My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 363

Chapter 363: 1. My Skills Are All Picked Up

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Chapter 363, My Skills Are All Picked Up!

At this time, Lin Chen was surrounded by a faint golden thunder, like a land fairy, and even his hair turned golden yellow.

"This, is this the true face of the Nine Tribulation of Creation?"

Lin Chen's expression appeared ecstatic, and the mental consciousness was connected to the system, and he found that the proficiency of "Genesis Nine Tribulation" had reached 96%!

His primary gold energy and primary thunder energy properties reached 1.2 billion and 1.1 billion points, respectively!

"Creation of the Nine Tribulation is complete: the special energy bloodline will be transformed into the Sky Tribulation War Body, which is even better. The Nine Tribulation Dacheng will become the unprecedented Nine Tribulation War Body!"

An obscure and ancient message poured into Lin Chen's spiritual consciousness, and he suddenly realized!

"It turns out that! As long as my elemental energy has any attribute value that exceeds 1 billion points, it will transform into a Heavenly Tribulation Constitution!"

"I should now be the Golden Tribulation Warrior and the Thunder Tribulation Warfare, and they have the same attributes as the Tiangang Golden Thunder, and even above the Tiangang Golden Thunder, it is completely a subordinate relationship, so it can't hurt me!"

Lin Chen grabbed the void, gathered lightning arcs around him, and suddenly exploded out of thin air, completely crushing the surrounding crystal walls!

"Good! I don't need to perform the Xiuluo Jiuhuang transformation, I just need to urge the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare, and I will have the power of the quasi-zun later!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

A Heavenly Tribulation Warfare has transformed him to this point. If it is paired with the pure power of the ancient Qinglong, he can compete with Yuanzun Realm by virtue of the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare and Pure Power.

To what extent is the nine-attribute warfare transformed into a complete "Nine Tribulation War Bodies"?

"Not good! The attributes and energy consumed by transforming the Heavenly Tribulation War Bodies are not comparable to transforming special energy bloodlines. I must hurry up and hurry up!"

Found that his nine-color battle spirit has consumed a part of the thunder and gold battle. Lin Chen quickly cast his body and returned to the land of silence.

When I saw Lin Chensheng's return to the land of death, many Tianjiao's mouth twitched wildly, even thinking that they had hallucinations?

"Me, am I right? This guy has nothing at all?"

"All the Tiangang Jinlei under the eighth block of Tiangang Realm?"

Is this **** monster?

The dozens of Tiangang Golden Thunder hacked down, and there is no triple strength of Tiangang Realm to retreat!

Does he have eight levels of heaven and a triple-strength equivalent to the dollar?

"Hahaha! Very good, I feel that life has reached its peak!"

Lin Chen laughed loudly, his body was like electricity, the purple phoenix wings were shot continuously, and the other part of the attribute light ball was taken away!

Each attribute light sphere has less than 50,000 to 120,000 primary thunder system or gold system energy attribute values, and Lin Chen's two elemental attribute values have risen wildly at this time!


At this time, hundreds of heavenly gangs of gold thunder gathered, and suddenly raged, like a golden thunder dragon slashing Lin Chen!

boom! boom!

The crystal wall of the space was completely broken, and a series of tens of thousands of mountains were broken into powder on the spot, revealing broken cracks in the void.

Many Tianjiao, who launched their defense in advance, secretly swallowed saliva. This lightning strike is even more terrifying than last time. Can he also be unharmed?

I saw it; a golden streamer blasted out, and the whole figure was spinning very fast!

Lin Chen! After he was hit by the golden thunder dragon, the whole person twirled more than a thousand times like a gyro without stopping!

Where Lin Chen rotated, a large number of attribute light spheres were absorbed by him into the body. This split also accelerated Lin Chens absorption.

Other than that, he was unharmed!

"The magic of love goes round and round, thinking of you when you think your heart is full of darkness and night~~ But I'm afraid that it's only a moment to pretend to be forced, and I won't see me in a blink of an eye, brother Chen I want to take a risk~~"

As if provoked by Lin Chen's coquettish singing, the golden thundercloud rolled in anger, and blasted hundreds of heavenly gangs of gold thunder violently!


Lin's gyroscopic rotation speed has increased several times!

Lin Chen, who is in Thunder Tribulation and Gold Tribulation Warfare, is like a magnet. It has an attraction to the gold and thunder property light **** within the range of 100 feet. They can be adsorbed into their own bodies!

At this time, Luo Qingyu's beautiful eyes shuddered!

"It turns out so! It turns out that this is the ultimate stance of the Five Spirits of Chaos! Transform from attribute fighting spirit to attribute fighting body!"

Luo Qingyu's eyes flashed with a strong splendor, as if he saw a new road to cultivation from Lin Chen!

Seeing Tiangang Jinlei in the thundercloud violently slashing towards Lin Chen, instead he slammed him around, and even turned so fast that he circled the outer area of the land of silence, and some arrogance felt numb!

The Tiangang Realm is circling under hundreds of Tiangang Jinlei? Thousands of tens of thousands more heavens will die!

Even Yuan Zunjing's triple sight has to run! He still sings in there, still going in circles? !

crazy! This world must be crazy!

Some crazy top arrogances shouted incredulously outside the silent land!

"Why, Lin Chen, please tell us why you are so good!"

Bang ~!

Lin Chen turned around in a chic manner, his toes settled, and stood on top of the last remaining mountain.

With his fingers in the sky, he hunted in silver robe, bathed in endless golden thunder, domineering, and laughed with pride.

"Because! My practice depends on picking up!"

After talking, the thunderstorms swelled in all directions, and the wind rose!

Lin Chen picked up the last thirty attribute light spheres in succession, the purple phoenix wings flapped, and rushed towards the inner area of the dead land!

Everyone stayed in place, Lin Chen's words echoed in his mind.

My practice depends on picking up?

Where the **** did you pick it up!

When Lin Chen stepped into the land of silence, Yan Qianyun's expression suddenly changed!

She felt that her fate and luck began to change drastically!

Any top mathematician will have a general understanding of his own robbery number and fate. If he encounters a life robbery or luck, he will have a direct sixth sense.

This time Yan Qianyun entered the Holy Fire Realm, just to find the black star that is vital to her life. It will be the key to Yan Yanyuns destiny!


The wild wind and dance, the starlight list, the ten thousand stars turn around, the starlight jade bottle condenses on Yan Qianyun's delicate jade hands.

Inside the Xingyu bottle is a branch of green willow, which looks no different from the branches and leaves of a common willow tree.

But in Yan Qianyun's eyes, within the lines of the willow branches, the texture of the rules of the heavens and the heavens is implicitly contained, immortal and illusory!

"This fairy guides me. I only have three chances in my life. I only have two chances left. Now, maybe it is my second chance!"

Yan Qianyun raised the immortal willow, and lightly sprinkled in the direction of Lin Chen's departure.

As Liu Lu dissipated, the world in front of Yan Qianyun became suddenly different. The vast starry sky began to appear in Yan Qianyun's eyes!

She saw a very different picture, the young boy struck the silver robe and took the lead in her memory!