My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Yan Qianyun's Decision

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Chapter 370: Yan Qianyun's Decision!

Seven people were in a siege, and Lin Chen was surrounded by many directions!

Although Lin Chen has become the strongest person in this ancient family, when there are seven people, there are three strong kings!

Leng Yueqi and others wanted to help Lin Chen, but he was signalled by his eyes and stood quietly behind Lin Chen.

Luo Qingyu stood aside, Dai Mei frowned slightly, trying to help Lin Chen, but hesitated.

"Don't give him the opportunity to urge the exercises, let's go together!"

Murong Changsheng's hands are sealed, and his spiritual power sweeps the sky like a landslide and tsunami!

The other six people immediately followed Murong Changsheng's mentality, and the colorful battle spirit spread across the sky!

Tianjiao, who was watching, shook his head, no one thought that Lin Chen could fight seven.

Except for Ning Yunlan, these seven people are all ruthless characters. This team of them can almost walk sideways in the flame!

"I still want to share a piece of soup with me, you are thinking about fart!"

Lin Chen's shoulders shook violently, the momentum was open to the sky, and the world was shocked, deterring nine days and ten places!

Lin Chen has now absorbed two seeds of the torch, plus Xiuwei has reached the mid-ninth level, when running "Genesis Nine Tribulation", there is a potential for destruction like a catastrophe!

Between the light and flint, off-white runes flashed!

The intermediate rune energy in the Linchen system was immediately reduced by 1 point! Equivalent to 100 million primary rune energy!

"Slow rune!"


Murong Changsheng and Ling Tian had just noticed that Lin Chen was going to launch the strange "secret technique", but there was no chance to respond!

The slow rune freezes the space of a hundred miles, and everyone's fighting movements and movements become extremely slow!

This time the slow rune, but the 4th level slow rune! Sealing several Yuanzun realms is not a problem at all!

The seven people at the scene suddenly changed their expressions!

In an instant, the wings of the Purple Phoenix stretched out, Lin Chen's whole body was like a thunder and thunder, lingering around the endless thunder light, and the thundering battle body urged!

His figure moved a little, and there was a thunderous thunder resounding in the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

Seven people vomited blood at the same time, and the dark dragons that ran through their fighting defense madly strangled and hit the spot!

The dragon shadow flashed, and the immense dragon body appeared, and the void appeared in a flash!

The ancient green dragon swallowed the mouth of the dragon and swallowed Ning Fantian, Ning Yunlan and Xue Hao of the Ning family on the spot.

The moment the three were swallowed, the dragon tail swept violently, and a flick of the tail swept and flew Ye Yanxia and Ye Qingyu of the Ye family!

The palms that thundered light slowly penetrated Murong's body, and he was dead before he was angry!

The other hand slammed Ling Tian's direction with his backhand. At the last minute, he condensed all his fighting spirit into a blade of sword, breaking the shackles of the slow rune!

At the same moment, a bright space ray of light bloomed in his arms, cracking the space cracks and taking him away!

Crackling! When the Lightning burst, before leaving, Ling Tian's arm was caught by Lin Chen's energy from Thunder Tribulation and crushed into nothingness!

[The host gains 1 intermediate fire energy, 2 intermediate rune energy, 1 intermediate spirit power, 1 intermediate wind energy,]

[Host gains 1500 Celestial Dao, 6 Intermediate Skills, 1300 Intermediate Essence of War, 890 Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy,]

[The host obtains 6 lightballs of skill attributes, 5 advanced blue-level combat skills, 1 top-level,]

Lin Chen picked up dozens of attribute light **** falling in the void.

From the point of view of the number of attribute light balls, it is reduced, but in fact the increase in attribute value is increased, because the ratio of primary attribute value and intermediate attribute value is 100 million points = 1 point.

Lin Chen's expression was so dull that he felt scalp numb when he picked up the deadly Ling Ling ring spit out by the ancient green dragon.

It seems that not a few people were killed, but a few bugs were killed!

Silence... Deadly silence!

Hundreds of people watching and even Yan Qianyun fell into a state of sluggishness!

Everyone present, no one can see when Lin Chen shot!

The speed of his body is very different from that of the Dragon Battle!

He used a 4th-level slow rune to seal the seven players in the audience, and even the space became abnormally solidified, so that the seven people did not even have the chance to use lifesaving weapons!

Then, his body style is almost unimaginable!

Everyone hasn't reacted yet. Ning Yunlan, Ning Fantian and Xue Hao of the top ten geniuses died under the dragon's mouth on the spot!

Three of the five kings, one dead and two injured!

This is just a matter that can't be breathed. It is the strongest lineup in the territory of the torch. Only three people survived!

Of these three people, two of them seem to have taken care of Lin Chen's men only to retrieve his life!

This strength is too scary! He has this strength, when he participated in the Battle Dragon Platform, it was almost swept away!


"It seems really dead! The three of them were swallowed by the ancient green dragon, and even Murong Changsheng was killed by a blow!"

"I...My God...What is this strength?"

Everyone, including Yan Qianyun, has a fear and a panic in his heart!

The strength of Lin Chen has exceeded their cognitive scope!

Tianjiao believes that he is not a young warrior of this generation at all, but an old monster in disguise who has been mixed into the flames!

"He has become stronger again! After playing with the descendant of that god, he has transformed into several grades!"

Yan Qianyun was shocked! Even though she didn't see through Lin Chen completely, she can be sure that when she participated in the Battle Dragon Platform, Lin Chen had come up with real strength to fight!

He is so strong now, there is only one possibility, that is, he has a terrifying adventure in a dead place!

Encountering the descendants of God, even a great adventure may be robbed. The only thing that becomes the adventure itself may be the encounter of the descendant of God!

"A mortal encounters a descendant of God, and there is only one death word. He not only did the opposite, but dared to show his teeth to the descendants of God. It was more like robbing each other's luck and growing rapidly. No such person has appeared. Perhaps he is more trustworthy than the black star!"

Yan Qianyun fell into the war between man and nature, and then seemed to make Lin Ju's eyes firm as if he had made some huge decisions!

Originally, she entered the holy flame to find the owner of the black star, but her owner is a descendant of God. Such creatures treat human races as ants, and it is too dangerous to approach him.

What's more, the so-called'spirit' is also not a trusted object in the Yan Family's records.

But Lin Chen's rise from the sky makes her feel that he has more potential than the descendants of God, and is more worthy of his trust and trust!