My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 38

Chapter 38: New Feature Runes

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Chapter 38, New Character Rune!

He heard Lin Chen's tone of blame; Bai Ruoyan was shameless and quickly shy away.

Attentively, Lin Chen once again controlled the rune energy to condense in the palm. The toxin in the body seemed to be attracted by Lin Chens rune energy, and slowly moved along with Lin Chens palm position.

For a moment, Lin Chen had been sweating, but he was absorbed in concentration, and seemed to have caught the opportunity.

"Come out for me!"

Lin Chen pressed the palm of his hand, and then suddenly lifted his hand to pull away. A plume of blue mist twisted the tadpole-shaped fusi, deprived of him by Lin Chen, and then twisted into a blue attribute light ball. Inhale into your palm!

[Host gains characteristic rune: Corrupt rune level 1.

[Corrupt Rune: It has the effect of corroding the vitality, cultivation, and spirit of the attack target. Used alone, it has weak power. If it is added to the hosts attack, it can make the hosts attack have a corrosive effect and stronger power.

At the moment when the tadpole-like dark blue rune was drawn out, Lin Chen immediately popped up the system light screen; he waved his fists ecstatically and laughed: "Successful, successful! It turned out to be true, a new feature. Text!"

Brand new feature runes, corrupt runes! There are two characteristics of the rune in hand, Lin Chen is sure, even if he is facing the strong man in the early stage of the evil, he does not need to be afraid!

The moment the toxins deprived him of his body, Bai Ruoyan, who was paralyzed in bed, was numb and trembling.

Although her practice is unpredictable, but the toxin spread throughout the body of combat, she can not run a trace of combat, otherwise it will only condense the toxin more intensely.

After the weakness, the warm blood and blood flow followed, and Bai Ruoyan clearly felt that his toxins had indeed decreased!

"Really successful!"

Bai Ruoyan turned excitedly to look at Lin Chen, and it happened that someone Lin was also ecstatic to get the new characteristic rune, and the black cloth that blocked his eyes fell on the bed.

In the dim space, the two people face each other, Lin Chen through the dim light, the white and beautiful clavicle showed a perfect curve, and the snowy mountains were perfectly presented in front of his eyes...

In an instant, the atmosphere becomes extremely ambiguous and enchanting...


Bai Ruoyan immediately covered, Xia Fei's cheeks, staring fiercely at Lin Chen.

"It's none of my business. You turned around yourself. My black cloth was just unfastened."

Lin Chen was cheeky and shrugged. While picking up the black cloth, he glanced at it and sighed in a low voice, "It's a good figure."

"You, you prodigal prodigal son!"

Bai Ruoyan became angry and angered, his hands raised, and the vast battle as if running in the depths, wanting to take pictures, Lin Chen quickly retreated.

"Hey, hello, what do you want to do, if you kill me, you will break the contract. Besides, no one will treat you except me! If you feel that you are suffering, then I will show you the head office. Right."

This Bai Ruoyan's cultivation practice could not even pry out Lin Chen, let her give him a slap, she had to become a puree.

Bai Ruoyan took a sip, "Who wants to see you, cover your eyes."

Subsequently, Bai Ruoyan turned around and threatened with evil intentions.

"If you still dare to make fun of things or act like that, I will hold you back even if I die."

Lin Chen laughed inwardly, just now I used Zijin pupil to see everything, and I was afraid that you would not succeed; you might make money, but someone in Lin will never lose money!

"Hey, if the Lord of the City of Cigarettes is at ease, it would be hard for me, a gentleman like me, to hold a lantern, and I will never do anything rude."

Lin Chen sat back again and smiled.

Next, Lin Chen imitated the method just now, relying on his own rune energy to extract the toxins in Bai Ruoyan's body a little bit, and turned him into a'corrupt rune'.

You can increase your strength and take advantage of it. Where can you find such things?

In the follow-up process of corroding the runes, Lin Chen deliberately put a little more effort on it. He felt that Bai Ruoyan was soft all over, and Lin Chen justified that he needed treatment.

Finally, one night passed; Lin Chen finally reached the limit of extraction.

He took away a quarter of Bai Ruoyan's total toxins. If he took it again, he would exceed his tolerance limit.

At that time, the toxin will no longer be saved as an attribute light ball in Lin Chens system, but will be transferred to Lin Chen itself. With his current cultivation practice and small body, I am afraid that as long as it is dyed a little, it will be enough for him to live. It's better to die.

But for at least a few decades, Bai Ruoyan can run a portion of his cultivation practice, and he does not need to worry about the pain caused by toxins. With his cultivation practice, he can suppress a large portion.

"Hoo, I'm exhausted!"

Lin Chen fell directly on the bed, panting, taking up the cheapness of the night, but he was exhausted.

Bai Ruoyan bundled his long hair, and rose from the sky, a terrible power was revealed in his body, and the space was distorted!

This momentum has far surpassed any powerful person in Lin Chen's sense!

This is proved by the fact that there is no attribute light sphere from Bai Ruoyan.

With Lin Chens current cultivation practice, even a master of the terrible realm can find one or two missing attribute spheres around the opponent, but Bai Ruoyan does not have one beside him. This is only one possibility, that is, the opponents cultivation practice Too powerful.

"Hey, congratulations to Miss Bai Ruoyan."

Lin Chen was about to sit up, and the lady's white and delicate jade feet immediately stepped on his chest, holding him on the bed, laughing and yelling.

"Little guy, you were so touched last night, right?"

Having the feeling of cultivation again, it seemed that Bai Ruoyan had turned back to the fairy above, and immediately troubled Lin Chen.

Lin Chen, who was suppressed to be immobile, simply didn't bother to resist, he admired the rounded and slender white jade legs unscrupulously, even blowing a whistle, indifferent laugh.

"Toxins have only been eliminated by a quarter. If you kill me, no one will expel poison for you afterwards. Miss Bai Ruoyan, it's not worth it."

"But these decades have been enough time for me to look for someone to get rid of the poison for me, right? I might not be sure to die."

"Then others may not be as serious as I am to dispel poison for you, don't you? If you add some condiments to you or give you away at a critical moment, then you can lose money."

The two men's tongue, sword and lip guns confront each other, Lin Chen does not fall down, and his calm and calm spirit is even looking at Bai Ruoyan.

"Oh, it's just scaring you, how can I really kill you, my sister. How am I to be a betrayal?"

Bai Ruoyan was like a fairy in the cloud, and fluttered up. What Lin Chen didn't notice was that on her cheek, there was still a faint blush, like the afterglow in the sunset.