My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 367

Chapter 367: 3. The System Starts To Update

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Chapter 367, the system begins to update!

Ziyi Youth chasing Lin Chens two avatars has consumed a lot of fighting spirit. Secondly, he has to rely on his own power to pass through the troubled Tiangang Jinlei area.

And, this time he entered the torchland, he did not enter with Tian Chen, the ancient family of Lin Chen and other ancient families.

He relied on his own strength to open a space channel into the flame.

Otherwise, how could the elders outside see through his true identity and heritage. In order to leave the torch realm safely to the next space plane, he must retain some of his power.

"Well, this seat is still out there. I am looking forward to a different experience. I can't think of this kind of person in the mortal. If you see you next time, you have to give back this bad breath."

The corner of Ziyi Youth's mouth outlined a cold arc, the figure flashed and disappeared.


Tiangang Jinlei area;

After Lin Chen entered, covered with a shadow of a blue dragon, he entered the most active area of Tiangang Jinlei all the way before daring to stop and rest for a while.

Lin Chens previous rune energy consumed 230 million points in one breath, and 110 million was used in the slow rune!

The slow rune with more than 100 million rune energy, this is the first time Lin Chen used it, which barely suppressed the young man in purple clothes!

The other 120 million were urged on the phantom rune to differentiate two phantom avatars to attack each other.

The real ontology has already cast the Qinglong Piying Shadow to escape into the void, and when the other party wiped out the second avatar, he has already entered the Tiangang Golden Thunder area!

After entering the Tiangang Jinlei area, Lin Chen discovered a secret.

That is when the "Blue Dragon Shadow" is cast, and then the body part is transformed into a Thunder Tribulation or Golden Tribulation War Body, which can avoid the Thunder Cloud's lock!

Taking this opportunity, Lin Chen hid under the bottom of a mountain peak and valley, and did not need to worry about being locked by Thundercloud and found his whereabouts.

"Where is this humanoid monster that came out, it turned out to be so strong in the late stage of Jiuzhong in Tiangang Realm!"

Lin Chen pinched a cold sweat, and this time he lifted the triple change of Shura Jiuhuang's change and did not usher in the weak state as usual.

When Lin Chen was in doubt, the moment he opened the system, he was stunned!

[Tiandao Picking System 3.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the early stage of Tiangang Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 7200 Dragon Power.

Primary qi and blood energy: 1,135.7 billion points.

The essence of elementary fighting spirit: 1,399.5 billion points.

Primary mental power: 1501 million points (early phase of the French phase)

The essence of elementary exercises: 3.5 billion points.

Heavenly value: 14350 points.

Mindset: "Nine Tribulation of Creation" (96%)

Practicing exercises: Taishi Bible (90%), Shura Jiuhuang Change (Fragment).

Blood Vessel Energy (up to 3 types): Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (50,000 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points),

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 3, Charge Rune Level 3, Phantom Rune Level 3,

Primary rune energy: 700 million points.

Primary elemental energy: 800 million points in the fire system, 800 million points in the soil system, 800 million points in the wood system, 1.4 billion points in the gold system, and 800 million points in the water system. Thunder system is 1.4 billion points, wind system is 900 million points, light system is 400 million points, and dark system is 800 million points.

Update 4.0 version conditions: collect 10,000 points of heavenly value and 3 billion elementary points of merit. (Expected to open talent functions, fusion functions, upgrade initial attribute values,)

Possessed Treasure: 2 Rune Evolution Stones. 77 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 321 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 37 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 3 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 30 kinds of blue-level intermediate combat skills, 18 kinds of blue-level advanced combat skills, 3 kinds of top-level blue ranks, fifth-level 39 kinds of treasures,

Lin Chen found that his primary rune energy did not decrease but increased!

During the battle with Ziyi Youth, he used more than 300 million rune energy, and now it is about 100 million more than the original!

There is also the essence of elementary fighting spirit, which has increased by 400 billion points, allowing him to live into the ninth early stage of Tiangang Realm!

The value of Tiandao also instantly rose by more than 7,000 points! And the dark energy is 400 million points more than before!

The most terrifying thing is the essence of elementary exercises, even more than 1 billion points in one breath!

"I get it! It turned out to be the attribute light ball that fell on that guy!" - Lin Chen shot his thigh and woke up like a dream!

He was excited and incoherent.

"Damn, Brother Chen, this is the first time I have seen such a terrifying increase in the attribute value. No wonder my Phantom Doppelganger's Dark Dragon Palm has just improved its power! It turns out that my cultivation behavior and dark energy have increased!"

This harvest is completely beyond Lin Chen's expectations!

There were more than 20 attribute light **** dropped on that young man in purple clothes. Lin Chen didn't have time to count them. Unexpectedly, each attribute light ball had massive attribute value increase!

"System, I want to update the 4.0 version of the Tiandao picking system!"

[The updated version needs to consume 10,000 points of Heavenly Dao and 3 billion primary points of merit. This version takes time: 7 days. Update content: Expected to open talent function, fusion function, upgrade intermediate attribute value, etc. Is the host sure to update?


Lin Chen almost every cell in the whole body roared and shouted this one OK!

[The system received that 3 billion points of elementary exercises and spirits have been deducted, and 10,000 points of heavenly value. Start updating the system: 0.01%...0.02%...]

Damn, if you don't update the version anymore, it's a fart!

The young man in purple clothes just now was so strong that his mother was outrageous and sad!

For the first time, someone in Lin met someone he could not beat, and he had to slip when he met.

As long as this young man in purple clothing is still in the flame zone, even if the flame zone is vast, Lin Chen would not dare to go out and make trouble!

With that bit of the seventh-order sword, even if someone from Lin and all the arrogance of the torch fire rushed up, it would only allow the other party to wield a few more knives and cut vegetables!

After seeing the system that started to update, Lin Chen's small heart that was still in shock was finally stabilized!

If you update to version 4.0, and no matter what the new features are, he now has two rune evolution stones, and at least two level 4 runes!

Two 4th-level runes, even if the young man in purple clothes is not so easy to kill himself!

After completely calming down, Lin Chen thought a little puzzled.

"Speaking of this, what is the origin of this person, the world outside of Kyushu, I have not understood it, is it a genius from other worlds?"

According to rumors, the nine continents are divided into nine continental plates, collectively referred to as the Kyushu mainland.

But beyond the mainland of Kyushu, there are thousands of worlds, there are various races and creatures, and there are secrets of the universe.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's mind flashed a name he had heard of!

Descendants of God!

Legend has it that the mainland of Kyushu is a world where gods exist, and the descendants of gods are walking between Kyushu and taking control of the people of Kyushu for the gods!

If it is a descendant of God, it is not difficult to explain why this person is so powerful, and why he can hold a seventh-order knife without being repelled!