My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Stepping On Heavenly Sword Saint Child

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Chapter 377: Stepping on the Heavenly Sword Saint Child!

Heavenly Sword Son is angry!

He has never been so insulted!

Although he is the late stage of Yuan Zunjing's first layer, but in terms of true combat power, Yuan Zunjing's early stage of triple is not necessarily his opponent.

But today, he was shot by a quasi-respect in the eyes of everyone?


The sword came out of Longyin, and a fierce strong wind Jianmang cut through the sky!

The strong wind Jianguang burned the blazing fire, burning the sky, like a violent wind slashing towards Lin Chen!

The five dragon dynasty emperor guns flashed, the thunder robbing body shone brightly, Lin Chen's dragon force exploded, and the guns were dancing at a rapid speed.

clang! clang! clang! Cooperating with the Thunder Tribulation Warfare, Lin Chen has a magic fight against Thunder and flicks all sword lights!



Thunder Dragon screamed through the void, condensed through the void, and Heavenly Sword Saint Child backhanded a red vein like sword energy!

boom! brush! brush! Chimai Jianqi was broken, Tianjian Shengzi's throat was sweet, and hematemesis retreated!

Every time he stepped on it, he shattered the space and the ground, and his eyes were full of incredible!

Is this the pinnacle of quasi-respect? This is more terrible than Yuanzunjing's triple mid-term! He has never seen such a terrible prospect!

Not only the Heavenly Sword Saint Son, but also the numerous Tiangang Realm watching the battle, I felt terrified!

The aftermath of the two players stunned some Baijia's Tiangang realm on the spot.

On the contrary, because the Han family was forced to withdraw, there was no Han family except the last group of people in the lobby.

Lin Chen stepped on the Pluto step and swept the Heavenly Sword Saint Child!

"Stop it! Who are you, dare to do something with my son of the Bai family!"

Two white-browed elders at the triple peak of Yuanzun Realm flashed not far from Lin Chen, and suddenly drank coldly!


When the thunder light appeared, the purple phoenix wings flapped, and the lightning shadow on Lin Chen's body flickered, leaving no residual image!

The two white-browed elders had just reacted. Lin Chen raised the figure of the war gun, which had already appeared behind the Heavenly Sword Saint Child. The latter's expression was frightened!

The second old was shocking and hairy!

What is the abnormal speed?

"Cultivation to the perfect blue-tier top-level body technique?"

"Not good! The Son is going to suffer!"

I have just recovered from my heart, and Lin Chen's Wulong Dynasty Emperor Spear faced the Heavenly Sword Son!

"Are you really a child of the Son who can't be bullied?"

The Heavenly Sword Saint Child suddenly turned his mind, killing with a sword, barely blocking Lin Chens overbearing shot!

A sacred mark on his heart brows with his mind, looming.

"Divine Saint Child, Brother Chen, I haven't played yet! Are you horizontal? I'm more horizontal than you!"

The two men's swords collided, Lin Chen's offensive was rising, the shadow of the gun was heavy, and it was airtight!

On the occasion of the kaleidoscope pattern outlined by the nine sacred marks at the heart of Lin Chen's eyebrows, he shocked the two old men who wanted to be supported!

"Nine, nine marks?"

"This child has absorbed nine torch seeds? How could there be such a ridiculous thing in the world!"

clang! clang! clang! When the two elders were shocked, Lin Chen chased and punched incessantly.

The hallowed Heavenly Sword Saint Child was so suppressed by Lin Chen that he could barely resist it!

In a blink of an eye, dozens of rounds of clashes and collisions, the sword in the hands of Heavenly Sword Saint Child was shot by Lin Chen!

When picking up the flying sword, Lin Chen wandered around, and a whip leg that smashed the crystal wall of the space swept across the waist of Heavenly Sword Saint Child!


The defense of the war was broken, and the Heavenly Sword Saint Child was overturned with one leg, and then Lin Chen slammed his head back, stepping his face on the ground!

The three attribute light **** roll down and merge into Lin Chen's arm.

[The host gains 1 mid-level wind energy, 700 mid-level combat spirit essence, and 1 mid-level skill essence,]

The second old man who just prepared to shoot Lin Chen immediately cast a mouse taboo and stopped in place!

Such a shock to the strength of heaven and earth, the Han family watching on the ground stayed in place!

It's only been over a year since I disappeared! Their Lin En people were so strong that they captured the Heavenly Sword Saint Son in dozens of rounds!

"Wait a minute! Do you want to fight against my Bai family?"

The two white-browed elders sighed and said that the five Yuan Zunjing arranged by the Bai family in Juling City also rushed to the city's main palace and surrounded Lin Chen!

Losing a saint is a very serious loss for any ancient family!

"Go to war? Do you dare to openly seize the territory of the Han family? Isn't that equivalent to going to war? In this case, why don't I just kill one first?"

Lin Chen laughed, he crossed the cold sensation in his eyes!

"No, no! If it is because of this, our Bai family will immediately withdraw from Juling City now, as a sign of sincerity! As long as you do not hurt my son, the Bai family!"

The two white-browed old men said in a hurry, cold sweats on their foreheads.

Where is this young man emerging from the end, how can the strength be so terrifying!

Unexpectedly, Lin Chen kicked Tianqi Shengzi's lower abdomen with one kick, and made him cry and howl.

"Sincerity? What the **** do you think about this place? You are sincere when you quit, what shit?"

Lin Chen sneered.

"Then the Han family and many power makers here are responsible for the spiritual loss, material loss, reputation loss, and who is responsible? Do you think this is an overnight affair, you don't have to be responsible for the pants?"

"If you Bai family don't have an answer today, don't say that this **** son, including the seven Yuanzun realm where you two old things are present, I will not stay in Lin Chen!"

The fierce murderous spirit flashed in Lin Chen's eyes, completely deterring all the strong men present!

A quasi-respect, was so strong that he dared to threaten the seven Yuanzun realm present! This is still the premise of having two triple peak powerhouses!

and many more? He just claimed to be Lin Chen?

"Is it the Lin Chen who killed Murong Longevity?"

"My God! He actually appeared!"

The strongmen who watched from all sides in the city of Juling were exclaimed!

"You are Lin Chen?"

One of the white-browed old man was shocked!

"Little bastard, are you really like my Bai family?"

Another old man with white eyebrows sneered in anger, and his palms of war fought like a dragon to disturb the sea.

If it was Lin Chen, things are not so simple today!

Bai Ming, the first genius of their Bai family, did not come out of the flame.

Many people speculate that it was Lin Chen who killed Bai Ming because only him has this strength.

No matter what the origin of Lin Chen is today, if he was shocked by his quasi-respect, then the Bai family would really lose their face!

As the two sides drew crossbows, the elegant and clear voice flowed like a clear spring.

"Don't cross the boundaries of the Bai family. Although the Han family is not an ancient family, it is after all a member of Lingzhou and has made a tremendous contribution. Is your behavior too aggressive?"

Yan Qianyun's purple and black dress fluttered as if, and Mei Ruoxinghua embellished, appeared between the world.

"Yan family?"

The Yuan Family of Bai Family was shocked!

The Yan family is the most mysterious existence among the ancient families. It is a single biography from generation to generation, and a true ancient fortune teller.

Although they hardly come out on weekdays, once they intervene in anything, all ancient families have to make them three points!

"Is this kid related to the Yan family?"