My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 375

Chapter 375: 1. Leave The Flame

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Chapter 375: Leaving the Holy Flame Realm!

[Passive talent: reinforced iron bones. It can increase the defense power of the host's flesh shell by 0% to 30%. It can be strengthened with talent points. The talent strengthening will increase with the progress of the strengthening, and the required talent points will also increase, up to 30%.

This new talent makes Lin Chen shine!

In many battles in the past, Lin Chen recovered his wounds many times faster than ordinary Tianjiao.

Among them, in addition to the mysterious skill of True Water Guiyuan Jue, to a large extent, it is because his meat shell strength is stronger than most Tianjiao!

Defensive means are important, but when encountering a strong enemy, if the defensive treasure or defensive skills are attacked by the opponent, you will be threatened with lethality!

Like Lin Chen, even if the defense is broken, there is a certain resistance and recovery ability.

If matched with the talent of "reinforced iron bone", it is even more powerful!

"This trip is really worth it! It's time to withdraw!"

Lin Chen suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, since the goal is at hand, he does not need to keep it!

When the Purple Phoenix wings were stretched, the moment Lin Dao Lei urged, Lin Chen's whole body flashed like a thousand Dao Ying!

"Thousand Shadow Thunder!"

Even the residual image has not been left, Lin Chen's figure seems to jump into space!

Almost a breath, he rushed out of the blood pool!

Regardless of the peristaltic and compressed meat walls around him, Lin Chen swallowed the ancient green dragon that had just swallowed two sky red pythons into his body.

Afterwards, he grabbed Yan Qianyun and swooped out of the exit channel!

Thousand Shadow Thunder instantly matched with the speed of the Purple Phoenix Wing. As soon as the light and shadow moved, within a few flashes, the residual image was too late to emerge and left the tomb!


Numerous blood and water burst out of the tomb, scattered in the seabed, and the breath shrank more and more.

At this time, the ancient Qinglong was refining the two ferocious nuclei and the flesh and blood of the sky-red python.

However, the ancient green dragon who advanced to Tier 6 has devoured the blood and flesh of the Tier 6 beast and the core of the beast no longer has the abnormal growth rate.

Lin Chen threw the fierce beast nuclear fragment to the ancient green dragon. The energy contained in the fragment caused the ancient green dragon to fall into a state of deep sleep and practice.

"This fierce beast nuclear fragment, the grade is quite extraordinary, maybe a sixth-order peak fierce beast core when it is complete."

Lin Chen was shocked secretly.

"What did you do? It seems that its last ray of vitality has also begun to disappear, and it is going to perdition."

In the deep sea, Yan Qianyun was curious about the voice.

"I took its fierce beast nuclear fragments, maybe because of this."

Lin Chen's heart burst into relief, and not long afterwards, the Baizun Tomb Mansion may no longer exist.

"Senior Jin Xiahua, your enemies are completely dead, and I, Lin, have lived up to your heritage."

Lin Chen made a silent voice for the unknown predecessor in his heart, and then left the sea.


Lingzhou, a giant city with a population of one billion people.

"You bully too much! Juling City is the territory that our Han family has inherited from all generations. How could you Bai family take over!"

In the main palace of Juling City, the arrogant attitude of the four people in the hall made a group of elders of the Han family rush to the crown!

"Your Han family is no longer an ancient family. What qualifications do you have to take charge of the rich material area like Juling City! I really thought that I sent one or two younger generations into the torch to survive and thought I turned over?"

The young snowman among the four embraced his chest with both hands, and glanced at the long skirt lady next to him, sneering sarcastically.

The Xueyi youth bears a sword, with a round of red veins and axe-like sword spirit hanging above his head, swallowing the mountains and rivers, with magnificent momentum!

"I don't care what your opinion is. Four days later, our Bai family will send someone to hand over the City of Juling, and your Han family will get out!"

The youths in Xueyi are full of arrogance and sharp tone, and the Han family present dare to speak out!

This person, but the most prosperous Tianjian Shengzi of the Bai family in modern times, Bai Shengfeng!

One sword can move mountains and seas, kill dozens of ancestors, and fear ghosts and gods!

As the Bai family and others walked away, the city's main palace fell into a very depressed atmosphere.


One of the Lengjia territory; Qianyue Valley. Thousands of snow covered the ground like frost, and the intense ice energy surrounds it.

At this time, in a martial arts stadium, all around are reinforced spatial crystal walls!

The Tianjiao of the Ning family and the Tianjiao of the Murong family gathered here, jokingly looking at the opposite Leng family.

In the martial arts stadium, the beautiful and beautiful Lengyan stood proudly, her blood stained her clothes, and it looked beautiful and dire.

At this time, the elders of Leng's house stood in front of the beautiful woman and immediately snorted!

"Enough! You have won, why should you humiliate Miss Yue Qi!"

The other woman in the martial arts field, with an exquisite figure, enchanted cheeks with jealousy, sneered.

"Look clearly, bitch! Do you really think that you can compete with this Holy Lady when you enter the Holy Fire Realm? Hurry away from Qianyue Valley, this is the cultivation secret of our Murong family and Ning family. !"

The Tianjiao men and women of the Leng family heard Leng Yueqi being scolded, and were immediately angry! Stand up one after another!

The people of the Ning family also stood up immediately, and there was a tendency to start fighting at the scene!

"Well, we don't argue with them! They want to occupy Qianyuegu, then let them!"

The elders of the Leng family stopped all the young people with a heavy expression.

Although the elders were not convinced, Leng Yueqi was also injured at this time. If they tried hard, if Leng Yueqi had any accidents, they could not afford it!

Because of the loss of Murong's long-lived Murong family and the two top ten geniuses of the Ning family, they almost broke their skins with Leng family!


Within the territory of the torch, the Windy Grand Canyon.

Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun arrived at the location of the Meteor Cave, and the light of the space channel flashed slightly.

After leaving the Baizun Tomb Mansion, Lin Chen's pure strength reached 13,000 Dragon Power!

"System, I'm going to consume 100 talent points to strengthen the reinforced iron bone talent!"

[The system receives 100 talent points, and the reinforced iron bone talent increases by 1%.

A strange and unique warm current turned Lin Chen's whole body, he could clearly feel that his flesh shell defense became stronger!

The change brought about by this talent enhancement can only be felt by him, and Yan Qianyun next to him cannot find it.

Lin Chen was somewhat distracted. Before entering the Holy Fire Realm, he faced Yuanzun Realm only to escape.

Before the 4.0 version of the system was updated, Lin Chen's ultimate combat power was equivalent to the mid- to late-stage of Yuanzun Realm.

After the 4.0 version is updated, by virtue of the 4th level rune, Lin Chen can fight the triple early or middle battle, but the combat power is limited by the attribute value of the rune energy.

The current quasi-respect peak cultivation base is that Lin Chen does not need to rely on the characteristic rune, and can rely on several types of sky-tribulation warfare body and pure power to match the triple of Yuan Zun realm!

At this time, Yan Qianyun said.

"I don't know where this space channel will lead to Lingzhou, maybe it will be sent to the fierce beast's lair."

Yan Qianyun glanced at Lin Chen, and he smiled lightly.

"It doesn't matter, since a large amount of meteor winds are transmitted to the torch fire, so the opposite side may also be the gathering place of meteor wind energy."

The two smiled at each other, urged defensive combat skills, and jumped into the space channel.

The space moves, the fight changes from star to star, and the two disappear into the space channel.

The moment before Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun disappeared, what they didn't find was that two red awns flashed suddenly in the territory of the holy fire, which was filled with psychic fog.

It was like, a pair of eyes, watching the two leave. Subsequently, the Red Mansions disappeared, and the territory of the torch returned to the state of ignorance, as if nothing had appeared.