My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 387

Chapter 387: An Unprecedented Battle

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Chapter 387: An unprecedented battle!

Yuan Lao was shocked! With his quasi-respectful cultivation practice, he felt the terrible breath that made his soul tremble!

"Hey, this little guy is just a year away, what happened to him!"

Yuan Lao cold sweated, unless it was before he was uninjured, he could not stop Lin Chen with his own stump!


In the No. 4 fighting arena.

Many students watched the pictures released by the magic eye stone. In a battle space, two beautiful graceful shadows and two Qingxun ranks matched!

And Long Xiangyu, who is a Zixun class, sits directly behind the auditorium with his pupils shrinking!

"Unexpectedly, these two women were really not dead? Was it really the guy named Lin Chen who rescued him?"

At this time, the two beautiful shadows in the fighting space are Su Lan and Sister Su Lan of Class 66!

At the beginning, Long Xiangyu also tried to seize the second woman's body. The two women were loyal and committed suicide on the spot, which caused him to have no sex.

"It seems that this time, I might be able to get these two women again. Lock their fighting spirit, and then do it!"

Long Xiangyu's handsome face appeared with a greasy and greedy look.

Fu Wanquan frowned a little, and he came here just to investigate Lin Chen's situation.

He is interested in the characteristic rune that Lin Chen has always used, and wants to take this secret technique.

Mo Feng and Ye Juesheng simply want to suppress the people around Lin Chen!

Ye Juesheng's cousin was killed by Lin Chen because he framed his teammates and took the task reward, which led him to personally deal with people around Lin Chen this time!

"It seems that there is still no useful information."

Fu Wanquan was about to get up. Suddenly, he and the other three Zi Xun grades all had their eyes fixed!

In the battle space; a figure flashed fast, and the two girls disappeared!

"Someone broke into the fighting space?"

"Who is it! Dare to interfere with the ranking game of the Qingxun class!"

The students and elders in the fighting arena just discovered the anomaly, and suddenly the elders exclaimed!

"what is that?"

Everyone looked at it, and it was located directly above the No. 4 fighting field!

A figure of silver robe stands in the sky and is located in the high altitude of the fighting field.

Lin Chen!

His eyes were indifferent, the fighting spirit of the earth system was flowing, and the dragon force was surging and condensing!

"Earth Tribulation War Body!"

I saw that Lin Chen jumped into the air, kicked hard with both feet, and fell down!

Boom~~! !

The galaxy is shaken and the universe is broken!

The vast expanse of sky island, trembling, shaking violently!

The earth-shattering power of moving mountains and reclaiming the sea is mixed with the weight of thousands of mountains and thousands of mountains. It is like the top of Taishan Mountain, and it fell down on the space barrier of the fighting field!

The space barrier enough to resist Yuanzun Realm was shattered by Lin Chen!

He was alone and the silver robe rolled over and fell into the fighting arena!

Lin Chen's eyes were sharp and sharp, sweeping the audience!

At this moment; the expressions of the four major purple honors students are very exciting!

"The irrelevant students at the scene leave immediately, otherwise, you will be at your own risk!"

The spiritual voice of Lin Chens Fa-situation reached everyones mind and contained endless deterrence!

In front of this spiritual force, many Luxun and Qingxun students deeply felt that they were as small as ants!

"what happened?"

"He even broke the space barrier of the fighting arena? The situation is wrong, run!"

Many students began to flee insane, and the previous spiritual transmission was already moving!

Lin Chen turned to the high platform and stared directly at the four major purple honors.

"Roll down."-Lin Chen looked directly at the four people, said indifferently.

"Well? Who is this kid?"

Ye Juesheng didn't react at all, then Mo Feng sneered-"He is the Lin Chen you always wanted to find."

"He is Lin Chen?" Long Xiangyu was surprised, glancing at Lin Chen with interest.

"Lin Chen! What are you doing!"

The elders with Yuanzun realm recognized Lin Chen and sneered in anger!

"All elders, I suggest that you begin to cover the retreat of other students now, and be responsible for all consequences. You are at your own risk."

The five dragon dynasty guns emerged in Lin Chen's palms; Ye Juesheng looked at the sneer.

"Hey, hello, are you a quasi-zun pinnacle, and you want to fight with the four of us? Have you figured out what is Zixun level!"

Ye Juesheng laughed wildly in the sky, as if looking at a clown with a sneer on his lips.

The two Lanxun students beside him sneered.

"Lin Chen, you now kneel down to give Ye Xuechang three knocks, maybe the senior can still be merciful and spare you a dog's life."

Fu Wanquan stood up suddenly, his eyes full of endless sword lights, and said with awe-"Wait a minute, this person's head is mine!"

He coveted Lin Chen's secret for a long time, and now he has become the Zi Xun class to naturally get the secret from him!

"Lin Chen, you have no way to go to heaven, there is no way to hell. You come in and think that your physical training strength is invincible? This time I want to make good use of you!"

Mo Feng first jumped into the ring of the fighting arena!

Mo Feng has framed himself in the flames many times. For this person, Lin Chen will definitely kill!

And Long Xiangyu sold everyone in Class 66 to Daytime Qi, and abolished Gu Chenfeng's arm, plus sister Su Lan almost died.

This person, Lin Chen will also kill it!

Ye Juesheng arranged for many of the Qingxun class seniors to seriously injure everyone in Class 66 in the ranking competition. If it weren't for Yuan Lao's blocking, I'm afraid the consequences would be disastrous!

This person, Lin Chen will not let go!

Almost four Zixun ranks, three of them have endless holidays with Lin Chen! This war will surely end with one side falling!

Only Fu Wanquan, who had raised the demons under him, had wounded Bai Ruoyan, and Lin Chen had demolished the demons, and he had no great resentment against him.

But if he dares to intervene, Lin Chen will not be soft!

Zijin pupil a little urged, Lin Chen found that the breath of the Nine Profound Changes suddenly rose from Lin Chen's body!

"Don't worry, I'll take your three lives today!"

His Dantian Yuanfu instantly expanded and entered Yuanzun Realm for a short time!

No, to be precise, it is not a complete Yuanzun Realm.

The complete fighting strength Yuanfu is a small world. Lin Chen simply increased the strength of fighting strength.

boom! A shock of lightning, such as a lightning flash, was almost an instant. The fire of the Wulong Dynasty Emperor Gun suddenly hit the top of Mo Feng's head!


The landslide cracked, swept through the eight wastelands, and the tens of thousands of feet of the vast fighting field was smashed into two halves by Lin Chen!

"Hi! My God, what a terrifying power!"

"Not good! Quickly cover the students to withdraw from here first!"

The only two elders of Yuan Zunjing who were present suddenly took a breath!

With such destructive power, the two of them can't stop Lin Chen!

"Hahaha! Lin Chen, your secret belongs to me. Ben Shaojin is not the same as before. Give your chance! Come back to Kyushu!"

"Just because you want the life of Ye Juesheng? The life of my cousin, let you pay it now!"

Ye Juesheng and Fu Wanquan joined the battle in an instant, and in an instant, the whole sky island shook violently, breaking out the earth-shattering momentum!

The two Yuanzunjing elders retreated while looking back, their pupils shrunk, revealing unprecedented panic!

Among the smoke and dust fragments raised in the sky, the young man held a five-color dragon gun and fought against four purple medals!

Lin Chen single-handedly challenged four peerless geniuses of Zi Xun class!

An unprecedented battle in the history of Tiange Academy has started! !

No matter who wins or loses, this battle will surely shake the entire Lingzhou!