My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 380

Chapter 380: Sister Sister Why Is His Hat Green?

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Chapter 380: Sister Sister~ How is his hat green?

Late at night, in the Qianyue Valley, above a mountain, Lin Chen sat cross-legged.

In this capture, two saints and saints were obtained, and Lin Chen received a lot of attribute light **** and a lot of treasures and exercises!

Among them, he found a combat skill that interested him.

"Blue-level top combat skill "Shadow Wind Devil Legs", the ultimate attack speed, the ultimate attack, the wind-based warrior is the best practice, if the body speed is strong, the refining high-strength person, this move is even more powerful."

This combat skill can be attacked from a distance or a near attack, and can rely on body skills and body training bonus, very suitable for himself.

Dark Dragon Palms attack mode is very monotonous and can only be used in close combat. If an opponent with a secret technique similar to his own Purple Gold Pupil class sees it, the effect will be greatly reduced!

"System, I'm going to practice this volume of magic shadow magic legs!"

[The system receives that it consumes 3 points of intermediate-level exercises, and is inheriting "Shadow Wind Devil Legs" for the host.

This inheritance of combat skills was extremely fast because of the updated version of the system and Lin Chens mental strength, and was completed in less than two hours.

After inheriting "Shadow Wind Demon Legs", Lin Chen continued to choose the fusion treasure!

"System, I want to merge all the treasures!"

[The host holds a total of 87 fifth-level treasures, of which 19 are fifth-level top-level items, and 6 are sixth-level low-level items. All fusion will consume 1300 points of heavenly value, and the resulting treasures are completely random. Determine fusion?


Although there are many treasures, none of them are the type that Lin Chen wants. Rather than this, it is better to fight to make a high-end treasure.

The system melting furnace incorporates all the treasures and starts fusion.

[Boom ~ Boom ~ Ding! Ding!

Just three breaths, the fusion is complete!

Lin Chen looked at it, and two brand-new treasures appeared in front of him.

One is a stream of colorful and brilliant light flowing through the body, and the other is a cold ice crossbow that can be worn on the wrists.

[Six-tier intermediate treasure; magic cloak.

[Six-tier intermediate treasure: Longming Hanbing.

"Spirit cloak, which can be camouflaged after wearing, can change into body features, and increase the speed of the 30% body method and the 30% defense of the fighting spirit. It is limited to the use of the seventh level in Yuanzun Realm, and the effect is halved."

"Longming Hanbing, condensing the scales of Hanlong, refining ten thousand years of dragon's breath, striking like an arrow of the ice sky, freezing thousands of miles."

Receiving information from these two treasures, Lin Chen opened his mouth slightly!

"Good stuff, earn! This Longming Hanbing is just right for Teacher Yue Qi!"

The contented Lin Chen turned off the system, and two treasures appeared in his hand.

He put on a magic cloak, and the whole person instantly turned from a teenager into an indifferent middle-aged man.

In Qianyue Valley; practice the secret chamber.

Leng Yueqi suddenly opened her eyes, and the ice bow appeared in her hand, aiming at the middle-aged man at the door of the secret room.

"Who is it? Dare to break into the mysterious realm of my cold family!"

Lin Chen was delighted, but did not expect Leng Yueqi to recognize herself.

"It's me, Teacher Yueqi!"

After dispelling the disguise effect of the magic cloak, Lin Chen showed his true body, and Leng Yueqi was slightly surprised.

"How did you become like that one, just like an uncle."

"Hey, this is not important. What is important is that I give you a gift!"

Lin Chen handed Longming Hanbing to Leng Yueqi. The lady was shocked, first of all amazed, then came the joy of joy!

This thing matches her abilities perfectly, if there is this thing, her combat power will multiply!

Leng Yueqi, who returned to Leng's house from the torch, was cultivated by Leng's family, and now is the early stage of quasi-respect.

The sixth-level intermediate level of Longming Hanbing can also be used reluctantly. After entering the Yuanzun Realm, she will be able to control it perfectly.

"Although this thing is good, it is still reserved for you to use a little better, or a little more strength to defend yourself."

Leng Yueqi wanted to return this thing to Lin Chen, and he smiled.

"This is specially for you, Teacher Yueqi, not to mention, have you forgotten. I used a gun~"

Lin Chen smirked, leaning forward slightly, the beautiful lady ah exclaimed, and a touch of crimson appeared on the cheeks of Leng Yan and Enchanting, which made someone Lin feel a little dazed.

Can't help but hug Leng Yueqi, Lin Chen kissed down, inside the room, a hint of spring.

Under the fiery atmosphere, the lips were separated, Lin Chen stared at Leng Yueqi agitatedly, her slender fingers pressed against Lin Chen's lips, vomiting Fang Lan lightly.

"Fool, it's not enough now. My mind hasn't reached the level of perfection. If I break my virginity, I'll give up my efforts."

"Why is this again! Last time, I can see what I can't eat!"

Lin was so angry that his brothers wanted to fight and gritted their teeth.

Suddenly, he stared at the beautiful lips of Leng Yanjia, and smirked as usual.

"Hey, I almost forgot about this..."

A breath-taking suffocating beauty was reflected in Lin Chen's eyes.

It's a pity that the secret room is closed, and no one can appreciate it except Lin Chen.


The next day, Lin Chen said goodbye to the Leng family, and Leng Yueqi concentrated on cultivation in Qianyue Valley; this cultivation secret realm itself was rewarded by Leng Family to Lin Chen.

Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun went along the same direction, and together, they officially returned to Tiange College.

Two days later, Lin Chen and Yan Qianyun arrived at the Holy Fire Mountain.

The two fell asleep in the Phoenix of the Holy Fire Mountains, while many greeting teams passed by the town with joy and poured into the mountains.

"Who is doing such a happy event, so grand."

Lin Chen took a bite of a local specialty grilled skewered snack, and Yan Qianyun beside him was holding a sugar man with bright eyes.

"The little brother doesn't know yet. Today is the day when the Tianqi Son of the Bai Family and the Sun Temple became a relative!"

The old man who sold the sugar smiled, and Lin Chen was very interested-"Yeah, don't you mean that the Sons are all high up, how could you like the woman in the Sun Temple."

"Hey, this Holy Son's vision is not shallow, the Nizi he fancy is the famous disciple of the Sun Temple."

Exclaimed the old man.

"This girl is kind and often helps us civilians in the surrounding cities and towns, get up land and give land, and also receive refugee training. It is really the gospel of our Holy Fire Mountains! I heard that the name is Yun Manqing?"

Hearing the name, the grilled skewered snack in the hand of someone fell on the spot!

At this time, a little girl passing by curiously pulled her sister's hand, pointing to Lin Chen and asked her sister curiously.

"Sister Sister~Why is that brother's hat green?"


Sun Temple; coming from all directions! At the door of the temple, if the door is in the city!

This time, the son of the Bai Family and the Sun Temple became a relative, which has alarmed countless first-class forces!

Able to catch up with the relationship of the ancient son of the Holy Family, the Sun Temple will be soaring in the future! Now is a good time to get stuck!

In a beaming boudoir, the bride's phoenix crown, sapphire hairpin, jade ornamental xia, extremely beautiful and gorgeous.

"Elder Xuan, do you really want to push me to the dead end!"

Yun Manqing pointed his jade neck with scissors, and his eyes were red.

"Man Qing, why do you suffer? This is a talented person in Tianqi Shengzi. What's wrong, not to mention, if he offends him, our Sun Temple will not end well!"

A beautiful woman elder with beautiful makeup sighed helplessly.

Then she continued"You still forget your little love lover, the emotional things can be cultivated. Now that your fighting spirit is bound, you can't kill yourself if you want to commit suicide, why bother yourself."

Yun Manqing's teeth bite lightly and his expression is cold"I have only one person in Yun Manqing's life. If you insist on me marrying this person, then I promise that I will sever ties with the Sun Temple from now on!"

"Alas, Manqing, you are still young, and some things can not be decided by yourself, you will understand later..."

The beautiful woman gently waved her hand and flicked away the scissors in Yun Manqing's hand...