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Chapter 360: His Name Is Lin Chen

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Chapter 360, His Name Is, Lin Chen!

Ling Tian has been guarding against Lin Chen's "secret technique" of blocking the enemy's actions. It has long been expected that Lin Chen will have another wave of Jedi counterattacks at the end of the final victory!

Therefore, when he performed the "Five Elements Sword Dao in One" by Ling Tianjian Jue, he began to lay down another of his top-level blue sword skills, "Soul of the Thousand Swords"!

This swordsmanship is no less powerful than the five elements of kendo, but it belongs to the assassination type of swordsmanship, which is between murder and silence.

Once, he used this swordsmanship to cooperate with the five elements of kendo in the middle of the quasi-zun, and killed the first stage of Yuanzunjing!

Because the power of the Five Elements Sword Dao is too great, almost no one noticed that Ling Tian had already secretly laid this sword technique in order to wait for Lin Chen to make his last slow rune!

But the offensive has been launched, Ling Tian can mobilize swordsmanship to attack Lin Chen even if he is a slow rune!

Leng Yue's pretty face has changed slightly, Lin Chen has fallen into a lore at this time, even if she is showing her body, she will only be cut off by Jian Qi!

"Death Soul!"

The Qixing sword snapped a little, and thousands of silk-like transparent sword qi gathered from all sides and cut through it. The space crystal wall that passed through cut through the deep black space cracks!

The transparent sword spirit is like a thousand swordsmanship, gather Lin Chen on the spot!

Lin Chen's expression changed, his hands flicked the five dragons' imperial guns at a rapid speed to display the "Magic Thunder" shot, but he could not resist the tens of thousands of delicate and delicate transparent swordsmanship to madly cut and cut him!


The blood hurricane, Lin Chen's blood stains spilled into the dragon platform, and the bones were so shocking!

From the arms, calves, thighs, head, neck, and Lin Chen from the outside to the inside, they were cut into pieces of tofu on the spot, torn apart, and the blood stained the entire dragon platform!

His Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun dropped on the spot!

"Lin Chen lost?"

"My God, the last wave of his fight against Ling Tian just now condenses all the power. He can't take the last sword of this hidden killer!"

Many Tianjiao exclaimed, Ling Tian's last hand, beyond everyone's expectations!

Ling Tian was triumphant, and even the slow runes had forgotten to be removed, and he was happily laughing in the sky!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, there must be many secret opportunities in you. If you are someone else, you might still be left with your life and want to knock out your secret. But I am disdainful! I am a born Sword Sovereign, only focused Yu Jiandao, in the future will surely become the existence of the sword emperor! I have a sword, which can be broken! Your little means can't get into my eyes, but can fight me for so long and die under my sword, You are honored enough!"

The look from the first line of heaven to the dragon platform is very complicated.

Some are terrified, some are gloating, some are regretful.

The face of Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun became particularly pale in an instant!

Leng Yueqi's blue silk hair is automatic without wind, fluttering and fluttering, and the blue eyes are full of murderous intention and indifference! Ice Bow is transformed, Leng Yueqi is holding it in hand, and will soon enter the Dragon Platform!

Yan Qianyun wrinkled her eyebrows and muttered to herself: "What a terrible swordsmanship, invincible, untraceable, killing between silent and silent, unfortunately, there are so many secrets that Lin Chen still has no solution Open, just die like this."

"In the final of the Dragon Battle, the winner is..."

As Yan Qianyun was preparing to announce the result, her elegant voice came to an abrupt end, and an incredible stun appeared in the eyes!

Lin Chen's "corpse" began to slowly fade into the sky and disappear into the sky!

Including his spilled blood and broken body parts, all turned into a large number of astral suspension above the sky, disappeared on the spot! All that was left was the five-dragon imperial rifle with the five-colored dragons enraged!

How is this going?

"Jianzun bloodline, is it hanging?"

The young man's sneer sounded from the top of Ling Tian's head. The latter hadn't responded yet. A huge force slammed into his celestial cover, triggering the automatic defense of the last defensive weapon.

Boom~! boom!

No one responded, and the entire dragon platform continued to shake!

I saw that the silver robe boy was radiant, arrogant and domineering. He stepped on the back of Ling Tian's head and rubbed his entire head and face directly on the ground!

Seeing that familiar figure, Leng Yueqi's tears flickered, and her face, which was always cold and ice-like like snow lotus, couldn't help crying.

"Fuck the gods with a sword, you break it! I let you pretend, you pretend to be pretty decent!"

Lin Chen's other foot slammed into Ling Tian's arm bone, crushing his right arm on the spot!

Lin Chen stayed in the front line when Murong lived forever, but Lin Chen wouldn't be weak when dealing with Ling Tian. This guy just wanted to separate himself.

"Ah! My arm!"

Then, Lin Chen stepped on his back again, and the screams continued to rise and fall, and the last dozen attribute light **** were trampled and fell out of him by Lin Chen.

When Ling Tian screamed, Yan Qianyun asked.

"Participant, Ling Tian, do you still have the power to fight again, and now you still have the opportunity to surrender, otherwise you will be destined to yourself."

"Surrender, I surrender!"

Ling Tian has completely lost the previous prestige, and some are just frightened and hasty, as well as full of doubts!

what is the problem? Wasn't Lin Chen divided by the sword on the spot!

From the look of everyone outside the court, this is not a illusion!

Lin Chen kicked Fei Lingtian with a single kick. Anyway, the existing attribute light ball on him also played out, and Lin Chen was not interested in him.

Looking at his body after completely disappearing, Lin Chen walked over to pick up various attributes of light **** and put away the five dragon dynasty guns, he sighed.

"Phantom Rune, so **** strong!"

As early as Lin Chen's "Tengeng Nilong" marksmanship and Ling Tian's five-elements kendo combined, he consumed 50 million rune energy and used the "Phantom Rune" for the first time!

50 million points of rune energy created out of phantom avatars can be called fake instead of true!

Unless the avatar suffers huge damage, it will only slowly disappear after the rune energy and Lin Chens remaining tactics of the avatar are exhausted.

The avatar not only exhibited the full strength used by Lin Chens deity, but also made anyone present, including Yan Qianyun, tricked by Lin Chens avatar!

Lin Chen's deity, long ago, was fighting with Ling Tian, who had a combination of five elements and swordsmanship, and lurked into the void at the edge of the dragon platform with the supernatural power of "Blue Dragon and Shadow".

After hiding the dark place, Lin Chen used his own spiritual consciousness to cling to Fen Tian to fight Ling Tian.

When Lin Chen's avatar finally played a slow rune, Ling Tian thought Lin Chen's actions were all under his control!

If Lin Chen attacked with his own deity and avatar, the possibility of victory was not small.

But the easiest and least risky way is to pretend that the raid came just right.

"Zhanlongtai final is over, winner: Lin Chen!"

When Yan Qianyun announced the result, the audience was boiling! Cheers and wonders broke out in the first day!

Today, they have witnessed history!

In the history of the endless years of the ancient family of Lingzhou, there has been a peerless demon of Yue Yue and Yue Yue!

His name is, Lin Chen!