My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 379

Chapter 379: Delay To Reward

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Chapter 379

At night; the Ziyun Pavilion in the Qianyue Valley has bright moonlight and heavy clouds. .

The figures of the two young men flew outside a boudoir outside Ziyun Pavilion.

"Sister Yunling? We seem to hear something moving on your side. Did you find anything unusual?"

When one of the young men's fighting spirit was transmitted to the boudoir, he found his fighting spirit was like a mud cow entering the sea, and there was no movement at all!

"Not right!"

The two immediately realized the anomaly. At this time, with a creak, the boudoir slowly opened, and a few men appeared inside.

One, two, five men in total came out of their boudoir!

At this moment, the two suddenly burst into murderous intention!

boom! boom!

An afterimage passed by, and the two of Yuan Zunjing were knocked out on the spot!

This night, the Qianyuegu Civil War broke out! Spread all the two Tianjiao stationed in Qianyue Valley!

The elders of Murong family and Ning family rushed to Qianyuegu immediately after receiving the news.

The next day, noon!

The elders of the Bai family and the Murong family struck aggressively, and found that their own arrogance couldn't find a figure in Qianyue Valley!

"Everyone is concentrated in Qianyue Building!"

"Go! The old man wants to see, who ate the bear heart leopard, and dare to move my Murong family!"

The elders of Yuanzun Realm of the two forces add up to more than a dozen, and one piece rushes into the Qianyue Tower in the center of the valley!

As soon as they entered, they heard the verbal abuse of the teenager!

"Look at you a few of them! The bull-headed horses don't look like good people at first sight. Listen, what's the thing you did last night?"

A striking silver robe, the flamboyant Lin pointed at the five young men and scolded.

"Five people! The five grandfathers came out of their sister's room in front of their brothers and sisters? I yuck! Disgusting! I turned off the lights!"

Lin Chen had just finished scolding, and then it was reflected that the two elders had arrived and smiled and clenched their fists.

"Oh! It turned out to be the elders of the Murong family and the Ning family. Wait a moment, I will teach these five clothes and beasts first."

After talking, Lin Chen waved his hand-"Come here, drag the five of them out and chop!"

"Enough! Lin Chen, let go of my Murong family!"

A yellow robe elder from Murong's family said coldly.

The Murong family and the Ning family have seen Lin Chens portraits and recognized him at a glance.

At this time, all around the hall was bound to the Tianjiao from the Murong family and the Ning family!

Including the yin and yang saints who previously bullied Leng Yueqi's Murong family, Murong Yunling.

And Ning's Flying Dragon Son, Ning Feilong!

The two sons and saints are hanging in the hall like hanging dachshunds!

In addition, there are many arrogances of the two big families, all of which have swollen noses and blue faces, and obviously suffered a fat beat.

All of the Naling Rings on them were cleaned!

"Dare to move my Ning family, I think you are looking for death!"

An elder from the Ning family's Yuanzunjing quadruple early stage was suddenly angry, and the storm in the entire Qianyue Valley suddenly changed!

The atmosphere in the hall became full of gunpowder in no time!

"Everyone, this time you privately occupy the secret realm of Leng Jia's cultivation, would you still want the wicked to complain first?"

Yan Qianyun walked out, the people on both sides were shocked!

"Yan, the Yan family?"

"This Miss Yan family, this little king **** killed Murong's longevity in our Murong family. It is our family's millennium hope. A generation of heavenly wizards, do you want us to let it go?"

Some elders of the Murong clan asked in a somber and conscientious manner.

"The provisions of the ancient aristocrats on the bright side, the grievances in the torch territory are all private grievances, and they cannot be raised to the level of the ancient aristocrats. You are so openly occupying the secret realm of the cold family, are you trying to challenge the rules?"

There was a hint of coldness on the quiet and beautiful cheeks, everyone was surprised!

They were almost stunned by anger, almost forgetting the people in front of them, but from the Yan family of the family of mathematicians!

"What's more, I saw it with my own eyes. It was your Ning family and Murong Changsheng besieging Lin Chen. They were the first thing they started, and their skills are not as good as others. If you are obsessed, we will not mind the Yan family to intervene in this matter."

Yan Qianyun alone can speak for the Yan family! The strong players in the audience fell into a strange silence!

Offending any ancient family, you must not offend Yan family. This is the iron rule of Lingzhou ancient family!

What the ancient mathematicians of Yan family can intervene is the birth and death of a whole family of ancient luck!

If they are angry and fail, they may become Murong's or Bai's family as the second Han family!

"Since even Yan Qianyun of the Yan family has spoken today, then I naturally have nothing to say."

"How are you going to let people go!"

The two parents repressed their anger and snarled and questioned.

Yan Qianyun glanced at Lin Chen, and he shrugged and flexed his fingers, unraveling all the ties of fighting.

Dozens of Tianjiao and two sons and daughters landed one after another, mourning. The eyes that looked at Lin Chen one by one were both frightened and angry!

Among them, especially the Murong family's sage, Murong Yunling, her eyes lost her soul, her hair was chaotic and her face was pale.

"Lin Chen? What did you do to my sacred girl of Murong family!"

The elder of the Murong family shouted angrily.

Lin Chen shrugged-"It's nothing, just to have a long day and night conversation with Miss Yun Ling and talk a lot about the structure of the human body."

"No, don't let me see shrimp! I hate yellow eel!"

Suddenly, Murong Yunling screamed furiously, urging the fighting like crazy, and ran out. The Murong family quickly followed!

That Flying Dragon Son, Ning Feilong also showed a look of fear.

He couldn't care about his Naling Ring being taken away by Lin Chen, and was evacuated from the hall in horror!

The elders of Ning's family were stunned. Why did the two sons and daughters seem to have changed their personalities?

"What did you do to her last night?"

Leng Yueqi asked secretly, Lin Chen smiled happily-"Nothing, just let them five bind her big flowers, and then let her leave the psychological shadow of a lifetime."

For a woman like Murong Yunling, Lin Chen didn't even bother to deal with her men and women, but he really let the other person leave a permanent psychological shadow!

"Isn't it, a little too much."-Leng Yueqi frowned, Lin Chen turned around and looked at her very seriously.

"If you really have an accident, I will go too far. I will let her survive, not death! So, if you don't want me to become a demon, you have to know how to protect yourself, you know."

The cold and enchanting cheeks were stained with a faint red glow, and Leng Yueqi gently um.

Yan Qianyun, who was on the side, twirled her eyes and stared into the distance.

Lin Chen resumed his previous cynicism and waved his hand!

"Come here, drag the five beasts of beasts down and chop!"

"Uh, little friend Lin Chen, both of them are gone..."

"Oh, go away. Sorry, it's a bit into the drama, come here! It's dragged down and rewarded!"