My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 382

Chapter 382: Domineering Very Domineering

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Chapter 382, Domineering, Very Domineering!

The VIPs were shocked, and such a terrifying blue dragon was near the Sun Palace. Didn't any strong man respond at the scene?

"what happened?"

"When did this blue dragon appear there!"

"Quick! Suppress it, otherwise the wedding party will be a mess!"

The Bai Family's Yuanzun Realm was the first to be dispatched, and three elders of Yuanzun Realm were flying in succession!

During the day, Qi's eyes fixed on the ancient green dragon, gritting his teeth.

"Is it you? Lin Chen?"


As soon as the voice fell, a loud noise rang out!

An old Bai parent who was in the early stage of Yuanzun Realm's reunification, twirled a dozen times in the sky, and fell down beside Qi in the daytime!

Many VIPs gave way, stunned, their lips trembling.

The silver robe rolled over, and a figure of a teenager slowly entered the Sun Palace!

one strike! With just a slap, the elders who overturned Yuan Zunjing on the spot!

Where is this person sacred?

The pupil of Qi Qi shrank during the day, this person, he could not recognize it! It was Lin Chen who was thinking about it day and night, gritting his teeth!

To his surprise, Lin Chen's current strength has changed dramatically from more than a year ago!

Seeing Lin Chen, the bride's body shook slightly, and under the red cap, two drops of tears dripped.

"Bold! Dare to ruin the wedding banquet of my Sun Temple, who are you!"

The two temple elders stood up and scolded Lin Chen. His indifferent eyes swept the two casually, and his fingers gave a snap.


The **** of fighting strength suddenly burst from the bride's body, and her fighting strength was released!

This tyrannical approach once again shocked many of the temple elders!

This is the seal of warfare set by the elder Yuan Zunjing.

Unlocking the seal of fighting spirit, Yun Manqing threw away the red hijab desperately and ran to Lin Chen in tears of joy.

The elders who wanted to stop her, grabbed a few fingerprints of fighting spirit across the sky!

As soon as Lin Chen's thoughts moved, a few wisps of mental waves swept out and easily wiped out many of the fighting attacks!

"Mental attack? What a powerful mental force!"

Lin Chen's indifferent expression suddenly smiled and hugged Yun Manqing who had come flying.

"Fortunately you are here, Lin Lang."

Lin Chenqing's tears fell on her cheeks, and Yun Manqing burst into tears, making Lin Chen feel a little bit distressed.

As can be seen from the seal of fighting spirit just now, Yun Manqing must have been forced to promise this family matter.

Reminiscent of this, Lin Chen's eyes became cold and murderous, and he completely lost trust in this Sun Temple!

Her future daughter-in-law was almost robbed. How could Lin Chen stay here with peace of mind.

Several elders in the temple said in a suspicious manner-"You are Lin Chen?"

After patting Yun Manqing, Lin Chen smiled confidently-"It's alright, everything is now given to me."

Yun Manqing said happily, holding Lin Chen's hand, and stood beside him obediently.

Everyone saw the happiness and shyness of this proud daughter of heaven.

As long as he stays next to Lin Chen, Yun Manqing will have great courage.

It seems that as long as he is with him, even if he is enemies with the world, he is not afraid!

When Lin Chen stepped out, his voice spread throughout the Sun Palace as he spoke!

"Someone in Lin today, I just want to kill Day Qi, or kill everyone who wants to help him."

As soon as this sentence came out, the Sun Palace suddenly set off waves!

Lin Chen's attitude is outrageous!

It is even more shocking to see the heavens of the Son for the first time!

He even wanted to kill the noble Son who was above countless people? He also threatened to kill all the people who helped him out?

It was like a group of country gentry, who finally had enough family members to find a relationship to enter the palace, and had the honor of meeting the emperor of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

At this moment, a young boy suddenly popped up, threatening to kill the dog emperor, which of the gentrymen on the scene could accept it?

"Hahaha! Kill me? Do you think it was the same? Ben Shengzi's fierce beast legion is all present! Do you think you can fight against this son with an ancient green dragon?"

Qi Yangtian laughed loudly during the day, as if finally waiting for the scene to be recovered!

"Break away for this son, I will pinch this ant myself!"

During the day when Qi had just finished speaking, two of the three Baijia Yuanzunjing elders were blasted out and fell on the mountain beside the Sun Palace on the spot!

Everyone was shocked to see that the ancient Qinglong in the void not only had the upper hand with one enemy and three, but also seriously injured three elders.

"27000 Dragon Power? The power of this ancient green dragon can match the mid-second or higher level. Don't fight without authorization!"

Some white parents exclaimed, the ancient Qinglong relied on the two dragons' magical powers inherited in the tomb, and the fighting power chased the double peak of Yuanzun Realm!

"How could this blue dragon be so strong?"

Qi Chen's expression changed slightly during the day, Lin Chen holding Yun Manqing and floating in the air.

The ancient Qinglong immediately withdrew to Lin Chen's side, protecting them tightly.

The elder who insisted to the end quickly hurried back, and a tribute of Yuanzunjing old man stood up and looked at Lin Chen with cold eyes.

The blasted ice dragon re-started, roaring and yelling at the ancient green dragon!

"Chi Lao, this son doesn't need you to shoot, just leave it to me."

During the day, Qi stopped the elder of the Triple Peak, who frowned seriously and said seriously-"Then please be careful with the Son, this is a little elusive, be careful of fraud."

"Oh, he has no use for any tricks. In the face of absolute strength, he will definitely die!"

During the day, Qi suddenly rushed into the sky, and the fire waves rolled, and the two mountain-sized dragons and fire unicorns stood on the left and right, standing beside the day.

The two dragon fire unicorns are the strongest beasts of the unicorn during the day, and each one can match the Yuanzun realm of the mid-double stage!

Many VIPs were on the scene, and they couldn't expect to participate in the happy event of the Son, and they could personally see the heroic attitude of the Son!

The space surrounding the Sun Temple shrouded in succession, protecting all buildings belonging to the Temple within the Holy Fire Mountains.

This battle is no different, if you don't start the large array of guards, the four-headed behemoths in the void have to flatten most of the mountains' buildings.

At this time, a more surprising scene appeared!

The ancient Qinglong shrunk in size, protecting Yun Manqing and retreating thousands of miles away.

In the end, only Lin Chen was left alone to face the three-headed monsters in the daytime Qi and the void!

"He let that blue dragon back, would he want to single out the Son and his three wild beasts?"

"Is this crazy! Is he a strong player in Yuan Zunjing's triple?"

When Lin Chen urged his mind and thunder and gold robbery, he felt that he was only a quasi-respecting peak, everyone was stunned!

When Qi saw this scene during the day, he was very angry!

"Zun Zun Pinnacle? Did you think it was when the Holy Son trained the beast? Hahaha!"

Lin Chen bomb the bomb nails, mouth Raising disdain sneer -. "You beat this stuff, you do not need to get my shot Dragon"