My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 372

Chapter 372: 1. The Torch Realm Begins To Close

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Chapter 372: The Holy Flame Realm begins to close!

"You, you purified those holy..."

Yan Qianyun stopped talking again, and her jade hand concealed her lips, fearing to say something wrong.

But the shock in Qian's eyes has become stronger and stronger. This kind of thing is unheard of, unseen!

How can anyone in this world evolve that hidden conspiracy seed?

Yan Qianyun felt that it was a wise decision to choose Lin Chen himself!

Seeing Yan Qianyun's shock, Lin Chen looked at the sky melancholy and murmured very deeply.

"Ah, I'm so annoying! Sometimes because I'm so handsome, I am often forgotten by the world about my strengths and specialties. In fact, my specialties are really specialties."


Three days later; Zhenyue Mountains in the southern area of the flame.

The terrain of the Zhenyue Mountain Range is very mysterious, and those who enter its area will become unable to fly in the air because of the strong soil energy.

The strong soil energy makes gravity rise straight, and those who enter the core of the mountain are likely to be pressed into meat sauce by the pressure caused by the extremely high quality soil energy!

At this time, a sixth-order fierce beast "Xuanwu Dragon Turtle" fell outside the mountains, which successfully rescued two Mojia Tianjiao girls.

They stared with admiration and admiration at the teenager who entered the mountain after killing the Xuanwu Dragon Turtle!

He walked in the mountains and took a closer look. His steps were swift and his palms were still flapping.

A closer look, he actually patted a basketball run full of mountains! Treat the terrible gravity as nothing!

Such a wonderful and handsome man, except for someone in Lin, who is it?

He smashed all the light attributes of the earth system of Zhenyue Mountain in one net, and left happily!

Five days later; a similar scene appeared in the Windy Grand Canyon!

The gray wind blade erupted in the eye of the meteor wind cave in the canyon is powerful enough to penetrate the primary defense of Yuanzun Realm easily!

But many Tianjiao witnessed it, and there were people singing, jumping and playing basketball in the eyes of Meteor Cave that day.

However, someone Lin, who was in the eye of Meteor Wind Cave, discovered the secret of this hole, even connecting a brand new space channel!

According to Yan Qianyun's calculation, that space channel will lead to a certain area of Lingzhou!

Another three days later.

Finally, a space with a rainbow of light across the sky of the entire flame, that is the light of the space exit!

The space passage of the flame zone appears in an ancient city in the southern region!

All Tianjiao moved closer to the exit and began to step into the space channel, leaving the flame zone one by one.

The passage will only last for five days, and if it is missed, it will be left in the flame.

Unless they are promoted to Yuanzun Realm within the territory of the closed flame, they will be sent away by the rules of Heavenly Dao here.

But after the closure of the torch, there will be countless soul-eating mists.

This kind of spiritual fog has a fatal threat to the spiritual power of the human race. Those with a low spiritual level are extremely prone to get caught in the magic.

For any Tianjiao, staying in the torch is a dead end.

Outside the ancient city of space passage; Lin Chen and his party arrived here.

"Lin Chen, do you really not go with us?"

Han Ziyun reluctantly said, Lin Chen shrugged and smiled-"Well, there are important things to do when I stay here. Once I get it done, I will leave as soon as possible."

During this time, Lin Chen killed four heads and six ranks of beasts, and threw all their beast cores to the ancient green dragon to swallow and absorb.

In addition, he also harvested 13 torch seeds, plus the one he left with Leng Yueqi's previous one, a total of 19!

There is Yan Qianyun, an ancient mathematician, who has done his best, and then cooperated with Lin Chens own "Purple Gold Pupil".

The remaining torch seeds in the detectable area of the torch are almost completely wiped out by the two!

As for the youth in purple clothes, Lin Chen never met him again as if the world had evaporated.

"Squad leader, be careful."-Han Yizhi said slightly worried.

There are too many secrets in the Holy Fire Realm, and there are too many amazing ancient arrogances in the past.

They either broke through the Yuanzun Realm within a limited time, or never came out again.

In addition, after Lin Chen killed Murong's longevity, the "Xuan Mo Tu Lu" he left unexpectedly took the initiative to choose Han Yizhi, who had a virtual spirit constitution.

After Yan Qianyun determined that the object would not be harmless to Han Yizhi, Lin Chen formally handed it over to Han Yizhi.

I believe in the near future, perhaps the latter will be better than Murong Changsheng!

"Take care of him."-Leng Yueqi stared at Yan Qianyun seriously.

The latter smiled and nodded slightly.

After watching three people enter the space channel, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun left the ancient city.

"The next plan?"-Yan Qianyun plucked a strand of green silk and asked Lin Chen.

"First find a place to retreat. I want to absorb the seeds of the torch and see if I can break through the Yuanzun Realm!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was a strong expectation!

If he can step into Yuanzun Realm, his combat power will change dramatically!

Both of them are the spiritual power of the state of law. If you stay in the torch, there is no problem in the short term.

Once there is any problem, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun will evacuate to the successive space passages in the wind eye in the Yinfeng Grand Canyon.

In just three days, almost all Tianjiao evacuated from the flame.

When the flame is closed, all the flame seeds will be hidden in dust, and will not be born again until the next time the flame is opened!

With the calculation of Yan Qianyun, Lin Chen found two places similar to the Tiangang Jinlei area, that is, the former Yinfeng Grand Canyon and Zhenyue Mountain Range.

From these two dangerous places, Lin Chen harvested 10 attribute light balls!

These 10 attribute light spheres seem to be very few, but each one has extremely high quality, or 1 point of intermediate wind energy and earth energy!

Lin Chen now has 13 energy points for the intermediate soil system and 14 energy points for the intermediate wind system.

He has a total of four wind disasters, thunder disasters, earth disasters, golden disasters, and the four heavenly disasters! The fighting power has soared by more than one grade!


Void plane, inside a sun altar.

The beautiful lady nodded and stood, this is a beautiful person, above the jade standing altar, just like the pure and flawless green lotus blooming.

The space is slightly rippling, as if some Xeon existence arrived in this world!

"Qingxuan, you said you are going to the conference site?"

In the void, there were a few eyes fixed on Ziyiren'er, and there was a doubtful question from the old man.

Ziyiren's expression was dull and nodded slightly.

After half a ring, there was an old hoarse voice again in the void.

"Well, you can go if you want to go. But, Qingxuan, you remember, you are the luckiest woman in the entire Lingzhou, and you may get the favor of God and become the supreme concubine of the gods. I hope you know what you have done. Do what you mean, dont do extra things."

These words made the beautiful body's delicate body tremble slightly, and a complex emotion was revealed in the rare eyes of Mei Ruocanxing.

"Qing Xuan knows, Elder Xie reminds."

The absolutely beautiful person responded indifferently, slowly retreated, and the entire altar of the sun regained the eternal silence again.

The only change is a teardrop that will disappear on the sun altar steps.