My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 392

Chapter 392: A Historic Moment

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Chapter 392, A Historic Moment!

"Dark Dragon PalmSevenfold Dark Dragon Power!"


The speed of Lin Chenshi's "Tao Gang Removal" method has been improved to a higher level, making Ye Juesheng and Mo Feng's expression slightly change!

Lin Chen moved between the light and flint behind the two of them, with a palm and a shot, the momentum was tremendous!

However, at this juncture, any accident is possible, because everyone has a hand!

"WanhunSen Magic Knife!" Moqi Daoman flashed across, and the knife was vertical and horizontal, even the light was swallowed into it!

"Prison Dragon Armor!" Dark golden dragon helmet armor protects Mo Feng's whole body!

Bang~! Boom~!

The two took Lin Chen's attack separately, and both sides retreated dozens of steps in the void!

Long Xiangyu transforms into a dragon, and the dragon claws shoot continuously, shaking the galaxy! Fight together with the ancient Qinglong, and retreat the Qinglong again and again, and the dragon scale will burst!

Ancient Qinglong's strength is up to the triple early stage. Without the help of Phantom Doppelganger, it is far from Long Xiangyu's opponent!

"Qinglong is back!"

The ancient Qinglong was transformed into a blue light into Lin Chen's body. Lin Chen's pure power broke through 29500 Dragon Power in an instant!

"Qinglong and Phantom split only to prevent you from escaping. Since you decided to fight dead, I will accompany Lin Chen to the end!"

Lin Chen drank suddenly, the third change of Shura Jiuhuang's change was born! His morale is soaring again!

Intermediate rune energy drops by 6 points! Lin Chen left 10 intermediate rune energy at once!

At the moment when the three phantom avatars emerged, Lin Chen shoved!

"A slow rune that is comparable to the 300 million elementary rune energy! Lao Tzu can't hold you!"

The gray-white fulu descended from the sky and calmed Mo Feng on the spot!


Superimposing the magic cloak and the purple phoenix wings, Lin Chen's tread gang moves so fast!

Almost at the moment when the slow rune merged into Mo Feng's body, Lin Chen flashed, and the golden spear burst out!

He wants to break one by one, kill Mo Feng first!

When almost three people reacted, they were about to support Mo Feng, and the three phantom avatars arrived in a flash!

The dark dragon palm and the **** shadow wind magic leg suddenly broke out, the three of them couldn't help with Mo Feng!

"Damn, how could this secret technique of the **** be so strong?"

Mo Feng's expression was terrified, and the golden dagger crossed in front of him, trying to forcibly block Lin Chen's shot!

Dang ~! Click!

The five dragon dynasty guns pierced his dagger and cracked several cracks!

The terrible pure strength and strength penetrated his body, and the sharp gas of Gengjin shattered his defensive armor on the spot!

At this time, Lin Chen showed the third weight of the Jiuhuang transformation, plus the dragon's 29500 dragon power, his shot was not as simple as before!

Several attributes of the light ball fell and suspended, Lin Chen decided to ignore it!

"I don't want to die yet! Shit, what the **** is this!"

When Mo Feng vomited blood, his heart was almost mad, even though he was running full strength, only less than 30% of the fighting spirit was broken through the slow restraint!

Lin Chen swung quickly, only three shots, crushing all his life-saving cards!

30% of the fighting spirit can't stop Lin Chen from breathing!

Reminiscing that this guy pushed himself into the Tomb of the 100 Tombs, Lin Chen could not wait to kill him soon!

"Die to Lao Tzu!"

In the last shot, Lin Chen stabbed hard at his heart!

Dang ~!

Jianmang Zang shot, came straight, blocked Lin Chen's gunpoint, is Fu Wanquan's Wanquan sword!

His whole body was shimmering with blood, and apparently some secret methods were used to break through the envelop of Phantom Doppelganger!

"I'll block him, you will recover soon!"

Fu Wanquan drank coldly, and Wanquan sword broke the shadow of the sword that covered the sky and cut the moon to Lin Chen!

"You want to die too, don't you?" Lin Chen's voice was sharp, and his eyes were sharp!

The five dragon dynasty lances stab with lightning, the gas of Gengjin shattered the void, and the thorns turned into picks, turned picks into smashing, and blocked countless sword shadows!

The shooting technique of "Tiangeng Against the Dragon" was perfect, and Lin Chen began to suppress Fu Wanquan in front of her!

On the other side, the two men forcibly stopped the three phantom avatars, and Mo Feng chewed the elixirs madly, not paying attention to the others.

He devoured energy refining madly, trying to force out the shackles of slow runes!

Fu Wanquan was more shocked during the war!

I have used two top-level blue-level swordsmanship, plus a banned trick "Blood Demon", the strength has temporarily doubled!

But as strong as this, he is still just a face-to-face, he actually fell into the disadvantages!

The third weight of Jiuhuang's transformation plus 29,500 dragon powers made Lin Chen's strength soar by one or two grades!

Fu Wanquan delusional and Lin Chen fight close, is simply not an opponent!

In less than seventy rounds, he was already covered in blood!

All of them were injured by Lin Chen's Golden Tribulation, Thunder Tribulation Lightning Tribulation and Geng Jin Qi attached to the spearpoint!


Just when Fu Wanquan could not hold on, Mo Feng finally broke the shackles of the slow rune, and his backhand was to wave the dark gold dagger!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and he moved away, and one flicked back!

At this time, his three phantom avatars were repulsed by Ye Jiesheng and Long Xiangyu who showed all his cards!

The Phantom Doppelganger cannot replicate the state of the ancient Qinglong possession, so only the strength of Lin Chen's body is the pure power.

Facing the firepower of the two, although they can fight, they can't do it like Lin Chen suppressing Fu Wanquan.

When they saw that Lin Chen was running his mind again, and he was eager to supplement with aura, the four of them were thrilled!

"Don't ink with him, don't keep it, one move to determine victory and defeat! We are not his opponent in a long battle!"

At this moment, Ye Juesheng suddenly drank, and the other three broke out in a battle spirit, striding across half of the city of Taihao!

"Want to work hard, I can't ask for it! I'll let you die happy later!"

Lin Chen's war-like intentions, the brutal killing intentions passed through the eyebrows, and the level 4 charge runes plus level 4 slow runes began to brew!

The three phantom avatars mobilized different fighting energies and transformed them into different celestial battle bodies!

"Senrow Wanjian!"

Fu Wanquan's head appeared in the light of the tens of thousands of sword lights, condensing into a round of extremely fast rotating sword light!

"Bone Bone Dragon Claw!"

Long Xiangyu was transformed into a ghost bone dragon, his hands turned into claws, and the left and right shots were smashed out. Ten claw marks of dragon marks torn the vast void, and torn off the sides of Lin Chen!

"Ghost Shadow Seven Flashes!"

Mo Feng's bizarre and unpredictable flashes of seven ghostly flashes burst into the void, unbelievable!

The unexplained vertical flashes of different awns, a series of seven flashes, are nowhere to be found!

"Crazy Dragon Slayer Knife!"

Ye Juesheng held up the war sword with both hands, and cut it out diagonally. The track of the knife mark was like a half-moon turned.

All the powerful players in Taihao City, the masters were intent.

No one wants to miss this historic moment!

At the same time, one person was fighting alone with four Zixun ranks, not to mention Tiange Academy.

Even if it is placed in the history of Lingzhou, no one can do it in the searchable history of more than 100,000 years!

Whether successful or not, this will be a historic moment!

Is it falling, or is it a legend?