My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 361

Chapter 361: The Gift Of Torch

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Chapter 361: The Gift of Holy Fire!

[The host gains 230 points of Heavenly Dao, 8 million points of rune energy, 60 billion points of elementary combat spirit essence, 90 million points of elementary skill essence,]

[The host obtains 23 billion primary qi blood, 19 million ignition energy, 30 million gold energy, 25 million water energy,]

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest, the blue-level top combat skill "Soul of Soul"]

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains a characteristic rune evolution stone.

[The host opens the blue gold treasure chest and obtains the sixth-order low-level pill "Xuan Ming Pill", and the second-order low-level pill medicine Xuan Xing Pill. Take care of yourself and return to the source of life. Yuan Zunjing is effective below sevenfold, and above sevenfold, its efficacy is halved.

Lin Chen completely ignored the surrounding cheers and picked up a total of 103 attribute light **** and three blue gold treasure chests in the dragon platform.

Asuras changed breath converged back into her body, Lin Chens breath fell into a weak state, her meridians atrophied, her vitality was insufficient, and her face was slightly pale.

"It seems that it will still be a bit off to exert the triple changes in one go."

Lin Chen sat in the dragon platform, but smiled bitterly.

However, this is much better than a few days before the coma.

At this moment, several streamers came across the void, and Han Yizhi and Han Ziyun arrived.

Seeing everyone's worried expressions, Lin Chen smiled; "Don't worry, I'm just too lucky..."

Before the words were finished, the beautiful lady's cold and soft body crashed into Lin Chen's arms, her jade hands tightly around his waist.

"In the future, this dangerous thing will never be done again, will you..."

The beautiful lady sobbed and heard Lin Chen feel a little distressed. He gently stroked Leng Yueqi's green silk and said softly; "Well, I try my best."

Leng Jia, who was present, waited for Tianjiao to see that it was always cold in the family. Leng Yueqi, who refused to be thousands of miles away, would show such a little woman's posture, and she couldn't help but sigh.

After taking the Elixir, Ling Tian regained a little energy. When he stood up, he glanced coldly and violently at Lin Chen, kicking his soles fiercely, soaring away.

In this battle with Ling Tian, although Lin Chen consumed 200 million points of rune energy, he also recovered more than 200 million points from him, but still had 530 million rune energy.

Although nearly 100 billion yuan has been harvested in the essence of elementary fighting spirit, it has not yet entered the ninth realm of Tiangang Realm.

The attribute value that has gained the most is the skill and spirit! And five elements of energy!

Lin Chens elementary exercises have exceeded the 2.2 billion mark, and the Heavenly Path value has reached 6650 points, which is not far from the requirements of the system update!

Because of the five elemental swordsmanship practiced by Ling Tian, the attribute value of the five elemental elements he dropped is extremely high!

And Lin Chen's gold, wood, water, fire, and earth have three types of attributes increased to 900 million points, and two types have increased to 800 million points!

On average, each element attribute value has increased by more than 100 million points! This harvest is really scary!

"I'm afraid that this weak state will allow me to rest for another day or two before I can return to normal."

When Lin Chen was upset, he slapped his head! Isn't this just the sixth-order Elixir that has just removed the weak state!

Just as Lin Chen's consciousness infiltrated the system, everyone in the frontline of the sky was ready to congratulate the strongest king of his contemporaries.

The Holy Light radiates towards the Han, condenses but does not disperse, like a pillar of fire that leads to the sky of the ninth sky!

All Tianjiao in the first line of the day can only be clearly seen by urging the fighting spirit!

"That is, the light of the flame seed!"

"I've never seen such intense flames of torch seeds gather together!"

"It's the gift of the torch! It's coming soon! Maybe there are more than five torch seeds!"

Many Tianjiao's attention immediately shifted from Lin Chen's body to the suddenly born "Holy Fire Gift"!

They immediately revealed each other's unique skills and flew in the direction of the pillar of holy fire!

Lin Chen was a little surprised that he had heard of this torch gift; only more than four torch seeds were concentrated in the same place, at the same time, and appeared together. That is the torch gift.

"Oh? Or the gift of the torch is born, this direction seems to be the dead place of the extreme south."

Lin Chen found that almost two breaths, all the arrogance of the first line of sky had set off.

Only Yan Qianyun, standing on the spot and pinching his fingers, had no intention of acting except for a little surprise on his cheeks.

"Don't you want to participate in the snatching of the seeds of the torch? With your quasi-respect for the strength of the later period, it should be easy to get a slice of soup."

At this moment; Lin Chen stood in the air and asked Yan Qianyun with a smile.

"Oh? Lin Chen, although the seeds of the Holy Fire are good, but that power is not something that mortals can control."

Yan Qianyun gave Lin Chen a curious look, and then talked about the seeds of the torch. The beautiful corner of his mouth raised a sneer of irony.

"Lin Chen, on the premise that I can't deduce your life, I will give you a piece of advice, give up the seeds of the torch, don't absorb it, but it is to give the devil will and belief in exchange for strength. However, it is estimated that you also Can't give up the temptation of this force."

Yan Qianyun laughed at herself, Lin Chen looked deeply at her blurred gemstone eyes of Nebula and suddenly said.

"Is it because there is a will in the seed of the flame?"

As soon as this remark came out, Yan Qianyun was struck by thunder, staring blankly at Lin Chen.

After half a ring; Yan Qianyun said solemnly.

"You even know?"

"I have only looked at ancient books and there seems to be such a short record, which of course is not clear to me."

Lin Chen smiled casually and answered ambiguously.

Although there are many attribute light **** on this woman, Lin Chen didn't dare to provoke her easily. She was one of the few women present who urged Zijin Tong to see no trace of luck.

A golden golden box appeared in the palm of your hand. After Lin Chen opened it, she took a sixth-order low-level Xuan Ming Dan to serve and summoned the ancient green dragon!

Han Yizhi and Leng Yueqi jumped to the back of the ancient Qinglong, Lin Chen took the Qinglong to go, Han Ziyun controlled his two fierce beasts behind the Qinglong.

Lin Chen accelerated the healing power of "Xuan Ming Pill" by rushing to the gift of holy fire.

The magical effect of the sixth-order pill medicine surprised Lin Chen. He originally needed to take care of his weak state for more than one day, and he is recovering at a speed of tens of times!

"Interestingly, he can even see through the mystery of the flame seed. It seems that I remember that he has absorbed a flame seed?"

Yan Qianyun was very curious. She had no interest in the seeds of the torch. She followed Lin Chens Qinglong and followed him to the dead.