My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 365

Chapter 365: Fierce Fighting In A Dead Place

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Chapter 365, Fierce Battle in the Dead Land!

Lin Chens thunder and gold energies have reached 1.4 billion points!

Just to urge the strength of the two major war bodies, Lin Chen is enough to compete with Yuan Zun Realm!

When Tiangeng Leilong came torn through the void, there was a little surprise in the eyes of the demon youth.

"Oh? Can mortals like ants have such power?"

At the time of surprise, if the seventh-order black sword had a spiritual flow, the demon youth volleyed up and cut down!

Straight sword blades cut vertically, like the thundering lightning, splitting the golden Tiangeng Thunder Dragon!

The lightning exploded into the golden arc of the sky, like a corrosive energy ghost that accompanied the golden arc, and entered the body of the demon youth!

It is Lin Chen's Corrupt Rune!

"Huh, this attack can also erode the fighting power of this seat, interesting."

The purple-black fighting spirit is like a wild dragon twisting, breaking out of the body of the demon youth, washing away the energy of the corroding runes!

"Slow rune!"

When Lin Chen drank coldly, the slow rune of 50 million rune energy came into the air and merged into the body of the demon youth!

Lin Chen's fighting strength can be blocked by him, but Lin Chen's characteristic rune has no way to stop it!

At the time when the slow runes of the ancients were cracked down, the demon youth's actions and fighting spirit became particularly slow. Half of his fighting spirit was temporarily unable to work!

Lin Chen chased after the victory, speared out like a dragon, and thousands of golden light Raymonds condensed into a point, breaking the world alone!

Zheng ~!

Unexpectedly, an awe-inspiring candle lit the sky and the Han, bursting out from the body of the demon youth, breaking Lin Chen's slow rune!

Faced with a shot from Lin Chen's lore, he held the knife in his hands and burst into the air!


At the moment of the confrontation between knives and guns, the crystal wall of the world and space seemed to be turned upside down, and the crystal wall of the space in the hundreds of miles was turned into fragments!

Lin Chen was taken back a hundred steps by a strange young man, his arms tingled, and hemorrhoids penetrated on the skin surface. Each step crushed the space crystal wall, which was extremely heavy.

The five dragon dynasty guns in his hands were trembling with light, and the dragon's qi shrank. The lifelike five-colored dragon qi in the past became dim and dull at the moment.

"What a perverted knife! My Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun is only a sixth-order intermediate for the time being, and he can't resist how many knives. In this way, it will break here, and he can't confront him hard!"

Looking at his war gun, Lin Chen felt distressed for a while.

"Unexpectedly, your ants in this area are a bit of a means, but, in front of this seat, it is just a side door, dead!"

The demon youth sneered, just about to cut his sword again!

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth outlined a sneering arc, he put away the five dragon dynasty guns, and the fingerprints changed again!

At this moment; a figure appeared silently behind the strange youth!

"Dark Dragon PalmSevenfold Dark Dragon Power!"

That figure is Lin Chen's phantom avatar!

9500 dragon force and dark line of fighting strength strangled out, close shot on the back of the demon youth!


The expression of the demon youth changed for the first time. When this phantom avatar approached, he didn't even notice it!

Two palms pushed out horizontally, two dark dragon palms broke out at close range, and the dark lines of fighting around Jin Lei penetrated!


There is a triple barrier on the body of the demon youth, as if some high-level defense treasures have been triggered!

But even so, the dark dragon power that Lin Chens phantom avatar is still running through part of his defense, driving the power into his body!

The dark dragon that roamed vigorously penetrated into the body, and the demon youth's throat was so sweet that he almost vomited bleeding!

His eyes were filled with monstrous anger, as if he had been subjected to some huge shame!

"This seat was actually injured by an ant?"

A few attribute light **** rolled out of the body of the demon's youth, and merged into Lin Chen's phantom doppelganger!

[The host obtains 3000 points of Heavenly Dao, 200 billion points of quintessence of primary fighting spirit, 600 million points of junior skills,]

Lin Chen was too late to see the information popped up by the system!

At the moment when Phantom Doppelganger bombarded the demon youth, Lin Chen's handprint sank, and the vast sea-like spiritual power soared!

Wisps of spiritual filaments condensed into a vortex, spread all over the sky, and finally turned into two three-headed, six-armed Shura golems like lightning!

Lin Chen's rune energy has dropped by 10 million points. This is the first time he has used the top-level blue-level combat skills to use 300% of the energized runes!

Cheer~! Cheer~!

The handprint was placed on the lips, Lin Chen opened his mouth to drink, and the two Shura golems burst out a spiritual sound wave that shattered the universe, such as Hurricane Kamikaze, sweeping everything!

This time, the young demon revealed a serious look for the first time!

Lin Chen perfectly integrated the special spiritual manipulation methods of "Sura's Fury" and "Tai Shi Bible", he can condense two "Sura Statues" at the same time, and the attack power and attack range are doubled!

Although such a move will cause double the mental energy consumption, Lin Chen can ignore so much now!

The two Shura golems are superimposed with charged runes. This spiritual shock, even most of the Yuanzun Realm triple has to temporarily avoid the edge!

"Huanghuang Yaoshi!"

The seventh-order sword of the strange youth overflowed the atmosphere of ruining the heavens and the earth.

Daomang was mixed with black and red, and a magical force that swallowed the earth exploded, making this world whine wailing!

Daomang dies in a flash, bringing a breath of despair, withering, annihilation, and destruction to the earth!

The inner area of the whole quiet place, the ground is lifted, the mountains and rivers collapsed and shattered, leaving only a dilapidated and desolate!

The trace of Lin Chen has long disappeared.

After the black sword waved lightly and beheaded Lin Chen's phantom avatar, the eyes of the demon youth showed a deep murderous intention!

"Want to escape? It's not that simple! Every ants dare to hurt this perfect body and die for me!"

The demon youth turned into a divine light and swept towards the area of Tiangang Jinlei at the fastest speed!

Lin Chen's face was pale, and his mental strength barely sent out the two Shura golems, almost exhausted.

"I must escape to the area of Tiangang Jinlei, otherwise there will be only one way to die!"

Lin Chen was burning wild flame purple phoenix madly, cold sweat, and his body was as fast as a dragon, a breath spanning hundreds of miles!

The strength of that strange young man can be called against heaven! Lin Chen knows very well that his current strength is not at the same level as his battle!

Without the four major runes, there is no chance to escape!

"With his strength, no one can stop him even if I fled outside. I have to flee to the Tiangang Jinlei area, where Thundercloud is the most dense!"

Lin Chen's eyes showed a strong will to survive, flashing through the sky at a rapid speed, and moved almost a quarter of an hour.


The knife gas rolled across the sky, Lin Chen's expression suddenly became heavy!

"Are you still catching up?"

With a ruthless heart, Lin Chen's eyes flashed insanely!

The rune energy in the system status bar suddenly decreased by 230 million points!