My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Ambush

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Chapter 39, Ambush!

"Hey, my sister's acting skills need to be improved. I just didn't look murderous in my eyes."

Lin Chen stood up with a carp and got up from the bed, hehe smiled.

"Thank you this time, as the agreement shows, I owe you two favors. If it is not a matter of betrayal, I can help you."

Bai Ruoyan's answer made Lin Chen pretend to look at her figure frivolously, and smirked: "Can anything really help me."

"Oh, maybe include the things your men think."

Bai Ruoyan seemed to be a smile, not a smile, with a dangerous light in her beautiful eyes, to restore part of her cultivation, but it was no longer the object of the previous Ren Linchen's teasing.

"When I improve, I should be able to get rid of more toxins, maybe my sister will need to find me later."

Lin Chen's answer made Bai Ruoyan happy; "Can you get rid of my toxins in the future?"

"If the cultivation base is improved, it should be no problem."

"In this case, you hold this star jade, if you encounter any danger in the wilderness, you can crush it, I will rush to you as soon as possible, of course, help is also owed In the human relationship~"

Bai Ruoyan handed Lin Chen a thumb-sized star jade. He took it and smiled.

"no problem."

Although the time with Lin Chen is not long, Bai Ruoyan deeply feels this young man's extraordinary, no wonder he will stir up turbulence in this city of all spirits.

"Brother Lin Chen, did you pass the Wanling City this time, was it because of the invitation letter from Tiange Academy?"

"Invitation letter from Tiange Academy? What is that?"

Lin Chen's stunned look surprised Bai Ruoyan. Does anyone in this deserted area even know Tiange Academy?

"You don't even know Tiange Academy? That is the oldest and highest quality institution in Lingzhou. There are independent colleges in 24 domains. In Tiange Academy, there are peerless geniuses in the entire wasteland. Only Hold an invitation letter to take the entrance exam for Tiange Academy."

Bai Ruoyan's hands were flicked, and an invitation letter with a jade envelope appeared in his hand.

"I thought you came for it. I didn't expect that you didn't even know Tiange Academy?"

Lin Chen's eyes lit up and asked in surprise, "Isn't that the master in the college like a cloud?"

"It's not just masters like the cloud, among the more than 10 billion people in the wilderness, the top martial geniuses among the ten million are all gathered in the Tiange Academy. If they can stand out in it, it will stand above hundreds of millions of people."

Bai Ruoyan chuckled, Lin Chen seemed to think of his goal.

"Miss Bai Ruoyan, I don't know if you can give me this invitation."

Hearing Lin Chens request, Bai Ruoyandais eyebrows were crooked like a moon, and he smiled and said, "The invitation letter can be given to you, but it must be counted as my favor."

"This, that will do!"

Lin Chen took the invitation, and the more powerful the place, the more he could find the attribute light ball! Tiange Academy is the best choice for yourself now!

When I saw myself so quickly, I returned a favor. Bai Ruoyan was in a good mood. Lin Chen took the opportunity to ask her questions about Tiange Academy.

After talking with Bai Ruoyan for a period of time, Lin Chen stayed in the city's main palace again, refining all the attribute light **** and many cards he had before!


Three days later; in the secret room of the main palace.

Lin Chen sat cross-legged and opened the system, listing his many attributes.

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivated as: psychic realm double

Ultimate strength: 39,200 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 13.72 million points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 554 thousand points.

Mental Strength: 16228 points.

The essence of exercises: 52428 points.

Mind Method: Chaos Five Spirits (19%)

Xihui exercises: Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousands of Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Thousand Swords, Ten Thousand Spirits Pills, Mystic Fire, Eight Swords and Mysterious Fires, 19th Thousand Swords, 19 Thousands of Souls, Three Swords of the Demon King, Three Kings' Seal, and Taishi Bible (3%) .

Owned items (Reminder): Seven Star Soul Rifle, True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (5%)

Possess blood energy: Qinglong blood vein (145 points), Zijin pupil blood vein (10000 points)

Character Rune: Slow Rune Level 1, Corrupt Rune Level 1, (8520 Rune Power)

The energy of each element: 72281 points in the fire system, 67312 points in the soil system, 76725 points in the wood system, 67511 points in the gold system, and 82448 points in the water system.

Lin Chen opened his eyes suddenly, and behind him spawned a pair of burning wings with purple flames, three feet wide and more than a foot long.

Ziyan's wings flicked a little, setting off the terrifying sound of storms and roaring, raising the temperature of the entire chamber by more than ten times!

"With this True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing, my ability to escape has more than doubled than before."

Lin Chen's power of this real flame purple phoenix wing is now only less than 6% of its power; with Lin Chen's current level of physical refining, if fully urged, the real flame purple phoenix wing will instantly evacuate Lin Chen Qi and blood.

Put away the Zhenyan Purple Phoenix Wing, Lin Chen left the Chamber of Secrets, and the things to be done in Wanling City have been completed. This time he will go to Tiange Academy!

Pushing open the door of the secret room, Lin Chen saw a group of people in the corridor outside the secret room have been waiting for a long time.

"Friend Lin Chen! You can figure it out."

The people waiting outside were Shangguan Yunfan and others. They were afraid that the city's main palace would be detrimental to Lin Chen. They actually came here and waited for Lin Chen.

"People, I just closed here for a few days. The city owner treated me very well, don't worry."

Lin Chen shrugged, and then said to Shangguan Yunfan; "Senior Yunfan, please say something to Miss Shangguan Bihan for me."

"you are leaving?"

Shangguan Yunfan was taken aback. Lin Chen's kindness to their Shangguan family was as great as Mount Tai, and he was leaving before he had repaid it well?

"Yes, I got an invitation letter from Tiange Academy from the city owner, and I plan to register."

Lin Chen smiled, Shangguan Yunfan thoughtfully, after a moment of pondering, nodded and said: "Since this, I will not leave you friends, the entrance exam for Tiange Academy will be held in the near future, it is not good to delay ."

"Here is a bit of the Shangguan family's wishes, and please don't refuse it."

Shangguan Yunfan handed Lin Chen a high-quality Naling ring. The accommodation space alone was several times larger than Lin Chens current use.

"Then thank you Senior Yunfan."

Lin Chen took it, said goodbye to the Shangguan family, and left the city's main palace.

Because of his reputation and influence in Wanling City, Lin Chen had to put on a cloak to cover up the truth when he went out.

Returning to the inn, Lin Chen took the Jiao horse and embarked on the road to leave Wanling City.


Night; outside the city of all spirits.

Withered wood forest hundreds of miles away; Lin Chen galloped galloping horses galloping.

Suddenly, Lin Chen's pupil flashed a gleam of purple and gold, and he was about to step into the dry wood forest and he immediately stopped.

"All of you, since you have followed me for so long, you should show up."

Leaping from the horseback, Lin Chen chuckled in the face of silence.

He patted the horse's buttocks with a palm, so that the Jiao horse screamed and rushed straight into the dead wood forest.

The night breeze was slightly cool; Lin Chen stood alone outside the dead wood forest. After a while, a dark shadow slowly wriggled in the darkness, and then began to emerge many silhouettes one after another!