My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 364

Chapter 364: Seventh Order Knife ?

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Chapter 364, Seventh Order Knife! ?

Lin Chen jumped into the land of death and silence, which was like a dense jungle, but it was desolate and lifeless.

Many vegetation and towering ancient trees have died, appearing gray, standing in a dead place.

Zijin Tong urged, while running his mind to restore the fighting energy consumed by the Golden Tribulation and Thunder Tribulation war bodies, he quickly plunged into the dead land.

Three quarters of an hour later, Lin Chen reached the position of the pillar of holy fire, and an ancient altar was as wide as a thousand feet.

The light of the holy fire enveloped the entire altar, and it was dazzling. Lin Chen only saw 10 holy fire seeds in the altar with Zijin pupil!

"My mother, 10!"

Lin Chen swept past, excited, and used the Naling Ring to include all 10 seeds of the Holy Flame.

Just taken 10 seeds of the flame, the fortune suddenly changed!

Under Zijin Tong, Lin Chen saw countless death luck and kill luck moving closer to herself!

"What's going on? A strong man's killer locked me!"

Lin Chen's heart set off a torrential wave! Almost for an instant, he was in a desperate situation of nine deaths!

This murderous lock made him creepy and trembling! Unprecedented!

Zheng~~! Thousands of miles away, there was a sonic boom and a screaming sound, and a ghost and spirit of easy sword came from the area thousands of miles away towards Lin Chen!

The sword is blazing new trails, swallowing the eight wildernesses, and passing everything, turning all the blocking things into ashes!

The purple phoenix wings flap, the wind prison Pluto step moves, and Lin Chen quickly retreats, while the mysterious dark fingerprint of the mysterious lightning is formed!

"Sura's Fury!"

Along with the formation of the handprint, the three-headed six-armed Shura Goblin suddenly emerged from the top of Lin Chen's head, bursting into the spiritual shock of angering the mountains and rivers!


The sword light exploded, the candle shone on the sky, the spiritual tide shattered, and the sword light turned into a raindrop like a raindrop!

Bang Bang Bang ~ ~!

At every point when the sharp aftertaste poured on the ground, the ground cracked and exploded into hundreds of cracks!

Even if Lin Chen cast "Wan Yuexuan Town A", it was also affected and suffered minor injuries!

Lin Chen slammed two Yin and Anode Fengdan into his mouth with a dignified expression!

"The situation is wrong! What a terrible killing opportunity, even in the face of Yuanzun Realm, I don't have this feeling of repression. I must rush back to the area of Tiangang Jinlei as quickly as possible!"

With a shot of the Purple Phoenix Wings, Lin Chen cast his body at full speed, like a shocked electric rainbow, constantly turning to the area of Tiangang Jinlei!

Although I dont know what the sacred person is, but the other partys casual knife will force him to go all out. This strength is not Yuanzun, it is better than Yuanzun!


The light that cuts through the sky like a polar star flies from the south, just like jumping into space, and within a few miles, it moves closer to Lin Chen's range!

Daoguangpiyingyingying, soaring!

"Oops! The second knife is coming!"

Lin Chen hurriedly turned around, and the sword across the sky was like a sky river hanging over the sky, and suddenly chopped off!

Daoman chopped off dozens of mountains, such as Tianhe fell into the world, and fell to the ground!

Bang~~! Boom~~!

The crystal wall of the space cracked, and the ground was cut off into two sides!

A tremendous abyss emerged, thousands of feet long, as wide as a hundred feet deep, without knowing the geometry, shocking!

Lin Chen was affected by the sword and flew to hundreds of miles away. At the moment of stabilization, Shura Jiuhuang became active!

Without any reservation, Lin Chen instantly initiated the triple change, and the cultivation base rose to the peak of the nineth layer!

His whole body began to radiate brilliant Gengjin light and a touch of thunder, ready to be transformed into two types of Heavenly Tribulation Warfare!

"Oh? Unexpectedly, a little ants can avoid this knife."

A horror sounded, and in the void of Lin Chen's dozens of miles away, the strange young man in purple clothes stood in the air.

He was holding a black sword as dark as Yuan, and looked at Lin Chen with a little interest.

The two of them face each other, Lin Chen saw the black knife in his hand, and set off a storm in his heart!

"Who is this person? His strength is actually only the late stage of Tiangang Realm Jiuzhong? And he has a seventh-order knife in his hand? How is it possible! Tiangang Realm is already the limit to control the sixth-order weapon, seventh-order, Isnt that the legendary royal weapon!"

Lin Chen, who became a caster, could see through the bottom of the mysterious black sword at a glance, the seventh-level royal sword!

Tiangang Realm, let alone manipulating this level of war sword, can't even get close to a certain range. How did this young man in purple clothes control this war sword?

What is even more terrifying is that the cultivation behavior of this young man in purple clothing is completely incompatible with the combat power! Each knife has the power to sever respect, and a knife can force you to go all out!

Thousands of thoughts flowed into Lin Chen's heart among the electric light and flint!

"The four heavenly kings are already the ultimate geniuses that the ancient family can cultivate. No matter how high they are, they can't be so outrageous. Could it be geniuses outside of Lingzhou? It is impossible to exceed the specifications!"

Unprecedented doubts wrapped around Lin Chen's heart!

The only thing he can be sure of is: What are the top ten geniuses and four kings, in front of this young man in purple clothes, it's not worth it!

Judging from the strength he just revealed, Lin Chen is almost certain!

Even if all the arrogance that entered the flame zone launched a siege on him, the only result is that everyone will fall under his sword!

This person is one of the strongest enemies Lin Chen has encountered in his life.

When countless thoughts appeared in Lin Chen's heart, the strange young man spoke again.

"Ant ants, your mind seems a bit interesting, kneel and kowtow, surrender your holy fire seeds and mind, and be a dog beside this seat, otherwise, die."

The demon youth smiled strangely, he seemed to see the extraordinary mindset of Lin Chen's "Creative Nine Tribulation", and actually forced Lin Chen to be a running dog beside him!

"Hey, since your honor is so good, then I will..."

Lin Chen scratched his head, then smiled and said: "Is there a wall for you!"

"TiangenghualongNine Sky Mad Thunder!"

Corruption and recharged runes are launched, Lin Chen instantly transforms into two battle bodies of gold and thunder, the whole body of gold thunder flashes, the blue dragon possesses, and when the dragon power explodes, the gun is like a dragon!

With her own understanding of the two great marksmanship of "Magic Thunder" and "Tiangeng Against the Dragon", Lin Chen merged them together and exhibited the combat skills beyond the blue level and infinitely close to the purple level!

After changing to Thunder Tribulation and Golden Tribulation, Lin Chens attack power with these two attributes has more than quadrupled!

The head of the unicorn, the tail of the carp, the dragon's horn like a deer, the face with long beards, and the golden light are splendid. The nearly huge Gengjin dragon turns into a five-claw golden dragon!

It lingered around the thunder of thunder and punishment for nine days, and it was all indestructible, bursting into a terrifying power, rolling, and lightning to the strange youth!

In a face-to-face meeting, Lin Chen came up with his strongest attack at this stage!