My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 378

Chapter 378: Nervous And Exciting?

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Chapter 378

"Is this kid related to the Yan family?"

The two elders looked at each other in consternation, Yan Qianyun said coldly again.

"Those of the Bai family, will you succeed, you want to challenge the regulations between the ancient families?"

Although Yan Qianyun's repairs are inconspicuous to everyone, the deterrent force she brings with her words and deeds can be said to be of no importance!

"So what does this Miss Yan family mean?"

The two white-browed old men cautiously clenched their fists.

"According to the request of the Han family, the compensation for the compensation, the apology for the apology."

Although Yan Qianyun's tone is bland, her attitude is very firm!

The second old stared at each other and then clenched his fists"Since Miss Yan has said so..."

In the end, the Bai family compensated the Han family for its many spiritual crystals and a large number of magic weapon.

Among them, Lin Chen lion opened his mouth and asked them to buy two pieces of sixth-level low-level treasures before they were willing to let go of Heavenly Sword.

When the Bai family questioned whether Lin Chen had killed Bai Ming, he disdainly denied it, making the powerful people in the Bai family very puzzled.

Looking at Lin Chen's overbearing behavior, he might even dare to kill Heavenly Sword Son in the face of everyone. Such a character should be disdain to lie because of a Bai Ming.

That Bai Ming, is it another difficult situation?

For the deflation of the Bai family, many powerful players in Ju Ling City are watching! Among them there are many strong people with Yuanzun Realm!

The attitude of Yan Qianyun just now can be seen clearly by everyone!

Today's Han family, in addition to Lin Chen, and the Yan family network, may indeed be able to return to the ancient family miracle!

When the Bai family completely withdrew from the city's main palace, the only remaining Han family shouted Lin Chen's name!

"Han Li, go and recruit Elder Shou, they say we don't need to move out of Juling City! Let everyone return to their familiar position as quickly as possible!"

"Lin En, one of the things our Han family did the right thing is to make friends with you!"

The two elders of the Yuan family, Yuan Zunjing, sincerely sighed and thanked, but Han Ziyun grabbed Lin Chen's arm anxiously.

"Lin Chen, you're going to Leng's house! I heard that Murong and Ning's teamed up and secretly attacked Leng's house a lot! Especially for Sister Leng Yueqi, I heard that even Sister Leng Yueqi's practice secrets have been almost lost recently occupied!"

Han Ziyun's anxious expression changed Lin Chen slightly!

"Dare to bully my teacher Yueqi?"

Seeing Lin Chen's expression, Yan Qianyun couldn't help but have a headache.

After that, how many things have to be done for this guy, Murong and Ning are also involved!

With Lin Chen's bullish temper, he dares to fight even the descendants of God!

A Ning family and Murong family in every district, he was afraid that they would have to turn over this Lingzhou!


One day later, Lengjia's territory, outside Qianyue Valley.

Lin Chen arrived here, and there was a branch of the Lengyue family stationed nearby.

Lin Chen went straight to the space boundary of the branch headquarters, and after showing the Lengjia token he held, it was almost unobstructed and entered the Guyou Pavilion.

Guyou Pavilion, third floor.

Many Lengjia strongmen who withdrew from Qianyuegu gathered here; when the atmosphere in the hall was still heavy, the door was suddenly opened.

"Teacher Yueqi!"

Lin Chen rushed in with a hurry, and Leng Yueqi sitting in the hall was startled.

"Are you finally out of customs?"-Leng Yueqi walked happily to Lin Chen.

Lin grabbed the beautiful woman's arm and quickly urged Zijin Tong to make sure that Leng Yueqi had no life-threatening danger except for some skin injuries and some internal injuries.

Without saying a word, Lin Chen held Leng Yueqi in her arms, and her sister's cold cheeks were stained with a red glow.

"Everyone is still there..."-Leng Yueqi, Xia Fei's cheeks, struggled a little in Lin Chen's arms.

"Teacher Yueqi, you can rest assured that those who bully you, I want them to pay back ten times!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, a fierce light flashed!

"Don't mess up, the situation is very dangerous now. If you show up, they might siege and take you away!"

Leng Yueqi hurriedly persuaded, Lin Chen's mouth outlined a sneer.

"Then they have to have this ability!"

"Miss Leng Yueqi, his temper, don't you not know."

Yan Qianyun who followed behind was somewhat helpless, although Lin Chen has strong potential, but it is also unambiguous to cause trouble!

"Hahaha! This is the little friend Lin Chen, it really is a temperament!"

"This time, our Leng family has three more opportunities to become a son and a virgin because of Lin Chen. This kindness, our Leng family is unforgettable!"

"Friend Lin Chen, you don't have to be in danger!"

"Yeah, be patient for a while!"

Many elders of the Leng family gave Lin Chen a very polite fist.

"Oh, dare to ask this lady, but from Yan family?"

The two experienced elders in Tsing Yi suddenly and solemnly clenched their fists at Yan Qianyun behind Lin Chen and asked respectfully.

"Little girl Yan Qianyun, I have seen all the seniors."

Yan Qianyun Yingying fell back, Fanghua peerless, shocked the people of Lengjia respectfully greeting!

This Lin Chen is too scary, and even the Yan Family's contemporary gold can follow him everywhere. No wonder it is the most recent figure in Lingzhou!

"How can I let those guys go! They still called Sister Yueqi as a bitch, and bullied Sister Yueqi by their own age!"

"That is, if it wasn't for the elders to stop in time, Sister Yue Qi might be killed by the woman alive!"

At this moment, the young girls beside the hall were irritated and muttered.

Afterwards, they were glared back by the elders, and they dared not speak again.

But Lin Chen all listened in his heart, he suddenly smiled slightly.

"All of you present, we will return to Qianyue Valley tonight!"

Everyone stunned! This Qianyuegu is occupied by two big families, how to return?

"Mr. Yueqi, those guys who make you wronged can't run away!"

Lin Chen caressed the beautiful woman's green silk, the fierce light flashed in her eyes!


Qianyue Valley, late at night.

The energy of the ice system in the valley is rich and abundant, and many of them enter the cultivation state.

In a boudoir in Qianyuegu, several shadows flashed by.

The lead person lurked at the door of the boudoir, his palms turned and pulled!

Several shadows suddenly broke into the house, and a terrible atmosphere suddenly appeared in the boudoir!

The headed man in black is one of the best, and a gray rune disappears!

The gray rung burst, the space inside the boudoir instantly solidified and became extremely slow!

The woman in the room finds that Dan Tian Yuan Fu's operation has become even slower, and she looks frightened!

Several men in black rushed in and captured her!

In the beginning, the man in black took out two bottles of "Baby".

On the left hand, there is a bottle filled with twisted eel. On the right hand is a bottle of vibrant Pipi shrimp.

"Dare to bully my teacher Yue Qi, brother Chen, I will let you know what **** is!"

The man in black smirked badly, as if it were a devil's evil smile, and he walked into the room last, slowly closing the door.