My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 369

Chapter 369: All Robbed Me?

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Chapter 369

Lin Chen once again opened the fusion function and clicked to confirm the function.

This time, the Dao value is 900 points less, 18 kinds of blue-level advanced exercises plus the 6 kinds that Lin Chen just got, a total of 24 kinds, all integrated into it!

Lin Chen felt a little uneasy this time.

24 kinds of high-level blue-level exercises, how can there be a top-level blue-level exercises!

He now has three top-level blue-level exercises, but all are offensive.

Attack-style combat skills, Lin Chen has a dark dragon palm and Tiangeng counter-dragon is completely enough, what he lacks now is the blue-level top-level exercises other than attack!

Blue-level top-level exercises are top-notch in the ancient family level!

Throughout the arrogance of entering the torchland, two slaps can count the people who hold the blue-level top combat skills!

Under the look of Lin Chen's expectation, the melting furnace kept shaking and once again roared!

Boom~ Bang~ Ding! Ding!

Two clouds of clouds swirled around, and a faint blue light flashing suspended outside the furnace.

Tense points open two volumes of exercises, the system is listed on the screen.

[Blue-level top-level body combat skills "Tao Gang Lei Thunder", blue-level top-level attack combat skills "Yunxia Tour Dragon Sword",]

bingo! Blue top-level body combat skills!

Lin Chen jumped up excitedly, although the second volume didn't help him much, but the blue-level top-level physical skill was already worth it!

This physique of this grade, placed in Lingzhou, has value but no market!

Even if it is an ancient family with rich heritage, there may be only one or two collections of blue-level top-level skills!

And this is also the thunder system of one of the highest element attribute values of someone in Lin!

"System, I want to learn "Tao Gang Dou Lei"!"

[Inheriting "Tao Gang Dou Lei" requires 3 points of intermediate skills, is the host determined to inherit?

3 points of intermediate level of power, that is equivalent to 300 million elementary level of power, the same value as Shuras Fury.


The inherited memory of Daibing's initiation poured into Lin Chen's mind. He quickly absorbed it and possessed the spiritual power of the state of law. The speed at which he absorbed the inherited memory became very fast.

In one hour, Lin Chen completely integrated this brand-new body and combat skills!

"Tao Gang Dou Lei is divided into two grades, Qian Ying Lei Shun, Ta Gang move! This is the blue-level top-level body method, I am afraid that the speed is faster, I do not know how many times the wind prison Pluto step?!"

Lin Chen, after fusing the inherited memory, was extremely amazed, but if he hurried normally, he would still prefer to use Wind Prison Hades.

Because the fighting spirit to be consumed by "Tao Gang Dou Lei" is really scary!

"System, I want to use two Rune Evolution Stones, Evolution Phantom Rune, and Slow Rune!"

[The system received that the upgraded Phantom and Slow Runes are level 4 feature runes. Need to consume less rune energy, the effect is stronger. The damage that Phantom Rune can take is doubled, and up to three avatars can be used at the same time.

The previous Phantom Rune can only use up to two avatars, and now it can use up to three at the same time, and it needs less rune energy to exert stronger power!

"After spending so long here, it's time to go out!"

Lin Chen found that the seal of fighting spirit left on the three of Leng Yueqi did not trigger, proving that everyone was not in danger.

It seems that the young man in purple clothes did not kill outside the land of silence; perhaps he had no interest in others at all.

The life level of the young man in Ziyi is very different from everyone. In his eyes, the arrogance of the flame is like a tiny aphid.

He couldn't kill everyone in order to kill these aphids in his eyes. At most, when these aphids stood in front of him, he stepped on him.

Lin Chen urged the Purple Phoenix wings to flap and left the area of Tiangang Jinlei.


The periphery of the dead place; Han Yizhi and others waited quietly for Lin Chen's return.

Yan Qianyun informed everyone that Lin Chen had nothing to do, and Leng Yueqi and three other people were waiting quietly outside.

If not, according to Leng Yueqi's temperament, if you haven't seen anyone for a few days, she has already rushed into it desperately.

A flash of purple flame flashed past, and Lin Chen's figure emerged from outside the area of Thunder Cloud.

"Squad leader!"

"Lin Chen!"

Han Yizhi and Leng Yueqi looked happy, and immediately flew over.

"Why did you come out so long, what happened inside, we all heard that there seemed to be a fight inside."

Han Ziyun groaned, Lin Chen was about to say something, but saw Yan Qianyun on the other side looking at her with a very complicated, moved, sighed, and hesitant point.

"There is a person in there who is very strong. Xiuwei is like me, but he has more than three times the strength of Yuanyuan Zunjing!"

Lin Chen's words were amazing, and the expressions of the three people suddenly changed!

Listening to Lin Chen's tone, didn't you meet someone stronger than him in the land of silence? !

"Miss Yan Qianyun, do you know anything?"

At this time, Lin Chenruo asked Yan Qianyun deeply.


Yan Qianyun, who has always been elegant and extraordinary, has shown hesitation and hesitation, hesitant to speak.


Suddenly, seven figures surrounded Lin Chen!

"Lin Chen, hand over the torch seeds of the torch gift, you can't eat so many torch seeds alone."

"How can things in heaven and earth let you occupy the heavens?"

Ling Tian, headed by these seven people, and Ning Fantian of the Ning family said coldly, let Lin Chen frown!

These guys, even want to grab hard? !

There were also hundreds of Tianjiao on the scene who also felt this scene!

Headed by Ling Tian and Murong Changsheng, Ning Fantian of Ning Family, Ning Yunlan and Xue Hao of Blood Family, Ye Qingyu, Ye Yanxia, even wanted to rob Lin Chen! ?

Six of these people are the strongest in the quarterfinals! Of the five kings, three accounted for!

Among them, Ling Tian and Murong Changsheng wanted to kill Lin Chen from the bottom of their hearts. They were defeated by Lin Chen. They felt so ashamed and humiliated that they could not swallow that breath in their hearts!

Leng Yueqi and Han Yizhi immediately stood beside Lin Chen, waiting for Yan Yan, Lin Chen stood in front of the two and laughed at the seven.

"Yeah? Want to rob? I think you're so tired and crooked, and grabbed your ancestor."

Lin Chen glanced at Ye Yanxia and Ye Qingyu, frowning lightly.

"Ye Yanxia, do you want to do more business?"

Ye Yanxia smiled bitterly and said helplessly; "I still lack a torch seed. If Lin Chen is willing to give out a torch seed, Yan Xia will take someone to turn away immediately."

"In that case, I'm welcome. You guys want to die!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a flash of murderous intention flashed!

"Lin Chen, don't make rants here, don't think that there is a special exercise to avoid Tiangang Jinlei and you feel that you are invincible. This time, the seven of us join forces. What do you count!"

Ling Tiangao, headed by a smile, suddenly pulled the Dragon Star Seven Star Sword!

The atmosphere was instant, and it became a crossbow!