My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 384

Chapter 384: Beheaded The Son Stunning The Audience

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Chapter 384, Beheading the Son, Stunning!

"My dragon fire unicorn! Damn king bastard, how long has it been before, how could his strength change so quickly?"

During the day Qi Qi's eyes roared crimson. At this time, Yun Tian turned away and the two afterimages rushed towards the day Qi!

Lin Chen's phantom avatar!

"Oops! This kid still has his hand!"

The eyes of the temple elders who had just rushed out of the large array suddenly changed, and their bodies flashed. The two senior elders of the temple appeared from the left and right in the daytime!

"Dark Dragon PalmSevenfold Dark Dragon Power!"

"Taiyi Jianzhang!"

The two elders were fierce and slammed with Lin Chen's two phantoms! Barely protected the daytime Qi!

Brush ~!

However, at the moment when the two temple elders were dragged down, there was also a heavenly cover that appeared ghostly in the daylight!

The third phantom avatar!

The daylight that lost the protection of the beast is just the beginning of a quasi-zun!

"Wan Yuexuan Town A..."

During the day, Qi just urged the fighting spirit to display Wan Yuexuan Town Armor, the third phantom avatar hit in the air, and the dark dragon palm slammed on the front of his heavenly cover!

The twisting and twisting Dark Dragon Force runs through Qi Qis entire body during the day, and his Wanyue Xuanzhenjia cant even put down Lin Chens heavy Dragon Force!

Click~ Bang~!

The shattered sound of the heavenly spirit cover, followed by the whole body of Qi Qi burst into the end of the blood during the day, and there was no dead body!

Seeing those blood mists blowing up, everyone was dumbfounded!

The immortal son of the ancient family was actually killed on the spot by a young man of about 20 years old!

Bai Family, Sun Temple. Two Yuanzunjing triples and two Yuanzunjing doubles were dispatched, and they still couldn't stop the ending of the day Qi Qi's fall!

He is just a quasi-respect! One person fights four respects alone, still can kill a saint in front of him!

If he enters Yuanzun Realm, which peers in all ancient aristocratic families in Lingzhou will be his opponents?

The answer may be, no one!

[The host obtains the characteristic rune evolution stone, 70 talent points, 1 intermediate soil energy, 2 intermediate rune energy, 2 intermediate power essence,]

[The host opens the blue crystal treasure chest and obtains: a characteristic rune evolution stone, a blue-level top-level mentality, "The Beast's Magic",]

Several attribute light **** and a treasure chest merge into Lin Chen's phantom avatar, and the avatar flashes back to Lin Chen's side.

The ancient green dragon on the side was waiting for the opportunity, and immediately rushed out, first digging out and swallowing the fierce beast core of the three-headed sixth-order beast.

It must be said that the intensity of Qi's attack during the day is the strongest of the sons Lin Chen currently encounters.

But for Lin Chen, his actual combat power is not as good as the Heavenly Sword Son of the Bai Family.

Because his attack needs to combine many fierce beasts and conditions.

If it is a large-scale battle, then the day is a dazzling presence on the battlefield.

But if he is heads-up with an individual, especially Lin Chen's extremely fast opponent, he is not worth mentioning at all!

If Lin Chen was not trying to test what level of defense he had, he wouldnt even have a chance to rub Lin Chens clothes!

"Lin Chen! Do you dare to kill my son of Bai Family?"

Many strong men are changing their colors together, and the old parents are cold and angry, and Lin Chen smiles without anger!

"I just said, his dog's life, I will take it! If you want to continue, then I don't mind doing you too!"

Lin Chen's eyes were full of fierce light, and there was a look that even though everyone would be fearless!

At this time; the horde of beasts in the Flame Mountain began a riot, and because they lost control of Qi during the day, they scattered and fled.

Some temple elders are not allowed to suppress it by their own hands. If they are allowed to wreak havoc, there will not be many living people in the entire Flame Mountain!

"People of the Bai family, if you move him, consider preparing to be the enemy of my Yan family."

At this time, Yan Qianyun stood up in the air.

"Yan family?"

"This kid still has this relationship?"

The elders of the Bai family were in shock, and an elder in a yellow robe said in a deep voice.

"Miss Yan Family, even if Lin Chen has a relationship with your Yan Family, but he killed our Son of the Bai Family, how can this matter make us give up?"

Yan Qianyun said elegantly, not panicking.

"Well to give up? All this was asked by Qi Qi during the day. If he was not determined to marry Lin Chen's confidante, how could it end like this? Before the so-called happy event began, the party Miss Yun Manqing had stood up to show that My heart allows others, isnt it that Qi wants to occupy others during this day?"

Yan Qianyun's remarks forced the elders of the Bai family to sweat.

Elder Huangpao waved his hand sullenly-"I won't tell you the truth, but you Yan family, today this kid's life is life-to-death, no one comes!"

"Yes, then you are ready to fight against me and the end against Yan family."

Yan Qianyun was standing in front of Lin Chen, and some elders of the Bai family felt horrified!

They hurriedly heard the voice and persuaded the elder Huangpao.

What offended Yan Family is, any ancient family knows it well!

The elder Huang robe hesitated for a moment,

"This grievance, our Bai family took note, Lin Chen, Miss Yan family, one day, you will see me and the real background and strength of the Bai family!"

Elder Huangpao put a threatening word coldly, waved his hand, and left the Bai family with many powerful men!

Yan Qianyun frowned at Dai Mei, even if many ancient families were dissatisfied with the Yan family, they did not dare to speak out in person.

This old man in yellow robe dare to threaten Yan Qianyun? Could it be that there are really big moves behind them?

"Perhaps this time when I returned to the family, I had to find an opportunity to calculate the luck and intentions of the Bai family."

Yan Qianyun thought deeply, and all the distinguished guests in the venue were stunned!

Lin Chen and others actually killed the son of the Bai family. The Bai family seems to still have a kind of bogey, and they dont dare to shoot!

The ancient Qinglong circled to Lin Chen's side, he and Yun Manqing looked at each other as if they were connected with each other, then Lin Chen announced indifferently.

"Starting today, Yun Manqing will sever ties with the Sun Temple!"

Lin Chen's words stirred up a thousand waves!

Many elders of the Sun Temple immediately stood up and questioned.

"Lin Chen, don't you want to deceive people too much! Do you really think that our Sun Temple can't be squeezed?"

"Boy, do you dare? I have raised Yun Manqing for more than ten years in the Sun Temple. Entong is rebuilt. What are your qualifications to take her away!"

If Lin Chen took away Yun Manqing in front of the leaders of many forces in Lingzhou today, the reputation of the Sun Temple would really fall!

For the sake of sectarian interests and the general sacrifice of the lifetime happiness of individual disciples, this behavior, although Lin Chen can understand, but never forgive!

"I won't put her in a place that can be sold at any time."

Lin Chen's expression was firm, Yun Man Qingfang's heart flowed through a burst of warmth, and Lin Chen's hand was tighter.

Yan Qianyun moved slightly, and her eyes flickered.

"This thing is the price I took away from Manqing. I think it's more than enough to repay the goodness of nurturing for more than ten years!"

Lin Chen shook his hand, and the beautiful jade box became a streamer!

The deputy lord of the Sun Temple, a middle-aged beautiful woman caught volley and opened it.

The light of the pure flame rose into the sky, and everyone was shocked!

It is actually the legendary torch seed!