My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 373

Chapter 373: Years And Years.

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Chapter 373, Years and Years.

"The more Blue-level top-level combat skills collected, the higher the chance of appearing Blue-level combat skills!"

In a secluded valley, Lin Chen, who had learned about the fusion function again, turned off the system.

"Save it again, and later integrate more than a dozen or more than 20 blue-tier top-level combat skills in one breath! Maybe I will be able to merge purple-tier combat skills!"

The purple scale, this legendary grade, is the lifelong pursuit of countless Yuanzun realm!

"Start absorbing the seeds of the flame!"

Lin Chen glanced at Yan Qianyun, who was sitting not far away. At this time, she was also absorbing the seeds of the flame.

Yan Qianyun's cultivation practice is in the mid-quasi-respect period. She wouldn't have touched the seeds of the holy fire originally, but Lin Chen can get rid of the will in it, which is another matter.

In the territory of the torch that is about to close, this place is perfect for two people to retreat.

"Try to rush to Yuanzun Realm!"

Lin Chen placed two torch seeds in front of him, grabbed one and smelted it into his body!

Time lapsed to the day when the torch was closed.


The violent spatial fluctuations spread throughout the flame zone, and the spatial passage completely disappeared!

The whole torch flame began to blow up the misty bite of mist!

The lilac phantom mist spreads throughout the torch in just one day, everywhere!

When the phantom-smoke fog lifts up, everything is lamented, as if all the creatures in the flame are falling asleep.

The spiritual realm does not turn into the middle of the spiritual realm, and it is impossible to persist in these phantom fog for a day, and it is very likely that it will get caught in the magic on that day!

Moreover, even if you have the spiritual power in the middle of the spiritual realm, you just insist on more than a month and a half.

This psychic fog will become stronger with the passage of time!

In the end, no matter it is the later stage of the spiritual realm, it is perfect. Or in the early, middle or even later phases of the legal phase, it is impossible to stay sane here! Everything is just a matter of time!

In the silence of the torch, time passes quietly, except for the denser mist, there is no change.

Lin Chen absorbed the third torch seed and spent 10 days.

The fourth is 15 days, the fifth is 25 days, the sixth is 35 days, and the seventh is 50 days!

It took 70 days for the eighth and 110 days for the ninth!

A full 315 days! Counting the time when Lin Chen entered the flame zone, a full year has passed!

In this year, Lingzhou is surging, and the heroes are brilliant!

The most popular is Tiange Academy!

In this year, Tiange Academy has seen Zixun geniuses one after another.

And the legend about Lin Chen has never stopped!

Some people said that he was the reincarnation of the war emperor, and some people said that he was a young man in disguise of an old monster who entered the torch and killed all sides.

Some of the rats were young and even pretended to be Lin Chens name, swindled and deceived in Lingzhou.

In any case, it is a fact that Lin Chen killed the arrogance of many ancient families.

Although there are clear rules between the ancient families, each battle and private enemies taking place within the torch can not be involved in the level of the ancient families.

However, the Murong family who lost one of the four heavenly kings would not be willing to give up, and repeatedly made trouble for Leng Jia!

Because Lin Chen was the representative of the Leng family, he was able to enter the territory of the torch, which also had a direct relationship with the Leng family.

The three ancient families of the Ning family, the blood family, and the Bai family are also secretly connected with the Murong family, making various difficulties difficult to cool down the family.

Although the Tiange Academy stood in a row in time, this year, the undercurrent surge on both sides has become more intense!

But the most critical party, Lin Chen has not appeared!

Lingzhou; Sun Temple.

A cold ice dragon dragon pan lying temple high above the sky, vomiting the frozen ice breath of frozen snow!

In addition, there are two dragons and fire unicorns, stepping on the fire and roaring, releasing a domineering atmosphere that is domineering and wild!

Many disciples of the Sun Temple were overwhelmed by the breath of the third-order sixth-order beast!

In the temple, a handsome young man stood proudly in the temple after his hands were worn.

His eyebrows have an innate dignity between them, causing some female disciples in the Sun Temple to continue to wink.

In the eyes of the handsome and dignified young man, only the gentle and graceful woman at the head of the palace.

"Tianqi Shengzi, I'm sorry, Manqing is already famous. If you are other girls in my temple, you can choose."

The two old ladies in the temple said helplessly.

"No, on the Liyang Lake side, I fell in love with Miss Yun Manqing at first sight and asked the elders to complete. In addition, I wonder if Miss Yun Manqing's partner could have been worthy of her?"

During the day, Qi's mouth raised a nearly self-confident smile, and at the same time, the sharp meaning in his eyes flashed!

His generation of sons personally raised their relatives, but if they were rejected, it would be a bad face!

People in the Sun Temple cannot fail to understand this truth.

Although their background is among the best in the first-class forces, they can't provoke the sons of the ancient family who have been famous for a long time!


The elders were cold and sweaty. Isn't Yun Manqing's partner the same Lin Chen? How could he be comparable to the legendary Tianqi Son!

There are more than one trillion people in Lingzhou, and there are more than 10 million people named Lin Chen.

Lin Chen, a year and a half ago, was only a small heavenly environment. Even if he went against the sky, he would not be able to compare the Son!

Therefore, in the last year, Lin Lin, which has been spreading in Lingzhou, they think that these two Lin Chen cannot be the same person at all!

"No, my partner is better than anyone."

At this time, Yun Manqing stepped forward, as if thinking of him, smiling with a smile.

"Because, his name is Lin Chen."

Hearing this name, the eyes of Qi Qi burst into a terrible and deep murderous opportunity during the day!

"Your partner is Lin Chen?"


Holy flame, in the secluded valley.

When Lin Chen refined the eighth torch seed, Yan Qianyun had already absorbed the torch seed!

She has absorbed a total of four torch seeds, and her talent is against the sky!

She measured her limit, refining and refining the five flame seeds is her limit, but she can no longer absorb it for the time being.

Because of refining a torch seed, she will be promoted to Yuanzun Realm on the spot, and will be forced to leave.

As she waited beside Lin Chen, she was more shocked!

"Lin Chen actually absorbed nine flame seeds. My God, this is not in the history of Lingzhou? Is it true that people who dare to contend with the descendants of God really have the qualification to make my Yan family bet on the future!"

Yan Qianyun's face was overjoyed, and then she looked dignified.

"However, it's been almost a year in the past, and the spirit-eaten mist here can already make the Spiritual Realm complete and fall into the magic. We can't spend much time."

As soon as the words fell, a purely overbearing fighting rushed to Jiuxiao!

"Rely! Actually it was almost, I almost stepped into Yuanzun realm!"

Someone Lin's cursed voice echoed the whole valley. His breath was more than several times stronger than a year ago!

The moment he stepped out of the cliff slowly, there were nine pale white marks on his eyebrows.

The nine sacred marks are outlined in a kaleidoscope shape, and after a slight flash, they disappear.