My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 374

Chapter 374: Reenter The Hundred Tombs

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Chapter 374: Reenter the Hundred Tombs!

At this time, Lin Chen's Dan Tian; Jiu Se battle spirit disappeared completely.

Instead, it is a nine-color Yuan Mansion with vast energy. There are mountains and rivers inside the Yuan Mansion, as if it were a small world!

After 10 and a half months of retreat, Lin Chen's cultivation practice was promoted from the mid-ninth level of Tiangang Realm to the pinnacle of quasi-respect!

Lin Chendans Fighting Qi Yuanfu in the field has already constructed four-fifths.

The prototype of Yuan Qi's fighting spirit is very complete, and he entered Yuan Zun Realm just one step away!

Although there are still torch seeds in hand, refining and cultivating nine torch seeds is already Lin Chen's limit.

If you absorb another one, Lin Chen has a hunch that her body has a 90% possibility that it will be unbearable!

In addition, there is a small green dragon lying in the nine-color Yuan Mansion, which is Lin Chen's ancient green dragon!

Previously Lin Chen killed four heads and six ranks of fierce beasts, his flesh and fierce beast core were swallowed by the ancient green dragon.

This year's thick hair and thin hair, coupled with Lin Chen's assistance in refining the energy of the fierce beast core, the ancient green dragon's dragon pulse is like a bamboo breakthrough to 1,000!

Finally, stopping at 1,250 dragon veins, the pure power reaches 12,500 dragon power! The fighting power is directly following the mid-term of Yuanzun Realm.

"Forget it, anyway, there is still something to do in the territory of the torch, quasi-zun pinnacle is quasi-zun pinnacle."

Lin Chen comforted himself, Yan Qianyun covered his mouth and chuckled, suspended in front of him.

"Then, Lin Da genius, are we leaving the flame zone now?"

"No, I have another place to go!"

Lin Chen was excited and smiled excitedly!

That place is the Tomb of the Hundred Statues!

At first, he did not have much resistance to the creatures in the Tomb of the 100 Tombs.

Now that his strength has changed dramatically, he has to go to that tomb to find out!


Nether sea; twenty thousand feet under the sea!

The huge tomb across the entire sea floor appeared in front of the two!

Lin Chen found the location of the original stone gate. Although the stone gate was closed at this time, the crack still existed.

Inside the crack, there is a thin film to isolate the sea water from flowing into the stone gate.

"Give me!"

Six heavy dark dragons slammed out of the palm, Lin Chen shattered the stone gate.

Inside the stone gate, there is still a channel full of rancid acid!

"It seems to be the remains of an ancient creature. Because the vitality is not completely extinct, some organs and parts of the body are kept alive."

When Yan Qianyun was surprised, she followed Lin Chen into the passage.

This time, there is no obstruction. The stone gate was broken, but the whole tomb house did not respond.

After a few flashes, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun arrived at the previous area.

The lava-like faint world, surrounded by hot blood, dozens of thick jade pillars, perched on flesh and blood fluttering.

Yan Qianyun frowned, and no girl would like this kind of place. Why did Lin Chen come here specially?

The qi and blood inside it condensed together, binding a mass of blood cells, except for the two that Lin Chen took last time, there were seven left!

Seven meat balls, all condensing a high-quality light ball of qi and blood attributes!

Lin Chen waved a few hand knives in the palm of his hand with lightning, and the invincible Geng Jin Qi Man swept through like a snow flake, cutting off all the blood cells!

The meat ball bursts and rolls down seven attribute light balls.

Lin Chen took away those attribute light **** like lightning, and the system light screen popped up.

[The host gains 2000 points of intermediate qi and blood energy, 50 points of heavenly energy, 2500 points of intermediate qi and blood energy,]

Massive energy of qi and blood began to pour into Lin Chen's body, he was not afraid of it, he took it all into his body!

At the beginning, a light sphere of qi and blood attribute here almost broke the limit of Lin Chen's absorption of qi and blood.

Now after being tempered by nine holy flame seeds, not to mention seven attribute light balls, even if seventy are included together, Lin Chen can be refined without pressure!

His pure power has climbed from 7200 dragon power to 8000 and 9000!

Roar ~~!

The roar shook the whole seabed, and the creatures in the Tomb of the 100 Tombs seemed to have suffered a great deal of pain and woke up from a deep sleep!

Lin Chen's area began to burst a lot of acid and blood!

The two immediately urged the defense of the fighting spirit, blocking a large amount of hot blood.

The two behemoths began to drill out of the blood flowing down the ground, it is the two sky red pythons!

"Oh? The two ends are comparable to the sky-red pythons of Yuan Zunjing's first stage."

Yan Qianyun's expression was slightly dignified, but Lin Chen waved her hand, indicating that she did not need to shoot.


A terrible breath came like a flood and was released from Lin Chen's body, shaking the infinite blood waves around him!

His power has exceeded 10,000 dragon power, and he has officially entered the realm of Zun level exercise!

After stepping into 10,000 Dragon Power, pure power is still climbing!

Two celestial red pythons screamed violently, Lin Chen released the ancient green dragon one by one, and slayed a celestial red python!

Lin Chenfeng robbed the battle body to urge, Pluto step!

Brush ~~!

The figure torn the void, Lin Chen swept to the top of Tian Chi Python!

There is no need to urge even the Rune of Charging, Lin Chen's dark dragon palm of the Sevenfold Dark Dragon King slammed on the head of Tian Chi Python!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The first day of the red python burst on the spot! On the second day, the red python was entangled and locked by the ancient green dragon. Lin Chen killed him with two strokes!

The ancient green dragon spread its teeth and claws, swallowed the ferocious beasts of the two sky-red pythons, and did not let go of the flesh and blood!

"It seems to be collapsing here!"

Yan Qianyun frowned.

"Wait a minute, I'll go back as soon as I go!"

Lin Chen left a word, the fighting spirit enveloped the whole body, and plunged into the pool of blood that Tian Red Python appeared just now!

He could vaguely see that under the blood pool, there was a ray of cyan attribute light ball!

Yan Qianyun stopped at the same place, her hands fluttered, and her two immortal jade hands condensed, reaching a height of 100 feet, supporting the ever-tightening blood wall around him.

The blood pool is extremely hot and hot, hotter than the lava in the earth's core.

Even though Lin Chen's body was covered with fighting defense, his forehead was still sweating a lot!

"It's getting closer!"

Lin Chen saw the light of the cyan attribute light sphere glow more and more in the bottom of the blood pool!

The thunder light appeared all over, and Lin Chen, who urged Thunder Tribulation's combat body, soared several speeds, and the two flashes rushed into the bottom of the vast blood pool!

In Lin Chen's eyes, a slap-shaped fragment of crystal nuclei, dark red!

In addition, directly above the crystal nucleus fragments, is a cyan treasure chest, decorated with beautiful crystal jade throughout!

Lin Chen saw this treasure chest for the first time!

"This crystal nucleus fragment is part of the high-level beast core!"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and took away the dark red crystal core fragments.

Then, when his palm touched the blue crystal treasure chest, the system's light screen popped up!

[The host opens the blue crystal treasure chest and gains a passive talent: reinforced iron bones. 100 talent points,

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, and he had a new talent so soon!