My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 381

Chapter 381: Tiange Incident Temple Happy Event.

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Chapter 381

Tiange Academy; No. 4 Fighting Field.

Many students are now paying close attention to the No. 4 fighting field. Qingxun vs. Qingxun, or team battle, this kind of battle is rare!


Bai Junhao, Ying Liang, wearing a cyan medal. At the same time, he was blasted and fell to the ground.

Their eyes were full of unwillingness when they bleed at the corners of their mouths.

"Lin Chen really should be embarrassed for the dog he brought up. Dare he dare to come out and kick the court?"

The two Qingxun class old students ridiculed and sneered. The two figures outside the court looked at this scene with great interest.

"Huh! This time it should be a person who collects interest and dares to move me to Ye Jiesheng. When Lin Chen returns, I will kill him!"

"His life is mine, Ye Juesheng, don't cross the line too much."

The two young people sitting in the VIP room glanced at each other, and the smell of gunpowder was full.

One person, tiger-eye eagle eyebrow, strong temperament. One person, handsome and cold, eyes closed.

The breath of the two, at any time, has a taste of overflowing, shattering the crystal wall of the space.

Such a young duo is actually the mid-term of Yuan Zunjing!

They wear a bright purple medal on their chests!

Zi Xun class! Tianxun Academy's Purple Honor Class!

These two people are Ye Yesheng, who was previously closed, and Mo Feng, who tried to frame Lin Chen several times in the territory of the torch!

"Snapdragon, wiped out the two waste materials on the stage, they have signed the sign of life and death, they can just go to death."

Ye Juesheng wiped his neck with his palm and secretly transmitted the sound to the fighting field.

One of the veterans in the field immediately arched his hand slightly, clenched his fist to lead his life, and his face showed a violent murderous intention!

"Dare you maliciously destroy Brother Lin Chen's exclusive dormitory, either kneel and kowtow to apologize, or we will tear off some of your flesh when we die!"

Ying Liang's expression was low and his heart was dead!

"Hahaha! Apologizing? Just by you?"

"Two unknowable wastes, do you dare to provoke our master Ye Juesheng?"

The two suddenly attacked, and the two elders had eight levels of cultivation, which shocked the space crystal wall of the entire fighting area to be continuously distorted, and the situation changed suddenly!

"Junhao, don't hold on!"

"Ying Liang! Quickly surrender, stop fighting hard!"

Sister Su Lan and Gu Chenfeng outside the court shouted, as if the two couldn't even hear it, and there was a powerful attack on their bodies!

Once in a while, a residual image swept into the fighting field and joined the fighting space!

Boom~~! The two old-fashioned fingerprints of war and the flick of the finger were destroyed by a strange wave into nothingness!

Han Yizhi's slender body stood in Taichung, with a small face full of seriousness and dignity.

"Someone has joined in this battle, it's as if they two abstained. I'll fight you!"

The dazzling blue medal came into everyone's eyes, and everyone couldn't help but sigh air-conditioning!

Such a weak and slender person is actually Lan Xun?

No matter who is coming, Ye Jiesheng's men don't plan to let it go. A more intense battle is about to happen!


Sun Temple; there are tens of thousands of people in the temple, all of them are people with faces and faces in Lingzhou!

Outside the hall, covered with red carpets, set up tens of thousands of banquet tables. The Tiangang environment present today once exceeded 50,000 people!

During the day, Qi sat on the main hall with a smile, and nodded slightly to the heads of forces who arrived in turn at the temple.

Because of the fierce beast auction, there are many leaders who are related to the daylight.

Therefore, this wedding banquet can be described as a gathering of nearly one-tenth of the power representatives of Lingzhou.

Some minority forces took this opportunity to want to see the true face of the Son!

"Oh, Lin Chen! Unexpectedly, this Yun Manqing turned out to be your woman. I will humiliate you in front of you, but this is my concubine during the day!"

From this point of view, there was a hint of cheerfulness inside Qi during the day. Since being defeated by Lin Chen last time, he has brought his own three-headed sixth-order beast almost every moment!

His true strength is not superficial cultivation, but his beast army!

He has decided that if Lin Chen is found again by then, he will be exterminated by the fierce beast army!

The wedding banquet started gradually, and the bride exclaimed as she walked slowly with her red head covered!

Even if the true face is not yet visible, Yun Manqing's flirtatious figure, such as Qinglian was born, elegant and refined.

In the daytime, Qi Xi was dumbfounded, but if the person with the heart looked carefully, it could be found that Yun Manqing was supported by two beautiful maidservants at this time.

They always bound Yun Manqing with fighting spirit. Obviously, this happy event does not seem to be as good as imagined.

"Today is my big day of Qi and Miss Yun Manqing during the day. I am here to honor you."

During the day, Qi stands to the top of the mountain outside the Sun Palace, holding the Jinzun jade cup in both hands, toasting everyone, and drinking it!

Inside and outside the Sun Palace, at the foot of the mountain, many banquet tables were laid out, and everyone looked up to see the true face of the Son for the first time!

Some people who watched the toast of the Son couldn't help but their faces flushed with excitement. I'm afraid this opportunity is only once in a lifetime, and it can be blown for a lifetime!

Even though it was a toast and a polite tone, there was still a natural dignity in Qi's voice during the day.

With a big wave of his hand-"I don't like nonsense during the day, those red tapes will be avoided, and today I will send a dragon dance to everyone!"

During the day, Qi blew a whistle, and the ice dragon that lurked in the sky was flying down!

Everyone exclaimed again and again, this is a real sixth-order beast! Equivalent to the Yuanzun realm of the human race!

In the past, many powerful people had no chance of seeing this kind of beast, let alone watch and enjoy it at close range!

The ice dragon wanders the void, dancing the dragon's body, and shuttles between the clouds, forming a series of beautiful movements.

It travels through the clouds and rains, and everywhere it passes is frost and snow, beautiful.

In Longkou, the ice dragon spit out a dragon breath, forming a superb view of the June snow, reflected in the Sun Palace.

"it is good!"

"The Son is the Son, and even the sixth-order fierce beast can be driven at will, and it is shocked to heaven!"

"Today's scene is not in vain! It is worth it if you go bankrupt!"

Many of the strong men present were applauded and excited.

Just when everyone sees the yearning and falls into the silence.

Suddenly, the world is suddenly changing!


A giant claw of blue dragon seemed to tear the sky, and slammed towards the ice dragon!

boom! The ice dragon fell into the Holy Fire Mountain with a claw shot, and the ground moved, and many powerful people were dumbfounded!

An overbearing dragon, an imposing ancient green dragon entrenched in the sky, was born without warning!

It screamed in the sky, the crystal wall of space was broken by rumbling and shattered, causing landslide and tsunami! It even triggered a large array of guards in the Sun Palace, protecting the guests present!

Many powerhouses are dumbfounded. What is the situation?

That is the sixth-order primary ice dragon, comparable to the late stage of Yuanzun Realm, was it actually flew by a claw?