My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 391

Chapter 391: Associate Dean ?

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Chapter 391: Vice President! ?

Especially the white loli dream Qian Mo, the expression is more solemn!

She didn't expect that when she went out to consult and prepare for the meeting, she wouldn't protect everyone in Class 66 because of the trouble of Zi Xun!

Each of the Zi Xun levels is a treasure among the treasures of the academy, and there is no room for failure!

Losing any of them is a loss for the entire college!

Not to mention Lin Chen who dared to pick one out of four! His value is even more important than the Zi Xun level!

"What's going on, noisy."

"Tiange Academy is based on the mainland of Lingzhou for tens of thousands of years. Wouldn't you lose the system of the college like this?

At this time, two elders in black and white clothes slowly emerged, serious criticism.

Their figure is somewhat illusory, as if there is no such world at all!

"It's the black and white mystery of Tiange Academy!"

"It's a terrible atmosphere. It is said that they were already half-step royal realm thousands of years ago?"

Those strong parties who came to demand compensation couldn't help swallowing their saliva.

"Have seen Xuan Lao!"

Many high-level executives immediately reported their fists and reported back to the original story.

The two old men looked at each other, and they saw each other's glorious eyes in one another's eyes.

"There are still such wonderful things. It's not a big deal. It's not a big deal. Let's all go out and bring those little guys back."


As many high-level leaders lead their lives, there is another white light between heaven and earth!

"Let me go, Lingzhou hasn't been this lively for many years. I didn't expect that this time I would be alarmed by so many denominations because of my Tiange Academy."

As the elegant and ethereal woman's voice floats, the heroes are shocked!

Including the black and white Xuan Lao is no exception, their bodies tremble, respectfully give a fist to the void!

"Have seen the vice president!"

The powerful of other forces are shocked to see.

In the void; that elegant white dress with beautiful shadows, dreams and blurs, as if hiding in the clouds and mist, illusory and unseen!

Deputy Dean of Tiange College! Really powerful emperor!

The emperor was angry, and heaven and earth bowed!

Moreover, according to legend, she had been a war emperor's existence 10,000 years ago, and now no one can see her realm.

"The deputy dean turned out because of this kind of thing!"

"Although the Zixun class is outstanding, it is not worth paying attention to by the deputy dean of this level!"

"Everyone who doesn't become an emperor is a cloud. When the old man became the rank of Zi Xun, the deputy dean never asked me!"

When many high-level dark centers were shocked, the beautiful eyes of the dreams flashed with surprise!

"The deputy dean must have left Lin Chen! Throughout the ages, no student has been able to challenge the four Zixun ranks under his contemporaries!"

"Lin Chen's potential, even the vice president was alarmed!"

The dreams of Meng Qianmo's heart flooded the sea.

She knew very well that when she became Zi Xun, she was fortunate enough to meet the vice-president. The vice-president just glanced at her indifferently!

"Leave this matter to me, you are responsible for checking the compensation for the losses of all parties."

The deputy dean passed away in a flash, and she went out in person. The storm inside everyone suddenly returned to calm.

It was shot by the powerful emperor, and was also the dean of Tiange Academy.

Not to mention the five students, even if the five Yuan Zunjing Jiuzhong, she can easily come back!


The five stayed in a giant city in the northern region!

At first; Ye Juesheng wanted Lin Chen to pay his life, and Fu Wanquan wanted to dig out Lin Chen's secret.

Long Xiangyu was unwilling to fight, but Mo Feng wanted to get rid of Lin Chen.

The four Zixun ranks fought for each at the beginning, but as the battle continued, they became more aware of Lin Chen's horror!

If Lin Chen is allowed to grow up, there is no doubt that he will surpass the four of them!

At that time, once the order is placed and singled out, no one of the four will be his opponent.

Lin Chen's killing heart has been revealed, he is to kill three people except Fu Wanquan!

They hit all the way from the south to the north, and finally, when they saw the nine sacred marks at the heart of Lin Chen's eyebrows, the hearts of the four people were unanimous and decided to kill Lin Chen!

This battle was provoked by Lin Chen. Even if they killed Lin Chen, there was nothing to say about the return of the high-level inside the academy!

At this time; in the northern region of Lingzhou, Taihao City is tens of thousands of feet above the sky!

Today's Taihao City, many powerful people are alarmed! Even the ancient family is no exception!

The battle between the Purple Orders of Tiange Academy has been rare for a long time, let alone the four Purple Orders playing against one person!

"I remember, the fifth person is Lin Chen!"

"It was Lin Chen who killed the four heavenly kings in that second! He was born, and he also fought against the four Zixun grades of Tiange Academy?"

In Taihao City, there are a lot of arrogances that once entered the Holy Fire, because this is the area in charge of the Dan family!

"He actually came here..."

Dan Qianqiu, who once ventured with Lin Chen, happened to be in Taihao City with many teachers and sisters!

Qian eyes stared at the figure in the void, the colorful flashing.

In the void, the five figures each have their own side.

"Don't you run away? It seems that you decided to kill me together with four people, right."

Lin Chen sneered after wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Each of these four Zixun ranks is one or two grades better than the son Son Lin Chen has played with.

In the secret realm of purgatory, they have the opportunity to call this life the most significant.

Although the four are only the middle and late stages of Yuanzunjing. But the combat power is infinitely close to the four levels of Yuanzun Realm, only within a few centimeters!

If one-on-one, Lin Chen is confident that he will win any of them within a hundred rounds.

But if they join forces, the difficulty is not as simple as one plus one.

For the time being, Fu Wanquan ignored the other three, Lin Chen would not let go of what he said today!

"I cut him three ways, and his tricky marksmanship will be given to me, Long Xiangyu, you get the green dragon, and the rest will be handed over to Mo Feng and Ye Juesheng who are good at assassination!"

"Once he casts the metaphysics of that mystery. You can just attack with all your strength, and his avatar will take some damage and disappear!"

Fu Wanquan chewed a panacea and said, although everyone was uncomfortable with his command, everyone's goal was the same.

Deciding on a good plan, Fu Wanquan threw his Wanquan sword out of the sky and divided four blue-meter sword shadows of four thousand meters in length!

"Four Elephants Lock Spirit Sword!"

The four-handed Blu-ray Sword Shadow is in full swing, the Sword Shadow Tour is scattered, there is no track to capture, and the Lin Chen is swept by the speed!

"Swordsmanship that I haven't used just now, are you desperate. Just what I want!"

Swing the gun with both hands, the Golden Tribulation Warrior wields countless gold horses through the war gun, and transforms the dragon tail, dragon claw, and dragon tooth! Crazy resist the four-handed sword shadow!

At this moment, the four of them moved in unison, Fu Wanquan made another sword, and the transparent sword cone was shot away!

The purple phoenix wings flapped, and Lin Chen officially launched the second state of the "Tao Gang Dou Lei" body method; Ta Gang moved!