My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Yan Qianyun Worship

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Chapter 371: Yan Qianyun's submission!

After killing Murong Changsheng, Lin Chen gained 1 intermediate mental power, which equals 100 million primary mental power!

This value is unprecedentedly high for mental power!

This allowed him to instantly increase his 15 spiritual seeds to 25!

The more spiritual seeds there are, the stronger Lin Chen's condensed spiritual image will be.

Although there has been a surge of spiritual power, there is still some way to go before the spiritual power in the middle of the French phase.

Through this battle, Lin Chen once again determined that he had the 4.0 version of the system, and his combat power has been advancing by leaps and bounds!

The previous Lin Chen had the most fighting power in the ordinary mid-level double-level mid-level or barely touched the second-level late.

But now, even in the face of the triple early stage of Yuanzunjing, he is not afraid!

Although I dare not say that facing the young man in purple clothes again is sure to defeat the other party, at least, I will not be as embarrassed as before!

For the growth of Lin Chen's strength, Han Yizhi and others were happy for him from the heart!

Seeing Yan Qianyun staring at his eyes was completely different from before, Lin Chen teased a smile with a raised eyebrow.

"What's the matter, beauty Yan, are you obsessed with the coach? First of all, well, you can like someone in Lin, but you can't fall in love with someone in Lin~"

Yan Qianyun covered her mouth and chuckled, then said seriously.

"Lin Chen, would you like to cooperate with me? Let's escape the catastrophe that Lingzhou will soon fall into!"

Yan Qianyun's words were striking, and Lin heard someone look stunned.

Cooperation? get away? How does this sound like elopement!

She gently waved her hand and unfolded a space barrier to protect everyone.

Yan Qianyun stated her purpose of entering the flame zone this time.

Ten years ago, an elder of the Yan family accounted for the sky, and the elder was only deducing Yan Qianyun's future fate.

But he didn't expect that by Yan Qianyun's future life, he could spy on the destruction of Lingzhou!

In the near future, Lingzhou will undergo a shocking change within a certain period of time!

This time may be a few years, perhaps a dozen years, or a century.

This dramatic change, hidden mystery, and multiple storms converging into a mass extinction disaster, will involve all ancient families into a chaotic storm!

And for the Yan family, it is possible to face the disaster of extinction!

It is possible that even the only heir will be buried!

The only way to avoid this disaster and save a glimmer of hope is to find the'black star' pinned on Yan Qianyun's destiny.

After Yan Qianyun grows up, she can only deduce her own future fate. The black star points directly to the flame!

The body of the black star is the descendant of that god! No one can expect this result.

But the descendants of God are too illusory, and they always think highly of themselves.

But at this time, Lin Chen, who was born with a fate of nothingness! Not only did they shine at Zhanlongtai, they also dared to show their minions to the descendants of God!

This made Yan Qianyun turn his goal to Lin Chen, maybe he did better than the descendants of God! It is also worth trusting by Yan Qianyun.

Although Lin Chen is still some distance away from the descendants of the gods, it is not difficult to see that Lin Chen's growth rate is abnormal from the Battle Dragon Platform to the present!

Therefore, Yan Qianyun will revise her original plan. She will choose Lin Chen to replace the Yan family and herself to avoid the chaotic storm that will happen in Lingzhou in the future!

"It turns out that this guy is really a descendant of God! Grandma, no wonder there are two brushes! But I am someone Lin now is not easy to mess with!"

After listening to Yan Qianyun's explanation, Lin touched his chin and suddenly realized.

The three people beside him were both shocked and stunned!

Lin Chen actually had a fight with the descendants of God?

This is crazy! This is put in the perception of anyone, and I dare not even think about it!

"Squad leader, you are my idol!"

Han Yizhi is like a pure child, with bright eyes flashing small stars, staring at Lin Chen with longing.

Lin Chen provoked Han Yizhi's white chin and said deeply-"Don't be obsessed with the monitor, your monitor is just a legend."

Han Yizhi's small face was red and her ears were red. Han Ziyun and Leng Yue were in unison and asked worriedly.

"Will this cause trouble, the other party is a descendant of God!"

Thinking of the other party's background, this supreme existence, compared to any ancient family in Lingzhou, is equivalent to a cockroach tree!

"It is estimated that no, there are definitely offenses, but the descendants of God often despise our mortals extremely, thinking that we and them are not a level of souls."

"If Lin Chen's escape in his hands is exposed, it will also be a loss for his own face, so as long as Lin Chen no longer shows up in front of him, there should not be much problem."

Yan Qianyun smiled, which is why she would bet on Lin Chen.

The legendary descendant of the gods cannot use his power because of a mortal. This behavior is equivalent to insulting the creatures of his level.

"Okay, I know roughly. In conclusion, you are attracted by the handsome personality charm, and then you want to elope with me, oh no, want to cooperate with me to escape the disaster of Lingzhou. Then, please Show your sincerity first."

Lin Chen touched his chin and looked at Yan Qianyun's exquisite figure, hey grinning.

Yan Qianyun looked at him suspiciously, then looked at himself again, and said with a smile-"Does Mr. Lin Chen want to see?"

"Of course I want to..."

Before the words were finished, two beautiful shadows stood in front of Yan Qianyun, and she looked at someone with a smiling smile.

Lin Qingsheng, who was close to his mouth, immediately said in a serious way-"Of course, I don't even think about it. Is a gentleman like me doing such a shameless thing?"

Yan Qianyun pulsed with a smile, and he was right now.

"If you are sincere, I can help you calculate a lot of information, such as the treasures you want to get, where you want to go, and even how many torch seeds a person can absorb. I can calculate."

Yan Qianyun's words made Lin Chen happy, and said with great interest.

"Then how many torch seeds can I absorb?"

"Er~ I can't tell you alone, but your two confidantes and good friends can absorb two torch seeds, this sister can absorb three."

Yan Qianyun finally pointed at Leng Yueqi seriously.

Hearing this, Lin Chen said nothing, and took out all seven torch seeds in his spiritual ring and gave them to the three!

There were no more people around at this time. When Yan Qianyun and Lin Chen were talking, all Tianjiao had evacuated. They were afraid that Lin Chen would be angry and even kill them.

"This, this torch seed?"

Yan Qianyun's eyes suddenly changed, looking at Lin Chen shocked!

She found that the seed of the torch fired by Lin Chen did not have that strange will! Turn into a truly pure flame energy!