My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 362

Chapter 362: I Lin Chen Did Not Hang Up

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Chapter 362

A place of death; located in the extreme south of the flame zone.

There is no vitality here, surrounded by mountains, golden thunderclouds covered the sky, and a golden thunder overflowing with the atmosphere of destruction continues to burst down!

And the radiance of the'Holy Fire Gift' rushing to Jiuxiao was actually in the core of the dead place!

Some Tianjiao arrived here in advance, but no one dared to enter, because the successive destruction of the Golden Thunder in the sky, any one has the lethality comparable to the dollar!

Lin Chen, who came to control the blue dragon, first saw the land of death, his eyes suddenly lighted, his mouth slightly opened, and a look of ecstasy appeared!

"My mother?"

In Lin Chen's eyes, that dead place is full of attribute light balls!

As far as the eye can see, hundreds of mountains are spread all around the mountain? Thousands? Or thousands of attribute light balls!

Seeing the tens of thousands of attributed light **** piled up in the dead place, Lin Chen almost jumped up with excitement!

After quickly calming down, Lin Chen and his party also arrived outside the land of silence, where more than two hundred arrogances have now gathered.

But no one dared to enter Tianjiao, including the five kings who arrived early.

"Gang Lei's momentum is too scary today, who dares to enter!"

"This is a natural disaster that contains two extreme attributes of the thunder system and the gold system. Unless Yuan Zunjing is in person, it is impossible to enter."

Many Tianjiao thumped their chests and sighed deeply.

It is not difficult for the five kings to resist the heavy attack of Yuanzun Realm.

But to resist the bombardment of thousands of Tiangang Jinlei, each one is comparable to Yuan Zunjing's one-strength blow, and the five heavenly kings can only go to death!

Some Tianjiao looked around and left within a quarter of an hour.

The opportunity of the gift of the torch is certainly against the sky, but it is in the inner area of this world-destroying natural disaster.

There are some Tianjiao thinking, and a small number of people want to see the style of the five heavenly kings to see if anyone will take action.

After Murong Changsheng and Ling Tian saw Lin Chen also arriving here, the vague murderous opportunity flashed by!

"Sixth-order Elixir is strong. How long did it take me to recover more than 80% of my weak state."

Lin Chen moved his muscles and urged Zijin Tong to start surveying the distribution of the peaks around the land of silence in many ways and printing the dense area of Tiangang Jinlei into his mind.

Yan Qianyun followed Lin Chen, and saw the light beam of the holy fire rising inside Tiangang Leiyun. He reckoned a little, surprised.

"Looking at this light, it seems that there are nine torch seeds gathered together!"

Lin Chen heard her surprise and couldn't help but brow slightly, wondering.

Nine holy fire seeds can create nine holy sons and daughters. This situation may be rare forever!

Lin Chen didn't expect much from these nine torch seeds. His main goal was attribute lightball.

The attribute light spheres that converge in the dead land are all thunder and gold attribute energy.

Lightning attributes account for two-thirds of the sphere, and gold accounts for about one-third.

"It should be possible, if the Qinglong Pisha eliminates the breath, and my body speed is fully open, there is an opportunity to take all the attribute light balls!"

Lin Chen is not sure whether the ancient Qinglong's "Dragon Shadow" can avoid the exploration of Tiangang Jinlei, but it should be possible to avoid at least part of it.

Lin Chen jumped down and the ancient Qinglong was taken into his body. He turned to Han Ziyun and Leng Yueqi who had just arrived, the three of Han Yizhi said.

"You wait for me here first, I will try to see if I can go in."

Lin Chen threw a word, regardless of whether the three people and Yan Qianyun reacted, rushed into the land of silence!

"Someone went in!"

"Who is it? Is your brain crazy? Didn't you see the sky of thundercloud?"

"Lin Chen, the Five Great Kings!"

Some sharp-eyed Tianjiao captured Lin Chen's entry into the land of silence. He just stepped in his forefoot, and then it became transparent, disappearing in front of everyone with the Qinglong Piying Shadow supernatural power.

"This is a hidden mystery performed by his green dragon, can he also use it?"

Murong Changsheng was a little stunned, and the human race used the magical power of the dragon race, which is too incredible!

Thundercloud surging and seemed to sense the intrusion of creatures, but did not act immediately, but kept roaring.

Lin Chen didn't dare to run the body first, carefully moved with pure power, and began to pick up the massive attribute light **** in the dead land!

One by one, the spheres of attributes are piled up like mountains, some golden lights are shining, and some lightning is lingering, and they are suddenly absorbed by Lin Chen, and the system light screen pops up crazy!

[The host gains 3.9 million points, 8.8 million points, 6.5 million points of primary gold system energy]

[The host obtains 8 million points, 15 million points, 9.9 million points of primary thunder system energy]

Lin Chen picked them up in succession, and these two attribute values soared all the way, starting to hit the 1 billion mark!

When Lin Chen quietly picked up more than half of the attribute light spheres in the outer area of the Dead Land, the Tiangang Leiyun around the Dead Land suddenly churned!

In Lei Yun, the golden light is splendid, and Lei Ying is vertical and horizontal, as if to capture Lin Chen's trajectory and orientation!

"Oops, what's the situation?"

At this time, what was even more unexpected to Lin Chen was that the nine-colored battle spirit in the body throbbed as if it had broken through certain boundaries and shackles!

His gold and thunder battles begin to be transformed into special energy bloodlines without control!

Lin Chen's body was splendid, the arc flashed and jumped, and he was uncontrollably out of the state of "Blue Dragon Shadow"!

His whole person seemed to be transformed into a fusion body of golden thunder, with golden lightning flashing all over his body, like a god!


At this moment, Jin Lei moved in unison, aiming at Lin Chen one after another, bursting out in anger! Many arrogant air-conditioning!

"Mother, what's the matter!"

The speed of Tiangang Jinlei flew towards Lin Chen, Lin Chen was distracted by the inexplicable situation in his body for a moment, and when he reacted, he suddenly expanded his body and Purple Phoenix wings!

boom! boom! boom! boom!

The earth-shattering explosion roared across the sky, and some of the Tianjiao outside the dead place were shaken so that the eardrum ruptured and stunned a large area!

The crystal wall of the space was penetrated, and the terrifying thunder and light exploded!

This series of dozens of Tiangang Jinlei threw down, and the power was equivalent to dozens of Yuanzun realm attack!

With a wave of his hand, Yan Qianyun protected Han Yizhi and three others, staring with interest at the land of silence.

At this time, in the land of silence, leave a tremendous wide and tens of thousands of deep gaps!

"It's a terrible lightning strike. Fortunately, the power is only concentrated in one area, otherwise we can't guarantee ourselves!"

"My God, with so many Tiangang Jinlei blasting to Lin Chen at the same time, wouldn't he have to be ashes on the spot?"

"It is very likely that so many Tiangang Jinlei will attack in a concentrated manner, and the non-Yuanzun Realm will be life-threatening below the triple!"

"No? Right? He has just become the strongest king in contemporary Lingzhou, is he just dead like this?"

Some of the top celestials who had been in danger of avoiding the aftermath of the lightning strike cast their eyes on the tremendous gap.

I saw that a faint golden light shone in the sky-dividing gorge that straddled the periphery of the land of silence, and a figure was faint, which made many top-tier Tianjiao stunned!

"What a joke, is he still alive after being bombarded by so many Tiangang Jinlei?"

Lin Tian's voice was heard from the abyss within the chasm as the air was choking in the air.

"My Lin Chen, I didn't open it!"