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Chapter 389: Fierce Fighting Lin Chen Vs Four Purple Honors

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Chapter 389: Fighting Lin Chen VS Four Purple Orders!

"Bing Ying Ling Zun Sword!"

Three poles of ice sword gas emptied the list, the cold air freezes the void, and the sharp sword intention collapses the vast space crystal wall!

"Tianyu Longyin!"

Long Xiangyu's head was popped out with a phantom image of a red barbarian dragon and a dragon's mouth, bursting out a sound of a dragon roaring to destroy mountains and rivers!

"Ten Thousand Massacres!"

Thousands of dark gold horses like storms and storms destroyed all the buildings in the fighting arena, swiftly passing by like snow flakes!

"Peerless Soul!"

An open gray sword of war, which is thousands of feet long, goes straight to Jiuxiao, and moves forward!

As the Grey Warblade slashed down from the void, the space crystal wall was torn apart into a crack like an abyss!

The four people's mastery combat skills collided with Lin Chen's "Sura's Fury"!

The moment before, everything was scornful.

At the next moment, a shocking energy storm sweeps across the sky island!

boom! boom! boom! Boom~!

A terrifying bombing, if space is reversed, time and space reversed!

The sky island belonging to the 4th fighting site, an island with a range of 10 million people, was shattered into several pieces by a huge energy storm at this moment!

The crystal wall of the space cracked thousands of miles apart, spreading all the way. The airflow collapsed and continued to sink towards the center of the explosion.

Any light close to the direction of the No. 4 fighting field becomes distorted and dim!

In that time and space, it seems that even the light can't enter, becoming the most chaotic area between heaven and earth!

The whole Tiange Academy is clearly audible!

"Not good! If you continue to fight like this, the whole college will suffer serious losses!"

The elders of Yuan Zunjing looked grim. At this time, no one could go up to block the five people who started the war!

Many students haven't had time to be shocked yet, several figures were quickly killed from the chaotic space!

As the first person, the green dragon was beside him, the silver robe rolled over, and he was like a **** of war, and a dragon gun went straight into the center of the four!

Holding the Wulong Dynasty imperial gun in hand, Lin Chen fought and rushed all the way along with the phantom avatar, fighting with four Zixun ranks!

The five were caught in an unprecedented scuffle, with afterimages all over the sky, swordsmanship, swordsmanship, and dagger shadows.

All the students were dumbfounded!

With the four major purple honors as opponents, Lin Chen was not afraid, and did not fall down at all!

The five people are fighting at a fast speed, and the blue dragon guards the battle. Wherever it passes, the void is shattered, the sky is dark, the airflow collapses and turns, as if the end is coming!

"They hit outside the college!"

"Finished, they are going to Lingzhou!"

"Elder Zheng, what should I do!"

Some elders were anxious, and more and more mentors and elders stopped the affairs at hand and gathered outside the No. 4 fighting field.

"Go and inform the retired elders, we alone can't stop them!"

The elder Zheng seriously said that it was their full power to protect the students now!

If you want to stop these five people, you must have six powerful players with four or more levels!

Nowadays, a large number of mentors and senior elders are out, and only the elders who have awakened the retreat are too old!


Outside Tiange Academy; 30,000 miles from the Great Desolation!

In the void, the four Zixun class looked at each other, trying to spread away and drag Lin Chen's actions.

The space shuddered suddenly, and two phantom phantoms formed immediately!


"Was he able to perform two such strong avatars?"

Long Xiangyu and Ye Juesheng exclaimed in unison!

In addition to the previous avatar, Lin Chen spent a total of 2 intermediate rune energy to display three phantom avatars!

"Dark Dragon Palm!"

The palm is like a star pendant, and the two phantom phantoms are used to display the dark dragon palm. At the same time, three people except Fu Wanquan are shocked!

"Pole Shadow Meteor!"

"Baigen fighting dragon!"

Fu Wanquan cut off the sky with a sword, and a sword like a meteor flashed out!

Lin Chen swiftly danced the golden war gun, urged by the Golden Tribulation Warfare; countless Geng Jin guns and hoops danced together, strangling with the impenetrable sword shadow!

"Sura's Fury!"


The Shura golem of the phantom phantom suddenly burst into a spiritual shock that shattered the mountains and rivers, and bombarded with Mo Feng's dark golden sword!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

"Magic dragon swallows the sky claws!" Long Xiangyu shook out one claw, and the black dragon's breath turned into five claw marks and the dragon's breath blue blade shocked the sky!

The sword's qi is not vertical and horizontal, and the shadows of the wind-like legs pass by like a blade, and the shadow is not visible, and the speed is unimaginable!

"Dark Shadow Wind Demon Legs!" Phantom Doppelganger flashed very fast, and the legs were swept out like a whip as the Thunder Fighting Thunder spell was used!

Ye Juesheng's horizontal knife slashed, breaking the broken wind leg shadow!

The phantom avatar is like a glimpse of the floating light, and the war body of wind robbery and thunder robbery urges.

Its body method is like a moving shadow of thunder, and countless cracked wind shadows are like a violent wind and rain, and he is surrounded by Ye Juesheng!

He immediately held the knife in his backhand, wandered back, chopped, chopped, turned the blade, cut horizontally, all in one go!

A large number of sword flowers blooming like a screen flower cut off countless cracking wind shadows surrounding him!

Ye Juesheng hasn't breathed yet, and the speed of his legs like lightning flashes from all directions!

"Damn, how could his avatar be so strong!"

Ye Jue was so angry that he gritted his teeth, and the sword in his hand burst out, and the knife kept on!

A gray-white rung phantom disillusioned in Lin Chen's palm, Fu Wanquan's pupils who were fighting Lin Chen's deity were trembling, suddenly burst into shock!

"Quickly display defensive skills!"

As soon as the words fell, Fu Wanquan played the lore sword technique, and a sword whirls out.

Everyone just urged the fighting spirit, Lin Chen burst out!

"Slow rune!"

At 2 o'clock, the rune energy of the intermediate level disappeared, and four gray and white runes descended from the sky, suppressing the ages!


The fighting spirit of the four was suddenly suppressed by five or six tenths, and the fighting power was greatly reduced!

Fu Wanquan's premature killing of a sword was swiftly slashed, and one sword repulsed Lin Chen's two avatars, and was pierced by the Wulong Dynasty's imperial gun hole!

The golden war gun suddenly swiped into the void, Geng Jin Qimang strangled the four people, and swept them away with one shot!


The four of them fell like a meteor, and crashed into several mountain peaks from the high altitude outside the great wasteland, and broke the large array of protectors!

"Who is sacred, dare to destroy my guardian of the Xiaoyao Building...Huh? This is not the celestial princes of the Purple Order of Tiange Academy, Mo Feng, Fu Wanquan, Ye Juesheng?"

The lord of Xiaoyao Lou was stunned when he saw the four people falling in his own territory!

Before the reaction came, a blue dragon came into the world, and the silver-robed young man held the golden dragon gun and aimed at the four of them!

With a single shot, crush a mountain of clouds and tear the earth apart like a python-like crack!

After failing to take care of the injuries in the body, the four of them broke through Lin Chen's slow spell and used their methods to retreat to the sky!

Suddenly, there was another fierce battle in the void, and the five-person method flashed vertically. While moving at a high speed, the battle was endless!

Wherever he went, the whole world suddenly fell into a dire fight!

In this scene, everyone in the Xiaoyaolou sect was stunned!