My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 385

Chapter 385: Lin Chen Is Back

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Chapter 385, Lin Chen returns!

Not only the people of the Sun Temple, but also the VIPs who are here today have their eyes on!

The mysterious effect of the flame seed is well understood by many strong men!

Not only can it help break through the bottleneck of Yuanzun Realm, but it can also transform your own life level! Reach the potential of the Son!

"Does he actually possess the flame seed?"

"My God! This is an opportunity to become a saint and saint of the ancient family!"

Some strong people are eager to move, their excited hearts tremble.

After the elders of the temple reacted, they unfolded their positions quietly to prevent the presence of conspirators.

At this time, the thousand mother-in-law who adopted Yun Manqing came flying, anxiously said.

"Mr. Lin Chen, don't be impulsive!"

Lin Chen gave her a glance and gave a serious fist.

"Mother Qian, thank you very much for the adoption of Man Qing, but I am very disappointed with the Sun Temple! Starting today, Man Qing will no longer be a disciple of the Sun Temple!"

Qian mother-in-law looked at Yun Manqing reluctantly, the latter fell from the back of the ancient Qinglong and hugged Qian mother-in-law.

"Mother-in-law, you are both my parent and parent, and Man Qing will never forget your kindness in your life."

Yun Manqing stared at the mother-in-law seriously, and the old man smiled bitterly.

"Well, since you have decided your heart, go for it. This little guy has killed even the Son for you, and the old man is not afraid that he will bully you. You have paid a lot for the temple since you are sensible, and you should pursue it now. Your own happiness."

After saying goodbye to her mother-in-law, Lin Chen took Yun Manqing away from the Holy Fire Mountains.

Until Lin Chen left, many elders of the Sun Temple regretted it!

They have mixed tastes in their hearts, and there is endless annoyance in their hearts!

Not only did they lose the Baijia Qi backing during the daytime, they also personally offended the peerless Tianjiao, which is countless times more evil than the daytime Qi!

The treasure that he readily compensated to the Sun Temple was a seed of torch. How horrible is his heritage?

As well as his strength and potential, everyone has witnessed it.

If you give him a certain amount of time, he will definitely become the pinnacle of this state of Lingzhou!

It was such a arrogance that they were sternly turned away and they offended him all over again!

"Perhaps, we made the most wrong decision!"

The hall master held the jade box of the seed of the flame, and in an instant, his face seemed to be ten years old.


Tiange Academy; No. 4 Fighting Field!

Today, it is the ranking game of the Qingxun class, a new event that the new and old students in the college are paying attention to!

In the battle space; Yue Linlin and Liu Lin'er stood side by side, the two goddesses were cold, and their killing intention was unprecedentedly strong!

"Swallow what you just said, you are not qualified to insult Captain Lin Chen!"

Two top Qingxun students shrugged and laughed.

"Lin Chenyang's current concubine is really more beautiful than one!"

"You talk about what benefits Lin Chen has given you, let you follow him so heartlessly to come and follow us. Senior Mo Feng, senior Mo Feng is one of the ranks of Zi Xun, the school must be windy and rainy De Yu's character!"

The second woman's expression was even colder, Yue Linlin said coldly-"Shut your dog's mouth shut! Squad leader Lin Chen's sincerity to us, how can you like this."

"Lin Lin, don't talk nonsense with these people, they won't apologize if you don't let them pay the price today!"

Liu Lin'er's pupil flashed the purple-gray poison, and it was so cold!

In another combat space;

Zhang Yu and Gu Chenfeng each fell on one side in the battle space.

The two were covered with blood and blood, and their blood was weak, obviously there was no power to fight anymore!

But the referee elder didn't call out the slogan that the battle was stopped!

The two Qingxun class old students walked slowly, one of them raised Zhang Yu's head and sneered.

"Lin Chen like this, also want to contend with Ye Juesheng's seniors?"

"You sold his life for him, it's really better to follow a dog! Hahaha!"

Bang~! Roar!

A blood dragon rushed out of Gu Chenfeng's body, attached to his war gun, stabbed and killed one of the Qingxun ranks!

"Shut up! Your dog's mouth!"

One-armed Gu Chenfeng stood up again, flashing a fierce light like a lone wolf!

"Since you want to die for that dog, no wonder the seniors!"


With a cold drink, an old figure broke into the battle space!

"Yuan, old Yuan?"

Seeing the person coming, the referee elder immediately bowed his head in guilty conscience.

Yuan Lao Yinqing rushed over to support the two, coldly.

"This battle is over!"


"Lin Lang, where are we going next?"

Yun Manqing, Lin Chen, and Yan Qianyun stood on the back of the ancient Qinglong dragon, standing against the wind, Yun Manqing asked curiously.

"Naturally, I will return to Tiange Academy. With my ability, I will be able to allow you to be admitted to the hospital. After that, you will stay in the Academy. Like today's things, you will not repeat the same mistakes."

Lin Chen smiled, and then looked at Yan Qianyun.

"Big Beauty Yan, what are your plans next?"

"Finally remembered me? You handsome and handsome guy is smart, he is starting for the Han family, and is back for the Leng family, and slaughtered a holy son."

Yan Qianyun said angrily that this guy would really plan to make a lot of things for him.

"Hey, since you want to cooperate, then it's naturally sincere, isn't it. In addition, I can provide you with a clue."

Lin Chen has a rare expression of seriousness.

All the information he got from Bai Ruoyan, that is, what the Bai family did, told Yan Qianyun.

"Has the Han family's destruction possibly related to the Bai family? Is it also related to the ancient family outside Lingzhou, and has it been determined that there are a lot of transactions and exchanges?"

Yan Qianyun's eyes gleamed with reflection, and this information combined with the attitude of the old parents was very weird!

"It seems that investigating the Bai family is an urgent task. This thing is my star of jade, you can take it with you, and I can find you."

Handing Lin Chen a pale blue star jade, Yan Qianyun leapt forward, moved the void, and walked away in the direction of the Yan family.

"This fortune teller really looks like the dragon is not at the end, just come here, just leave."

After collecting Xingyu, Lin Chen and Yun Manqing rarely stay together and enjoy the world of two people.

After the ancient green dragon swallowed three ferocious nuclei, the dragon veins soared to 2,950 all the way!

The two have arrived in the territory in charge of Tiange Academy.

Less than half a day later, Lin Chen and Yun Manqing officially returned to Tiange Academy!

Putting away the ancient Qinglong, Lin Chen went straight to his dormitory area. After a year of separation, he really missed everyone.

"Everyone, the school's first handsome man is coming back! The left side of the row that wants to sign, the right side of the row that wants to hug, only beautiful women...I am grass!"

Lin Chen had just landed in the dormitory area, but he didnt finish talking, but found his own exclusive dormitory building was hammered into ruins!

In addition, there are many sticky things like **** feces near the ruined exclusive dormitory, causing a stench to rise! Obviously artificial!

What happened?

An uneasy hunch emerged in Lin Chen's heart.