My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 368

Chapter 368: System 4.0 Version

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Chapter 368, System 4.0 Version!

No one can imagine the heritage and tricks of the descendants of these supreme beings.

At the thought of this, Lin Chen smashed her mouth and surprised her.

"Isn't this guy really a descendant of God? Brother Chen, I just had a fight with the descendants of the gods? It seems that there is nothing remarkable. They are all carrying a head on both shoulders. On handsome, he might as well I am someone."

After someone took out the mirror and narcissistically admired his "handsome face" for a while, it seemed that he had forgotten the matter just beyond Jiuxiao.

He sat cross-legged quietly, working intently to adjust his mind.

He believes that even if the young man in purple dress wants to completely traverse this gang of Jinlei area, he will have to pay a certain price. Not to mention finding Lin Chen's figure here.

He has already left the marks of war on Han Yizhi, Leng Yueqi and Han Ziyun. If the three of them are in danger, he will kill them as soon as possible.

If the three are temporarily in danger, Lin Chen intends to wait here until the system is completely updated.

After one day, Lin Chen took the pill and adjusted his health and returned to his full state!

When nothing happened for a while, Lin Chen tried to take out his seed of holy fire.

There is also a threat in this torch seed, that is, a strange and mysterious will hidden inside!

"It is said that if the roots are extremely talented, there are many seeds of holy flame. Now I have 13 in my hands. I don't know how many can be refined."

Lin Chen put a torch seed into his body, and the only instantaneous swept through Lin Chen's body like **** flames!

Starting from the second torch seed, it will no longer be easy to absorb the torch seed, but a kind of difficult torture, because this is the first step towards a new boundary!

At this step, it is necessary to experience endless torch quenching to be able to experience rebirth!

Lin Chen was not afraid, he didnt think he was the one to stop here!

This time, the seeds of the torch came into the body, and there was no need for Lin Chen to specifically search for that strange will.

His faint breath of thunder and golden calamity instantly removed the remaining will in the seeds of the flame!

"It seems that the breath of the Heavenly Tribulation War Body can immediately remove the remaining will in the flame seed!"

The torch ignited rounds of fire, continuously tempering Lin Chens roots and his nine-colored battle spirit.

This refining lasted nearly six days before it ended!


The nine-color battle spirit in Dan Tian further condensed a few points, and Lin Chen's cultivation formally entered the mid-term of the nineth layer!

More importantly, the many benefits that the Holy Flame seeds bring to Lin Chen, the basic abilities of absorption, refining aura, use of combat skills and so on have skyrocketed!

Although it is not as good as the first time, it is more than doubled!

At this time, a mark appeared on his brow! Two scars! On behalf of Lin Chen's potential has absorbed two torches!

"The first one took less than one hour, the second one took five days and five nights. If you absorb the third one, I am afraid it will take longer. First remove all the torch seeds first."

Lin Chen stopped absorbing the seeds of the sacred flame, he took out the seeds of the sacred flame, and began to operate the breath of the Golden Tribulation and Thunder Tribulation, and injected them into the seeds of the sacred flame.

In the next less than a day, all the will in the remaining 12 Flame Seeds will be eliminated!

Now the seed of the torch in Lin Chen's hands is the purest torch energy! Without any impurities and will, even if absorbed will not be planted that strange will!

Lin Chen is still happy in the future, the system pops up a light screen, making him Lin someone ecstatic!

[The Tiandao Picking System 4.0 version has been updated successfully, and the 4.0 feature rune function, new talent function, fusion function, and new attribute value have been opened: talent value.

[Because the host opens the talent function for the first time, the system has randomly presented a brand new talent for the host to use. Please check with the new version of the system.

[System update has opened many small auxiliary functions, please host to explore.

[System friendly reminder: This update of the host has upgraded most of the primary values to intermediate values, with a ratio of 100 million points equal to 1 point. For example: 11357 million points of primary qi and blood energy = 11357 points of intermediate qi and blood energy.

Lin Chen couldn't wait to open the system, and the new system panel appeared!

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: the early stage of Tiangang Realm.

Ultimate Strength: 7200 Dragon Power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 11357 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 13995 points.

Intermediate mental strength: 1.5 points (early phase of the French phase)

Intermediate skills: 5 points.

Sky value: 4350 points.

Intermediate Rune Energy: 7 points.

Talent: 0 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 8.2 points in the fire system, 8 points in the soil system, 8 points in the wood system, 14 points in the gold system, and 8 points in the water system. There are 14 points in the thunder system, 9 points in the wind system, 4 points in the light system, and 8 points in the dark system.

Gongfa status bar (whether open)

Blood Vessel Energy (up to 3 types): Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (50,000 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points),

Talent: Destiny (one-time talent, passive trigger, if the host falls into a life-and-death moment, this talent will be triggered to treat the host for an injury. If the host's head is completely obliterated, it cannot be triggered.)

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 3, Corrupt Rune Level 3, Charge Rune Level 3, Phantom Rune Level 3,

Possessed Treasure: 2 Rune Evolution Stones. 77 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 321 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 37 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 3 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 30 kinds of blue-level intermediate combat skills, 18 kinds of blue-level advanced combat skills, 3 kinds of top-level blue ranks, fifth-level 39 kinds of treasures,

Lin Chen found that his system became more diverse and more concise!

The status bar of your exercise is folded up, you can click it anytime you want.

Secondly, all the primary attribute values have been upgraded to intermediate attribute values! The ratio is 100 million points to 1 point!

At this time, Lin Chen found that the system has an additional button of the "fusion" button!

[System Tips: The fusion function can fuse several kinds of similar items; such as exercises, immortals, medicinal materials, rare treasures, treasure weapons, etc., the host uses the fusion function to consume an indefinite value of heaven .

Click on the fusion, Lin Chen issued a command curiously.

"System, give me all the skills below the blue level advanced!"

The skills below the blue level are not much improved for Lin Chen.

This was a tasteless taste for Lin Chen before, but it was a pity of chicken ribs. Now it is time to use them to try water for this new fusion function.

After clicking OK again, Lin Chens sky value disappeared by 150 points, and 30 kinds of blue-level intermediate-level exercises began to be put into the melting furnace formed in the fusion function.

[Boom ~ Boom ~ Ding!

The melting furnace made a clear sound! 6 volumes of blue-level advanced exercises are newly released!

[Fusion result: 2 types of combat skills, 3 types of attack skills, 1 type of defense skills.

Lin Chen's mouth opened slightly! There are even six volumes of blue-level advanced exercises!

"Ha ha ha! This fusion function is not too cool, I want to integrate all the blue-level advanced techniques included in the system!"