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Chapter 366: Descendants Of God

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Chapter 366

Outside the dead land, outside the Tiangang Jinlei area.

Many Tianjiao watched the light of the holy fire disappear, suddenly thumped their chests, or exclaimed!

Unexpectedly, this gift of torch was taken away by Lin Chen!

Each Tianjiao has a limited number of seeds to absorb the flame, but this thing is not limited to himself.

If you take the extra torch seeds back into your family, you will get an unprecedented reward!

Therefore, the more the torch seeds, the better, the value of itself is enough to get huge rewards from the ancient family.

Among so many people, only Yan Qianyun stared staringly at Lin Chen's direction of departure.

According to the information listed by the immortal willow Luo of the "Xianren Guiding", Yan Qianyun saw a scene appearing inside the land of silence!

That strange young man in purple clothes is the one Yan Qianyun was looking for!

This person is the black star.

"He, he turned out to be..."

After seeing himself, Yan Qianyun finally knew what the black star he discovered by deduction of Tianji was!

His true identity is a true descendant of God!

God is the supreme existence that created heaven and earth.

The spirits have existed between heaven and earth since the time of the ancient times, and are as bright as the sun and the moon, immortal. The sun and moon decay, and the gods are immortal, the heavens and the earth are destroyed, and the gods are not destroyed!

Their level of life is different from the mortals under Kyushu, and they have the power to create and destroy the world!

The descendants of God are the descendants of the creator. They have the power of God, the blood and power of God, instead of walking the gods in Kyushu and even the wider world, holding the whole world!

Their existence is simply not a creature that mortals can touch and speculate on!

However, what makes Yan Qianyun even more shocking is that Lin Chen dares to do anything with the descendants of God?

Is he crazy or ignorant?

In this world, no one has dared to disobey God's will!

Descending the descendants of God is defying the will of the creator!

This is not the degree that the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, which is equivalent to fighting against this glorious Tianwei with one's own strength!

This is like the difference between a real dragon and an ant. Who has ever seen an ant dare to attack a real dragon?

Now, this young ant not only exposed his sharp minions at a young age, but also dared to attack the descendants of the true dragon who controlled the world!

For the first time in his life since Yan Qianyun became an arithmetician, Bi Eyes burst into tears and muttered to himself.

"Is he not afraid of God?"


For Lin Chen, no matter whether he knows that the other party is a descendant of God, he will not succumb.

No one wants to be freer than someone else in Lin. Even if he is a god, he cannot bow his head!

In a dead place

Lin Chen knew that with his own cultivation ability and hole cards, and the functions possessed by the version 3.0 system, there was no possibility of defeating that young man in purple clothes!

However, as long as he persists in the Tiangang Jinlei area, he will win half of Lin Chen's victory!

The young man in purple clothes of the "descendant of the gods" was killed with a black knife. Under his feet, he stepped on the wind like a knife light.

Every time the tiptoe stepped into the void, the strange youth flashed nearly 1,000 miles of space to move!

This time, he really moved to kill!

Only then did he not care about Lin Chen at all, and thought he was just a little ants with a little card.

But the methods Lin Chen exhibited have repeatedly exceeded his expectations!

I thought it was a sheep, but did not expect to be a lone wolf!

Holding the knife in both hands, Ziyi Youth is about to cut a knife!

"Slow rune!"

A huge gray and white rune across the sky! Town ghosts, seal demons, seal demons, reverse gods!

"It's this kind of carving insect..."

Before the words were finished, the expression of Ziyi Youth changed slightly!

His fighting spirit and movements became extremely slow, as if inside his body, his entire body, including meridians, were infused with extremely heavy lead and iron, and it was running like a turtle!

The youth of Ziyi is running his mind, but he can't break the shackles of energy for the first time!

"This move is not at the same level as the one just now!"

As his expression shook his doubts, the torn voids of the two figures, one left and one right, emerged!

"Dark Dragon PalmSevenfold Dark Dragon Power!"

Phantom Doppelganger snapped his palms violently, draining the last dark line of fighting, and blasted the young man in purple clothes!

More than a dozen attribute light **** dropped from him immediately integrated into Lin Chen's body. After a successful blow, Lin Chen swept back again!

Wind Prison Pluto stepped in, Lin Chen and his phantom avatar moved back in two directions, one north and one south.

Because it is the avatar formed by the rune energy, it is almost no different from Lin Chen's body. The youth in purple clothes can't see through which Lin Chen is the avatar and which is the body!

After a while, Daoman split the ground, and the slow rune was broken again!

"You think I can't help you if you split up?"

Ziyi Youth was angry for the first time. Since he was born in heaven and earth, he has always been self-respecting and has no disadvantages. Nothing or result can disobey his will!

This time he was being teased by a mortal twice, he only felt that he had suffered the greatest shame in his life!


The ground collapses, the ground splits and landslides, and the youth of Ziyi turns into a magical aurora. The war energy consumption is extremely fast, and the speed doubles. Go to the south first!

Within twenty breaths, Lin Chen's phantom avatar was caught up by him and beheaded!

When he found out that he was a doppelganger, he immediately chased in the opposite direction, took another 60 breaths, and finally caught up with Lin Chen!

"Wait, before I die, I have a word to say!"

Suddenly, watching Lin Chen being overtaken, he said aloud suddenly.

"Oh, do you finally want to beg for mercy. Or what kind of tricks do you want to play?"

Ziyi Youth looked at him with a sneer, his sweat-stained palm holding a seventh-order knife, and the tip of the knife circulated with a sharp blade, ready to cut to Lin Chen!

I saw that Lin Chen was about to die, and even showed that funny smile, hehe laughed.

"What's wrong, handsome man, weren't you just awesome just now? Why did you all start sweating because of kidney deficiency? Kidney deficiency, in fact, sometimes after overwork."

Lin Chen raised his bangs and smiled with a wink.

"There is only a long-lasting man who is the king of kings. King of kings, Liuweidihuang pills, cure kidney deficiency, without sugar, one section is stronger than six sections, jelly, I only want the wolf of joy. Mysterious, I only look at the stand-alone king."


The young man in Ziyi couldn't understand Lin Chen's crazy words, and he waved his knife in anger.


Lin Chen's figure turned into a dissipating light and flew away.

Ziyi Youth's pupils shrink, this body is also a doppelganger?

He was talking crazy here just now, just to delay the time, he came up with two avatars to keep himself busy.

Thinking that he had been teased by a mortal three times, the young man of Ziyi was exposed, and his murderous intentions were revealed!

After a while, he returned to calm again.

"Interesting, a mortal can actually escape in the hands of this seat. Very interesting...haha...hahahaha!"

The young man in Ziyi's back-to-the-air laughter has a sense of coldness and interest!