My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 376

Chapter 376: Son Of Heavenly Sword Get Out And Die

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Chapter 376, Heavenly Sword Saint Child, Get Out and Die!

Three days later

The Jiulong Mountain Range is located thousands of miles away from Juling City.

In the mountains, two young figures flew out, it was Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun.

"I can't imagine that I can harvest two wind attribute lightballs. Hey, this wave is not a loss." - Lin Chen looked at his mid-level wind energy with satisfaction.

"In tens of thousands of miles away, the atmosphere is strong, and it should be a large-scale town. Let's go over and find out where this is Lingzhou."

Yan Qianyun withdrew his eyes and smiled.


In the afternoon, Julian City and Yunxian Pavilion.

"I heard that this is the territory of the Han family, Juling City, and there is a considerable distance from the Tiange Academy."

In Yunxian Pavilion, Yan Qianyun was lightly veiled, and she smiled at Lin Chen beside her.

"Hey, beauty, you're not right. This is the territory of our Bai family starting today!"

At this time, the three middle-aged men came over and laughed jokingly, sitting opposite Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun.

All three are strong players in the seven-layer Tiangang Realm, with the Bai family logo engraved on their chests.

Seeing these three people, everyone in the restaurant was silent, not daring to say a word, even the shopkeeper of Yunxian Pavilion.

"Chick, why are you covering your face, revealing it to let us look at Tiger Master!"

"Nizi, why bother with this kind of kid, and follow me to Tiger Master, in the south area of Juling City in the future, make sure you eat spicy and spicy!"

Bai Yinhu with two scarred faces smiled, his eyes falling on the curvy jade legs of the lady.

Even if the slender jade leg curve is covered by a piece of clothing, there is still an indescribable beauty, and Bai Yinhu shows a trace of greedy lust.

Lin Chen stayed still, drinking wine alone, making a wink.

Yan Qianyun understood and said with a chuckle.

"Oh? Are you from the Bai family? Why are you here?"

"The girl doesn't know yet. This is already the site of our Bai family. This **** Han family is not even an ancient family. What qualifications are there to control this giant city."

As soon as this remark came out, many people in the restaurant were glaring.

Since the Han family has been in charge of Juling City for a long time, it has never treated the merchants and people here. Everyone regards the Han family as the leader.

"Our Bai family is the new owner of Juling City!"

The two men behind Bai Yinhu said in unison.

"So, what about the Leng family?"-Yan Qianyun asked curiously.

Bai Yinhu laughed ridiculously-"Lengjia? Hahaha! Our Heavenly Sword Son of Bai family personally sits in Juling City. Those wastes of Lengjia are now estimated to be packed up in the city's main palace, ready to get out!"

After listening, Lin Chen suddenly realized!

He stretched out his hands in front of the three men, slowly making a fist. Bai Yinhu puzzled and frowned.

"what is this?"

"Fist with such a big punch, have you seen it?"

Bang Bang Bang!

As soon as the words fell, the three were struck by lightning, blood was splattered on the spot, Lin Chen was blown by a punch, and their teeth broke!

Many strong men in the restaurant looked at Lin Chen with some surprise and surprise!

What a sacred this boy is, he flew three heavens and seven layers in one move, and he was still fighting against the Bai family!

Lin Chen was awe-inspiring, and three dragons shot with great strength, shattering the three Dantians! Many powerhouses were dumbfounded!

He dare to abolish the Bai family? Doesnt he know the current trend of Juling City?

That's the man of the ancient family who can only bow his head even with first-class forces!

Yan Qianyun was not surprised, smiled and smiled-"Next?"

"Of course it was the sword holy son who broke the hammer that day, and I, Lin Chen, did things.

Clapped his hands, Lin Chen's eyes crossed the coldness!

It seems that during his year of retreat, Lingzhou can be described as an undercurrent surge!

The figure of the two died in a flash, disappeared in place, leaving only the spiritual crystal to pay.

All the strong men present were stunned! The expression is dull and shocked!

"Me, am I right? He just said, Hammering Heavenly Sword Son?"

"Lin Chen? Lin Chen! He is the Lin Chen who killed the four kings in seconds!"

"He finally appeared! Lingzhou is going to be lively now, and there is a lot of peerless arrogance that Lin Chen has destroyed!"


In the main palace of the city, the last batch of people from the Leng family has gathered in the lobby, and Han Ziyun is among them.

In the lobby, two white-browed old men were sitting next to Tianjian Shengzi.

He tasted tea leisurely, and many elders of the Han family cast a dreadful eye on it!

The cultivation behavior of the two white-browed old men is the triple peak of Yuanzun Realm! The elders in the Bai family are extremely powerful!

The two of them and the Heavenly Sword Saint Son personally arrived in Juling City. The Bai family's attitude was very determined. It was with a strong repression mentality to win the Juling City!

Han Ziyun Hao gritted his teeth, originally thinking that the Han family finally had the hope of rising, but did not expect the situation to become more severe!

Losing the heritage and advantages of Juling City is equivalent to lack of arms and legs for the Han family.

Just as everyone in the Han family was desperate and was about to leave, a thunder screamed through the sky and echoed around the main palace!

"The **** Son of Heavenly Sword, get out and die!"

The shock that shook the clouds caused all the strongmen above the eighth level of the Tiangang Realm in the Giant City to look sideways, and looked at the city's main palace with shocked eyes!

Hearing this voice, the people of the Han family invariably glowed with new life!

Han Ziyun's eyes sparkled, and excitedly said-"It's him! He's back!"

Heavenly Sword Saint Child looked gloomy like water, waved his sleeves, turned a sword spirit, and disappeared in place.

Thousands of feet above the city's main palace; a young figure in a silver robe attracted the attention of the powerful around.

Where is this madman from the end, is eating the bear heart leopard gall? How dare you call the Heavenly Sword Son of Bai Family

"Where is the garbage, find death!"

A sword of light flashed through the sky, shooting Lin Chen, revealing his murderous intention!

Jianguang pointed at Mangru as a rainbow shattered the sky, and the radius of the city was clearly visible!

Jin Chen and Thunder Tribulation urged Lin Lin to catch it!

When the 13000 Dragon Power broke out, the Gengjin Thunder cracked out of thin air and shattered his fingers into nothingness!

"Quan Zun?"

"A quasi-Zun broke the **** of Heavenly Sword Saint Child, how is this possible?"

Many powerful people watching from the air took a breath!

Heavenly Sword Saint Child who flew by was also stunned!

His **** didnt even dare to connect with Yuan Zunjing in the early stage of duality.

The wind of Ziyan trembles, Lin Chen's figure trembles violently!

Twisting and twisting dark lines of fighting lingered around the pure power of destroying the mountains and rivers, and ghostly emerged behind the Heavenly Sword Saint Child, he looked shocked on the spot!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The Heavenly Sword Son became a meteor, swiftly crossed the sky, and fell in the city's main palace. The terrible power lifted the earth's veins, shaking the earth!

Lin Chen clapped his palms, said indifferently.

"Is this kind of strength still able to be a son? Dare to move the Han family? What stinky fish are you, dare to stomping to Juling City!"