My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 386

Chapter 386: 4. Four Purple Orders

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Chapter 386, Four Purple Orders!

"It seems that someone wants to make trouble!"

Lin Chen's eyes crossed a cold awn, he grabbed it with one hand, and a freshman from dozens of miles away was carried over by him.

"This little guy, can you tell me what is going on here?"

Lin Chen smiled and asked, the freshman was at first surprised and then surprised!

"Are you senior Lin Chen?"

"Uh, yes, do you know me?"

"I've seen your portraits! Senior, your dormitory building was destroyed by Ye Junsheng, the senior student of Zi Xun level."

"Also, Senior Sister Yan Haitang and Senior Chen Gufeng, together with the seniors, also encountered the senior seniors sent by Senior Mo Feng because of the ranking competition of the Qingxun class."

The freshman talked endlessly, Lin Chen asked, grabbing his arm.

"What about the elders?"

Lin Chen remembered that Meng Qianmo, who was at the top of the college, had promised him that as long as he was in the college, he would never let other people hurt the hair of class 66!

Now it seems that this promise is fart!

"It seems that the elders have left two high-level elders and mentors in the college for two months because of what competition they want to hold. Now the four purple junior seniors in the college are covering the sky with one hand, we are all very bitter."

The freshman's helpless way, Lin Chen was stunned!

Four Purple Orders? Why did the college suddenly have four more purple honors!

"Who are those four Purple Orders?"

Lin Chen asked, the freshman thought.

"I remember that they were Long Xiangyu, Ye Juesheng, Mo Feng and Fu Wanquan."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and the murderous way said-"Where are they now?"

"It seems that they are all in the No. 4 fighting field today. Today is the ranking game of the Qingxun class. They seem to be watching the scene."


Lin Chen threw a volume of blue-level low-level exercises as a reward to the freshman; pulling Yun Manqing, his figure moved like a flash of electricity.

4th Arena, in the Sky City.

The Qingxun Ranked Competition is a big event for the Tiange Academy. Almost 90% of the Qingxun Ranks will participate.

However, because of some people, some episodes appeared in this year's Qingxun ranking competition.

That is, the intervention of the Zi Xun class!

Today's Tiange Academy is unique in Lingzhou!

As soon as the four Purple Orders are out, Tiange Academy is pushed to its heyday in thousands of years!

In the same era, even four Purple Orders were born in the same year, unprecedented!

There are three rules for becoming a Zixun level: 1. The accumulated task points must reach more than 20 million points.

2. Must enter the top 10 of Lanxun rank.

Third, through the purgatory realm!

These three conditions are indispensable!

The purgatory realm is a secret realm created by the great ancestors of Tiange Academy.

This secret realm is connected to many dangerous secret realms on the mainland of Kyushu, and there is a certain chance that you will get the legendary flame seed!

Each student has only one chance to enter the purgatory realm once in his life, and the mortality rate is extremely high!

Only when these three conditions are fulfilled is the real Zixun class student!

The Zixun class students are really equivalent to the sons and daughters of the ancient family!

The cultivation resources and rights he enjoys in the academy are not inferior to the Holy Son!

Even, the Purple Order of Tiange Academy is generally slightly stronger than the ordinary sons and daughters of ancient families.

Because the mortality rate of the Purgatory Realm is high, if you can come back alive, you will get an unprecedented adventure!

Every time the purgatory realm opens, it will send the student to the most dangerous and the most suitable secret place for the student!

The chances and circumstances obtained in it have a certain chance to be better than the Holy Flame Realm!

Generally, the elders have to be treated with care even for the blue rank, not to mention the purple rank.

Except for senior elders and a few people who can restrain them, no one dares to provoke easily!

Therefore, this time, the Xun Xun ranks intervene in the Qing Xun ranks competition, which is completely controlled in the dark box.

Coupled with the fact that many senior elders have gone out for this event, this time the Qingxun ranking competition has passively moved many hands and feet.

That was the original random draw game, which turned into a pre-arranged battle!

And those who are targeted, everyone is class 66!

The opponents of Class 66 are all the top green medals arranged by Mo Feng or Ye Juesheng in advance, and they are all placed in the top 50 in the academy!

It is impossible to beat the 66 class that has just entered the Qingxun class within a year and a half of entering the college!

And those top-level Qingxun ranks even angered everyone in Class 66 by insulting Lin Chen and destroying Lin Chen's exclusive dormitory building!

In the fighting area No. 4, there is a rest area.

Lin Chen rushed into many rest areas with fierce anger, and Zi Jin Tong was a little urged to find everyone in a lounge!

When pushing the door of the lounge, Lin Chen's eyes reflected many unconscious figures lying in the lounge!

Yan Haitang, Liu Lin'er, Gu Chenfeng, Zhang Yu, Ying Liang, Bai Junhao, Qin Xiaofeng, Xiang Qinghong, Yue Linlin and others, all fell into a coma!

An unprecedented anger, like the flame of burning the sky, ignited Lin Chen's murderous intention and fighting spirit!

Yun Manqing hurriedly squeezed his hand. Lin Chen, who was almost blinded by hatred, woke up and patted the jade hand of the beautiful woman.

In the lounge; only Han Yizhi and Shangguan Bihan are left.

The moment the two saw Lin Chen, new hope renewed in the almost desperate eyes!

"Squad leader!"

"Brother Lin Chen!"

Han Yizhi was crying in tears, Hao teeth gritted-"Squad leader, they..."

"Needless to say, I probably already know."

Lin Chen raised his hand, his expression, very calm.

Raising his hand to wipe the tears of Shangguan Bihan, Lin Chen walked towards everyone, infiltrated a ray of fighting into their bodies, and probed the injury.

Everyone's injuries are extremely serious, some meridians are broken, and the roots are broken, and even affect the practice of the future life.

Fortunately, if you rely on your own level of refining medicine to cure everyone as always, the chance is still very great.

"Squad leader, none of our class 66, no one surrendered."

Han Yizhi's eyes were red and sobbing.

Lin Chen took out several bottles of Elixir from the Naling Ring and handed it to Shangguan Bihan.

"Take the Elixir for everyone, and then take everyone, as far as you can."

Shangguan Bihan's slender hands took some medicine with some shaking. When she wanted to speak, Lin Chen hugged her and Han Yizhi.

"Relax, let me do it next."

As soon as the voice fell, the door in the lounge was pushed open again.

Yuan Lao arrived with a rush from the elders of the refining medicine department.

When he saw Lin Chen, he couldn't help but feel guilty and sorrowful.

"Little guy, I..."

"Lao Yuan, in half a quarter of an hour, you help me evacuate everyone in the fighting field. After half an hour, the people who stay here will live and die!"

Lin Chen's pupils are brewing with monstrous anger and fighting intent!

He is going to kill! And what to kill is, Zi Xun level! !