My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 37

Chapter 37: treatment

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Chapter 37

Seeing the teenager looking dumbfounded, the woman in a white dress smiled happily, and her teeth lightened.

"Are you the most recent **** operator in Wanling City?"

There was a hint of warning in the smile, Lin Chen was immediately awakened, and he was fascinated by the beauty.

"Cough, yes. Dare to ask the girl?"

Lin Chen coughed lightly and asked seriously.

"Bash~ girl, little guy, you know how many generations you are when I am older."

The woman in the white dress covered her mouth and chuckled with a smile.

"Every woman has a girl in her heart, is it a girl, she looks at her mentality, not her age, and she is old when she is old. If she accepts her aging by default, how can she be a girl?"

Lin Chens words made the white skirt woman rarely pondered for a moment and nodded in favor. "You said something very reasonable. I will remember your words. This time I invite you to help me see my problem. "

"What the Lord Lord said, but the poison in the body?"

Lin Chen is naturally not stupid, who can appear here, who will be there besides the lord of the Wanling City known as the heavenly god.

"Oh? Did you even see it?"

The city owner gave Lin Chen a surprised look. He nodded. "Well, I can see a little; but the problem is more difficult."

From the moment she saw her, Lin Chen urged Zi Jintong to see her eyebrows wrapped around a black mist and penetrated deep into the body, like a maggot.

Moreover, Lin Chen is still in her body, perceiving a kind of fluctuation of light spheres with similar attributes, but he has not yet known what it is.

"It seems that I have found the right person. Master God Operator, come in and talk."

The female city host invited Lin Chen to enter the house, the boudoir was light and fragrant, and the fragrance was fragrant, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

"This poison was left by one of my enemies. It has been entangled with me for decades. It is gradually tortured and eroded my cultivation behavior every day, which makes me very painful. If you can get rid of it, pay for it..."

The lady of the female city carefully told Lin Chen about the reason of the toxin in the body. Lin Chen heard some emotions. This poison is not a general toxin, it is not a poison that can be solved. It penetrates into the source of combat energy and even the whole body; it will gradually erode the poisoned person. , And finally die better than death.

This bizarre poison is purely formed by the fighting strength of the other party, and there is no cure at all. Therefore, it is not a range that the pharmacist can solve. It is more a curse than a poison.

At this time, this toxin has penetrated into the body of the female city master. If it is not released within one year, I am afraid that even the fighting spirit will not work, and there will be life worries within two years!

"City Lord, this poison..."

"My name is Bai Ruoyan, except for the name of the city host, whatever you call it."

"Then, Miss Ruoyan, the poison under your hatred is no different. I can only say that I do my best, but it may not be healed well."

Lin Chen said seriously, Bai Ruoyan shook his head.

"No, if you don't cure well, I can only kill you."

Bai Ruoyan's words were startling, which shocked Lin!

If you ask me to do something, I have to be killed if I can't do it? What is this?

"This poison permeates my whole blood and even the fighting spirit. If you need to expel the poison, you must. There must be no obstruction."

Bai Ruoyan's words made Lin Chen know in seconds! If you want to expel poison, there must be no hindrance on both sides, even clothes.

"Female mathematicians are rare in the wilderness. Male mathematicians all want to conspiracy or have insufficient ability and want to face to be fat. They have all been killed by me."

Bai Ruoyan shook his head and sighed, and then looked at Lin Chen: "You are the first one, and I recognized my poisoned operator at a glance."

"Then I won't do it, Lord Bai Ruoyan, I am a person who is afraid of death, you should find another person, just like that, say goodbye!"

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen stood up and clenched his fists, turned around and left!

I'm kidding; if I can't cure it, I'm going to die, which is an errand.

This Bai Ruoyan city master is a goddess, Lin Chen has the opportunity to take advantage of it and dare not touch it!

Its okay to pick up the girl and take the life to wipe the oil. Thats Shi Lezhi!

Although Bai Ruoyan's body has a similar characteristic rune, the light ball fluctuates, but Lin Chen dare not take his life to knock!


Bai Ruoyan didn't expect that he would turn his face directly and immediately stopped Lin Chen.

"Bai Ruoyan City Lord, there is nothing to talk about in this matter. I am a little psychic. How can I be sure that I can help you get rid of the toxins in the body. If I fail, I have to catch my life, I am not eating Full of people who have nothing to do."

Lin Chen's determined attitude made Bai Ruoyan's teeth bite, "Then, then you talk about your conditions!"

"My conditions are very simple. I will do my best to help you detoxify. But you are responsible for all the consequences. Even if you fail, it is not my responsibility. In addition, if you succeed, you will be asked to double the remuneration!"

Lin Chen didn't let it go, let Bai Ruoyan fall into thought.

The teenager in front of me may be the only chance. The poison has penetrated into the whole body, and then it is time to procrastinate.

"Okay; I promised you, but when I asked you to detoxify..."

"Relax, I blindfolded myself."


Lin Chen spent a day resting in the city's main palace. At the same time, he first asked the system for help in resolving the incident. He tried many times on the spot until the next night.

In a dense room; under the dim light, above the bed, Bai Ruoyan's finger pulls to untie the girdle of the long skirt.

The beautiful girl's lips are slightly opened, her teeth are biting hairpins, her hands are gently spinning, and three thousand green silks are coiled up, only the jade back of the skin is exposed, and the perfect and flawless waist is simply letting you stop!

Lin Chenpan sat behind her, black cloth blindfolded, a faint fragrance like lavender fragrance, lingering around the tip of her nose, even the lingering figure made Lin Chen breathe quickly.

Taking a deep breath, Lin Chen forced himself to calm down.

"Miss Bai Ruoyan, I want to start."

"If you dare to peep, I will not spare you!"

Bai Ruoyanxia flew his cheeks, warningly saying, but at the moment he was weak, more like coquetry. I heard someone's bones were crisp.

Fingertips gently covered the delicate and fair shoulders of the show, and the woman's trembling panting almost made Lin Chen lose her mind.

"The shoulders are so silky..."

Lin Chen was shocked secretly in his heart, and his throat rolled.

Not daring to think about it, Lin Chen simply mobilized his rune energy!

The system informed Lin Chen that if the characteristic runes existed in Bai Ruoyan's body, the host would use pure rune energy to attract the characteristic runes.

Sure enough, at the moment when the rune energy was mobilized, a burst of smoke rose in Bai Ruoyan's body, and the toxin that had been lurking for a long time began to show signs of wriggling!

"Useful! You can slowly pull it out!"

Lin Chen pressed hard with his palm, holding the beautiful white shoulder of the lady, and then swiped under the white back of the white jade, the toxin in the body was slowly pulled like a poisonous snake!

For Bai Ruoyan, this feeling of evacuating the toxin was both painful and inexplicable, and the extremely shameful atmosphere made it difficult for her to completely suppress herself.


Bai Ruoyan couldn't help but blew a few times; she was not an ordinary woman comparable. These few times made Lin Chen's state of mind almost broken, and the rune energy was almost interrupted.

"My good sister, don't say anything!"

Lin Chen bit his tongue and smiled bitterly. If there is no response at this time, it is really not a man!