Nangong's head stared at Lin Chen, eyes narrowed.

At this time; Shangguan Yunfan's rare pretense'modesty' boldly laughed.

"Hahaha, thank you Nangong family for your permission!"

Afterwards, Shangguan Yunfan patted Lin Chen's shoulder with joy, a meaningful whisper.

"Friend Lin Chen, I owe you a favor again."

Seeing Shangguan Yunfan communicate with Lin Chen with grateful eyes, the owner of Nangong instantly understood!

"Win, we win!"

People from the Shangguan family all shouted and screamed. The morale of the Shangguan family has soared in recent days.

"Fuck, we are miserable! This kid is also a treasurer!"

"He was hiding so deep?"

The owner of Nangong is gloomy, this time their Nangong family is completely miserable by Lin Chen! After losing his wife and breaking the soldiers, she also gave the first name of the wasteland to the Shangguan family!

The people of the Nangong family left the court indignantly, and the victory and defeat have been divided.

Only Nangong Yuyan, after staring at Lin Chen for half a ring, Lianbu moved slightly, and her always cold voice was a little more curious and interested.

"Shangguan Bihan is not my opponent, it's your hand, right? What's your name?"

Lin Chen glanced at her, turned her head straight away, and neither bird nor her, let Nangong Yuyan stunned for the first time!

With her talented appearance, wherever she goes, there are many outstanding young talents around her star holding the moon, this is the first time she has seen her same age opposite **** ignored! And still talk on your own initiative?

Engaged in high-cold fan? You don't look at who you are facing, Brother Chen, I won't eat yours!

Treating people who are colder than the so-called, Lin Chen's usual approach is to use his own way to cure his own body!

"Humph! Shame your face!"

Nangong Yuyan's cheeks turned red for the first time because of shame. With a sulking expression, the cold blue cold eyes slashed Lin Chen's eyes for a few moments, as if to take his skin off and turn away.

"Friend Lin Chen, thank you very much this time!"

Shangguan Yunfan thanked Lin Chen in a low voice; he knew his family affairs from his family, and it was Lin Chen who could turn the tide for his Shangguan family.

This time Lin Chen not only protected the reputation of the Shangguan family, but also raised a grade. His credit is no less than when he helped them restore the ancestral altar!

"Haha, it's okay, just do it."

Lin Chen waved his hand and didn't even care about it, even mentioning the remuneration.

This breezy attitude even admired Shangguan Yunfan, is this child a thing in the pool, turning into a dragon in case of turbulence!

A few people saw Shangguan Yunfan's attitude towards Lin Chen, and within a moment he understood what was going on!

Through the first round of competition, people with clear eyes can see that Shangguan Bihan's skill in treasure appraisal is lower than that of Nangong Yuyan.

But she can now identify treasures that even Nangong Yuyan didn't even notice, which is obviously impossible to progress so quickly in a short time.

The people of the Shangguan family who are here today are all familiar faces, and no one can surpass Shangguan Yunfan, let alone Nangong Yuyan.

In this way, there must be help from the best! And this person is most likely the young man next to Shangguan Yunfan!

The potential and impression of many older generations of strong men on Lin Chen has been raised to an unprecedented level!

If he is young, he is already an excellent fortune-teller who surpasses Yan Jiwen, then it is enough to be called a celestial wizard!

But if he is both a fortune-teller and a treasure-monger at the same time, and he is still overwhelming all the treasure-mongers on the scene, it can be called No. 1 in the Wasteland! The potential he contains is beyond description to the heavens!

"What a terrible young man..."

Many older generations of powerful people sincerely sighed that if the Shangguan family had this, both the fortune teller and the Jianbao genius would have both.

The ending of the Jianbao Conference next has nothing to do with Lin Chen. Receiving these things is handled by the senior officials of the Shangguan family.

However, many forces wanted to have a relationship with Shangguan family and Lin Chen, and he all refused to let Shangguan Yunfan do it.

The sixth-order Jiuyang Ziguang essence is extremely precious, but it is not very useful for Lin Chen now.

Even if he took this thing in his hand, he could not cast any magic weapon, but would cause trouble to his upper body.

Without the cultivation of the Tiangang realm or the support of a major force, touching that thing is pure death.

Moreover; Lin Chen has become the biggest winner of this treasure appraisal conference!

The true flame purple phoenix wings and the blue-order alchemy fingerprints he obtained are not lost in the sixth-order odd mine!

He just wants to find a place to retreat now, to absorb all the attributes of the light ball picked up at the Jianbao Conference. Only his own strength is the real life-saving background!

Seeing Lin Chen leave the field, Yan Jiwen, who was hidden in the dark, put his eyes down and flashed his murderous air.

"This child must be removed! Otherwise, the troubles are endless!"

Lin Chen diameter left the venue, just arrived outside, five figures stopped Lin Chen.

"Oh, Ive been waiting for my friends for a long time. I cant think of them. Besides the mathematician, they also have a lot of research on the treasure. Let me open my eyes. I dont know if I can be free now. Quickly take you to see her."

The people who stopped people were the yellow robe fatties and the pharmacist Xing Wanhe. And three followers.

"If that's the case, let's go."

Lin Chen thought for a moment and nodded and smiled.

The main palace of the city is located in the center of Wanling City. Normally, many affairs are handled by Huang Yuntian, which is the middle-aged fat man who picks up Lin Chen.

When the city master is absent, he basically exercises the rights of the city master, and any force must give him a three-point face.

Night; the main palace.

Lin Chen was arranged here in a pavilion with hundreds of flowers in full bloom, and there was no one in the surrounding area, only Lin Chen was left alone.

According to Huang Yuntian, the proprietor of Wanling City doesn't seem to like to let others see her true face, and there are others in the conversation.

Lin Chen was also happy, urging Zijin Tong to glance around and seeing no one around him, and finally could not help standing up. The gardens around this pavilion are all yellow, blue, purple and green light spheres of various attributes, and the quality is very high.

[The host gains 19,000 points of qi and blood energy, 13,000 points of quintessence of fighting spirit, 1589 points of mental power, and 31,000 points of merit,]

Lin Chen madly picked up all the light **** in the garden within five minutes.

"Huang Yuntian is right, you really are an unpredictable young man."

The light and gentle voice resembled the sound of natural sound, with no signs, coming from the air.

Lin Chen was shocked, and when he turned around, there was quietly a white dress in the pavilion.

At a glance, even Lin Chen stayed in place!

The pearls of the hair embellishments, the buns of Ang, the light clouds of the autumn mountain Meiru, the bright waves of the beautiful eyes, the red lips of the red lips, and the freshness of the jade. The woman's long skirt Ruoxue, her posture and tenderness, when she smiled slightly, it seemed that all the scenery in the world was lost!

There is only one sentence in Lin Chen's heart that expresses his intuitive feelings about this woman; Fenghua is peerless!