My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 388

Chapter 388: Earth Shattering

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Chapter 388

Lin Chen's phantom avatar took Sister Su Lan away from Sky Island in the No. 4 fighting field, and immediately turned to leave!


When many mentors and elders covered the evacuees who were evacuating in the fighting arena, there was a wave of warfare in the sky and earth behind them!

This terrible momentum has begun to spread to the higher level of Tiange College, and it will soon shake the whole college!

All the trainees felt terrified. If they were slowed down at that time, they might be dead now!

"All the students are withdrawn!"

"What is the situation now? Isn't that student Lin Chen? Why did he suddenly appear and fight Zixun again!"

Many elders and students formed a mess, and it was already a mess!

What happened to the college, most of the powerful senior elders went out to organize the conference!

"What the **** happened?"

Unknown Su Lan and Su Lan's second daughter asked anxiously about Han Yizhi and Shangguan Bihan,

Many students and elders also set their sights on Han Yizhi and Shangguan Bihan.

The two looked at each other, and Han Yizhi said solemnly.

"The squad leader is back, and he wants to get justice for us. In addition, he and all the Zixun ranks have had grudges. He wants to fight the four of them alone."

"With Lin Chen's character, he will not easily let them go. Perhaps, today's battle, someone will fall!"

All the students heard the words and took a breath!

Countless people feel a chill from the soles of their feet straight to the head, creepy!

That's the Purple Order! The legend can be compared, and even beyond the existence of the Son and the Virgin!

Lin Chen actually wants to pick four purple honors? ?


"Bing Tianzhi!"

"The Great Prisoner's Finger!"

One blue, one white and two shocking fingers collided with each other, the fighting exploded, and shattered the large crystal walls of space!

Ye Juesheng held a sixth-order intermediate "Remnant Demon Sword", and the sword-like shadow of the demon tiger flashed from his hand!

Daoguang You swept towards Lin Chen, spreading across the vast space, sealing all his retreat!

The dragon gun is like electricity, the magic battle is thunderous and thunderous, and the point of the gun and the edge of the blade penetrate all the lights!

"Golden Devil Slash!"-Geng Jin's glory flashed like lightning, like a meteor breaking through the sky, crossing Lin Chen behind!

Mo Feng, who was in a haunt, showed a sneer, thinking that when he succeeded, Lin Chen would not know when he would have an extra yellow rock helmet!

A note of'Nine Heavens Thunder' burst out in a rage and went straight to Mo Feng!

Mo Feng's expression changed slightly, he waved the golden dagger in his hand very quickly, pulled out the wave-like Gengjin Mang, and cut Lin Chen's nine days of mad thunder!

The sword is like thunder, the snow-white horse with thousands of feet is radiating the cutting edge of cutting the heaven and earth, and the three directions of the "pin" shape are angering Lin Chen!

boom! clang! Jianguang cut off Wanyue Xuanzhenjia, and Lin Chens figure has long since disappeared!

A residual image turned electricity, Fu Wanquan's eyebrows were like swords, and the Wanquan sword in the awe-inspiring hand stabbed behind him!

Dang Dang Dang!

Lin Chen in the void slammed all the way, and Fu Wanquan suddenly fought together!

The dazzling Gengjin guns and sword shadows are dazzling and dazzling!

Just a breath, the two have collided more than dozens of moves, and the speed is outrageously fast!

"Why is this kid's strength so horrible? Did he also pass purgatory?"

"Sure enough, Lao Tzu's original instincts were right. Without killing this guy, I am afraid he will threaten my status in the academy!"

Ye Jiesheng and Mo Feng's killing intentions suddenly revealed, but Long Xiangyu already had the intention to exit.

"Fuck, I'm just for women, you like to fight so much, you go to fight!"

Long Xiangyu flew through the sky and turned away on the spot!

However, he had just left the fighting arena, and a dragon claw that cut off the Jianghai passed by lightning! Clouds in anger!

Boom~! Bang~!

Long Xiangyu, who was caught off guard, knocked him down!

Long Xiangyu had a treasure protector, but was only slightly injured, and a little blood spilled from the corner of his mouth.

"what's the situation?"

When he looked up, a huge green dragon did not know when he was suspended in the void, and the dragon stared at him with anger!

"There was nothing in that space just now. When did this Qinglong go?"

Before giving Long Xiangyu the reaction time, a quick swipe of the electrode!

Thunder Tribulation surging, dark gas rotating, a dark dragon palm shot out!

Long Xiangyu fought back, and the shocking energy fluctuations exploded between the two!

The terrible energy fluctuations shattered a large number of buildings outside the fighting field and instantly turned into powder!

boom! boom! boom!

Long Xiangyu was forced to retreat by the dark dragon. When he finally fixed his eyes, a figure stood proudly on top of the ancient Qinglong's head.

Long Xiangyu's pupil shrinks, there is another Lin Chen?

Judging from its strength, it is not like a fake at all!

"You have no chance to go."

Phantom Doppelganger's eyes are very deep, just like Lin Chen's deity!

"Not always!"

Long Xiangyu slammed into the ancient green dragon!

In the fighting arena; the wind and the clouds will be dark, and the world will be dark!

The fighting field, which is large enough to accommodate hundreds of thousands of people, is now torn apart and turned into ruins!

Geng Jin's gas attached to the golden war gun, turned into a snowman's thorn.

The sword is vertical and horizontal, and the sword shadow is chaotic. Dazzling collisions together, the aftermath of energy set off the surface again and again!

Lin Chen alone blocked Fu Wanquan and Ye Juesheng, Mo Feng was lurking in the dark, waiting for the opportunity to attack, but repeatedly failed!

Lin Chen's mental strength and Zi Jin Tong are fully alert to his sneak attack, Mo Feng has no chance at all!


There was a loud noise, and the ancient Qinglong and Phantom split all the way and Long Xiangyu was killed in the fighting arena!

Pure power broke out, the dragon gun rotated at a rapid speed, and Mo Feng secretly killed the Gengjindaomang in the open air!

Lin Chen's body retreated, and Ruo Ruiying flickered, avoiding Fu Wanquan and Ye Juesheng's attacks one after another.

He jumped to the top of the ancient Qinglong head, merged with his phantom avatar, overlooking the four Purple Orders!

The four of them have their own side, and each of them had injuries in the previous confrontation! Lin Chen's consumption is also extremely fierce!

"Fu Wanquan, since it is your own death, then I will clean up with you!"

At the moment of running the mind, the vast world of aura was incorporated into Lin Chen's body!

The eyes of the four people are dignified, and the speed of absorbing the spirits of the heavens and the earth cannot even be compared with them who have returned from the purgatory realm!

Lin Chen was not idle at the moment of absorbing the spirit of heaven and earth. He and the phantom avatar that had condensed 1 point of intermediate rune energy quickly printed.

"System, I want to upgrade Charge Rune!"

[Consuming a rune evolution stone, the recharged rune has been upgraded to level 4.

Spiritual power emerged like a vortex, Lin Chen and the avatar condensed into four Shura golems in an instant!

"It's a mental attack!"

As Ye Juesheng drank, the four attacked together and performed defensive combat skills!

"Sura's Fury!"

Four Shura golems burst into a spiritual shock that shattered thousands of miles!

This time, Lin Chen not only used Phantom Doppelganger to show him "Sura's Fury".

He even directly activated the level 4 charge rune, the avatar and his deity Shura Golem, the attack power quadrupled!

Multiply one by one by four, and that power and attack range will be the level of destruction!