My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 390

Chapter 390: Lingzhou Shake

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Chapter 390

"What is the origin of this boy, my god, am I wrong?"

"He dared to single out the four Purple Orders of Tiange Academy by himself? But each one compares to the ancient arrogance of the Son and Saint!"

All of Xiaoyaolou fell into a blank brain!

Lingzhou; Blood Prison City.

On this day, there were no clouds, but it was a thunderbolt!

The thunderous explosion shook the entire height of the Blood Prison City, terrified by hundreds of millions of civilians, and thought they encountered Tianwei trial!

In the Blood Prison City, the master of the two-tiered Realm of Realm is doing such wonderful things between men and women. Before he is finished, he is shocked by this momentum that is tens of thousands of miles away!

He was not well-dressed, and he held a banging hammer in his hand, and he rushed out of the city with great force, scolding the sky,

"Fuck, which dog thief dared to offend me in Blood Prison City...My day! Hurry up and open the moat!"

The Lord of the Blood Prison City had not been angry for three seconds, seeing a raging battle between thousands of miles away, he was suddenly scared and numb!

He shouted three times in a row to start the moat, and the high-level in the city started immediately, and the light blue bowl-shaped shield shrouded the whole blood prison city!

"I am your uncle! A bunch of rice buckets! I have not entered yet!"

The lord, who was blocked outside the blood prison city, was cold and sweating and hurriedly fled!

Sigh~! boom! !

The sky collapsed, the sky cracked! On that day, the residents of the Blood Prison City saw an unforgettable scene of eternal life!

"Sura's Fury!"

"Dark Dragon Palm!"

"Wanquan Yinyue!"

"Huang Quan's Claws!"

The sword light bends like a moon, the sword light shines vertically, and a death claw from **** bombards the violent and overbearing spiritual element!

The blue dragon dances violently, the figures flicker longitudinally, the five figures are intertwined and flickering, the residual figures are all over the sky, and the melee fights together!

Everyone's strength is far beyond their imagination!

When some of the strong men saw the clue, they were frightened. They vaguely saw that one of them singled out the other four at the same time.

Lingzhou; Yunlong Mountains.

"Hahaha, the old man's Yunling Tianlong finally broke through the sixth order! Now, my Yunlong Sect is one step closer to the first-class forces!"

In the void; thousands of feet of snow-white clouds are entrenched, the dragon is magnificent, and the wind is majestic.

The elders of the Yunlong Sect were drinking together!

"Congratulations to Sect Master, He Xi Sect Master!"


As a thunder bursts, the sky is torn apart, a green dragon is born, and five extremely fast flashing figures appear above tens of thousands of feet!

The terrifying energy fluctuations rushed to the Yunlong Sect like a frenzy, and the unprecedented Yunling Tianlong at that moment, prostrate and tremble like a bug on the next moment!

The yellow smelly liquid came out, and that Yunling Tianlong was scared to pee on the spot?

The other strong men of Yunlong Sect were so scared that they could not move at all in the scuffle of the melee that flew across the sky!

Western Region of Lingzhou; Huatian Mountain, Bahuang Temple, Holy Dragon Gate, Chiyue Lake, Xuanying Sword School...

Northern Territory of Lingzhou; Broken Sword Gate, Wuxiang Pavilion, Demon Tiger Sect, Xuantian Treasure Hall, Silver Moon Sword Gate, Hanyu Palace...

The five hit the Western Region from Tiange Academy, and hit the Northern Region all the way!

Countless first-class forces have been affected unprecedentedly and are involved in the aftermath of this battle!

Although there were no casualties, any denomination suffered unprecedented fear!

This day; Lingzhou is changing, and the world is shaking!

Some people recognized the identity of four of the five, that is, the four most popular purple medals in Tiange Academy this year!

"what is happening?"

"How did the four Zixun class students of Tiange Academy fight?"

"Who is the man who fought them! What the **** happened!"

"Quick! Quickly send someone to Tiange Academy to ask why!"

"Grass! These little rabbits ruined my entire mountain range. Lao Tzu would like to see how Tiange Academy pays me Wuxiangge!"


Xuantian Baodian in the northern region of Lingzhou.

Two treasure hall ancestors who were shocked by the fighting sound stood stunned in the void!

The second elder looked at the mountains that had turned into ruins in front of them, and the many treasures that had been razed to the ground.

"Whoever ate the bear heart leopard gall, and dare to come to my Xuantian treasure hall to make trouble!"

An ancestor with four levels of Yuanzun realm rushed to the crown and questioned the contemporary hall master.

The temple master smiled bitterly and reported truthfully-"Ancestor, several students from Tiange Academy are fighting."

Hearing this, the second elder was even more ignorant!

Students fighting?

All four mountains were razed to the ground; this **** is a student fight?

If the ancestors who had died knew that this Nima was not so angry that the coffin board had to fly!

"Your mother-in-law calls students to fight?"

"I did his grandma's job, and I went to get all these little rabbits back!"

The Lord of the Temple hugged his elder, the elder of the house, and said in cold sweat-"My good elder, please don't provoke those little ancestors, you can't stop them!"

"My dazzling Yuanzun Realm is fourfold, how many ghosts can I stop?"

"They just levelled our mountains in a few tricks!"



On this day, the entire Lingzhou south, west, and north regions suddenly overturned the sky!

An unprecedented storm swept through more than half of Lingzhou!

Tiange Academy; ten hours after the battle between Lin Chen and others.

"How do you compensate for our losses!"

"The disciples in my door were injured more than a hundred, and even the secret realm of cultivation was destroyed!"

"Huang Yu Palace's Guanghan Spiritually damaged more than half, resulting in more than half of its disciples being unable to practice. Who will bear this loss for your college!"

More and more powerful people arrived at Tiange Academy to sue.

If it hadnt been strong in the college, the experience of many elders would be extraordinary, temporarily stabilizing all the powerful people who came to complain.

However, the number of strong complaints increased one after another, and finally Elder Zheng felt scalp numbness!

Where did those five people hit? This is almost all the first-class forces in Lingzhou!

"If you go on like this, the whole Lingzhou will be upset by these little rabbits!"

"A few elders haven't left the gate yet?"

Hundreds of streamers crossed across the sky just as many elders were ready to stabilize the situation!

A breath of arrogance, suppressing the eternal figure arrived at the college and landed in the sky.

The strongmen who came to demand compensation suddenly fell into silence!

This group of figures are all senior elders of the college!

Each of them has extremely strong strength in Yuanzun Realm!

If there were two or three of these high-level executives at the scene, Lin Chen and others would not be able to fight at that time!

The elders who are waiting hard to see the seniors who have returned are even more tearful!

"Huh? It's so lively. Is this what happened? Why did everyone come to my college as a guest?"

"Hi! What happened, how was the No. 4 fighting field demolished!"

Some senior elders had just returned and felt uncomfortable. They immediately asked.

"Elder Yao, you are back, our students are fighting!"

Elder Zheng wiped an old tear and said quickly.

"Student fights? What kind of destructive power can a student fight? Could it be Zi Xun?"

The white-haired elder Yao frowned.

"Not only the Zi Xun class, but all the Zi Xun classes have fought against that Lin Chen student!"

Elder Zheng's answer made the senior executives who had just returned to the college brow!

Simply talk about the cause and effect, the seniors looked horrified, and their expressions were very exciting!