My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 393

Chapter 393: The God Of Heaven Is A Hammer

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Chapter 393 ! !

Lin Chens mid-level rune energy once again consumed 1 point, and all the avatars, including the deity, were enabled with level 4 charge runes!

The thousand-height Shura golem has three heads and six arms, disillusioned on the top of the phantom avatar, and its six arms make singing gestures.

At this moment; the golem is like a raging dragon, and suddenly bursts out a spiritual shock that smashes the mountain and river, slamming against the rapidly rotating sword wheel!

The second and third phantom avatars jumped into the air at the same time, performing the Tao Gang shifting!

Two avatars urge the wind robbery, thunder robbery war body, endless wind and thunder and lightning!

"Hell Wind Demon!"

The vast and violent wind robbery is raging, rotating rapidly, with Lin Chen's avatar as the center, scrolling the two beams of the storm!

Two bundles of wind-robbed dragons came like hell, and fell like lightning to the ten dragon marks and snow patterned swords!

"This combat skill is not enough to watch ten more moves!"

Lin Chen's Zijin pupil and spiritual power explored a little, and the seven different monks lurking in the sky suddenly appeared real!

They are like a serpentine snake, flexible and swimming, and they are constantly changing and lasing in a tricky direction!

"Tiangeng fighting dragon!"

The five dragon dynasty lances stabbed out like lightning, and the flurry of five-color gun shadows bloomed like screen flowers!

Each Gengjin Gunmang turns into an encircling circle, all seven Qimangs are gathered into a parcel, and the sharp Gengjinli air pierces the void, directly destroying the 7 Yimangs into nothingness!

It seems as if mud bulls are entering the sea, they can't afford any waves!


Mo Feng exclaimed incredulously, his attack was so simple that Lin Chen turned into nothingness?

The sharp Gengjin spear appeared in the void, and after annihilating the seven different awns, such as the violent sky, all the retreats of Mo Feng were blocked!

"No, no, Lin Chen, you can't kill me! I'm Zi Xun..."

Mo Feng was suddenly submerged in the sky of golden gun shadows, leaving only a Naling ring and a few attribute light balls!

The 29500 Dragon Power plus the Golden Tribulation Warfare body is superimposed with a 4th-level charge rune. With the five dragon dynasty emperor emperor, this attack issued by Lin Chens body is almost only possible in Yuanzunjings mid-fourth stage. !

The attacks of Lin Chen and his three avatars were issued almost simultaneously!

In the moment when Mo Feng was annihilated, the entire Taihao City exploded into a blast of heaven and earth!

The power spread to thousands of miles, and the energy storm set off a frenzy, which is tens of thousands of huge!

The energy frenzy keeps on tumbling, like the sun that is condensing on the horizon is constantly expanding!

Lin Chen's intermediate rune energy suddenly dropped by 7 points, and a gray rune with thousands of feet shook Qiankun, and time and space were slow!

This last move, the "Slow Rune", blocked the other three Zi Xun ranks on the spot! The little remaining fighting in the whole body can't work anymore!

The three phantom avatars disappeared together and were annihilated by aftermath!

At this moment, Lin Chen wore a magic cloak, cast Wanyuexuan Town Armor, held the five dragon dynasty emperor gun, stepped and moved to show it, and slid into the energy storm alone!

A dragon gun cuts off the energy storm, tearing the void, Lin Chen shoots one person, breaking through the vast energy storm!

He ignored the aftermath of the energy storm and slammed it all down, urging the body again and again!

"No, don't! Lin Chen, I'm willing to call you king!"-Long Xiangyu asked for mercy in the energy storm.

"Lin Chen! I know it's wrong, I shouldn't pretend to be your secret, you let me go, I will let the Fu family give you a lot of high-level exercises and treasures!"

Fu Wanquan was blocked most of the fighting by the slow runes. At this time, Lin Chen approached and panicked!

"Lin Chen, don't fight, don't fight! I still have the inheritance coordinates of several strong men, don't kill me, I will give you all!"

Ye Juesheng was so terrified that he fell on his knees and begged for mercy on the spot!

They didn't expect that Lin Chen would fight with them for so long, and they could still use such a fierce attack to take their full blow!

"Please beg for mercy after going to hell!"

Lin Chen was bathed in blood, and stepped to move again, like a jumping space!

Geng Jin's spear shadow, like a golden lightning, passes through the space between the three, and penetrates all!

Many powerful people only felt a flash of lightning, and when they watched it carefully, the blood spattered into the sky!

As the aftermath of the energy storm dissipated, the five-colored dragon vigorously wandered inside the gun body, the silver robe rolled over, and the dragon gun was in hand. He slowly lowered the void.

In the void, the powerful who spied on the battle could not help but sigh.

"The whole Tiange Academy, no, the whole Lingzhou, it's going to change!"

"This child is unparalleled!"

"This is the new king of the new era!"

Even an elegant white figure in white clothes proudly standing in the void, gazing at the energy storm, could not help but be amazed!

She is the dean of Tiange Academy!

At the beginning, when the vice president arrived here early, he had planned to stop five people.

But with her observation, Lin Chen was more and more surprised and powerful!

Presumably with her eyes, Lin Chen's mental method can transform the fighting spirit into the Heavenly Tribulation Warfare, at least it is also the advanced level of Purple Order!

Secondly, his avatar technique can't even see her! Also, every time Lin Chen exerts his combat skills, his power will soar in his hands!

In the end, his trick "Secret Technique that Makes Space Slow" makes the vice president feel infinite possibilities!

Even, she has a sense of both eyes and eyes. If Lin Chen is given enough time to grow, will it be slow even with time?

The mystery that affects time, even the emperor-level strongman does not!

She saw unlimited possibilities in Lin Chen!

If Lin Chen is stopped in this way, his murderous heart has already appeared, and he is allowed to take it back, which may lead to the Academy directly losing such a peerless genius!

Therefore, this time she chose to watch, and in order to protect the four'moderate' geniuses, it is better to give it a go!

Let them become Lin Chen's stepping stones in exchange for an amazing talent with infinite possibilities!

The energy storm lasted for a long time, and the moment it began to dissipate slowly, everyone saw clearly!

According to the legend, the four purple prince-level arrogances that are comparable to the saints and virgins, leaving only a body or a head, began to fall from the void!

It seems as if the time of heaven and earth is fixed in this scene!

Qinglong flew into the sky and was born! The green dragon was entrenched at the feet of the boy, and he stepped on the dragon's head. The cold starry eyes seemed to contain the sea of stars!

He had a dragon gun in his hand, his silver robe was broken and picturesque, and he was covered in blood, but he was unparalleled in his eyebrows!

His immature face still can't hide his dominance from the world, and the domineering of Kyushu!

All the powerful people in Taihao City and even the civilians who were slightly cultivated stared at this scene dullly.

Seeing this scene, everyone's heart seemed to coincide, only filled with four words!

day! God! under! Where!

The gods are mortal!

Look up at the world invincible!

Let the world go wild!

The vast Kyushu makes me crazy!