My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 394

Chapter 394: 1. The Deputy Dean Shot

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Chapter 394

Taihao City's large array of moats dimmed slightly. In order to resist the aftermath of the five-person collision, it consumed a lot of energy.

[The host gains 16 points of intermediate rune energy, 950 points of intermediate combat spirit essence, 890 points of intermediate qi blood, 180 points of heavenly value,]

[The host gains 2 intermediate gold energy, 2 intermediate fire energy, 2 ignition energy, 80 talent, 100 talent, and gains 12 intermediate skills.]

[The host opens the Qingjing treasure chest and gets 500 points of heavenly rewards.

[The host opens the Qingjing treasure chest and gains 200 gift points.

Lin Chen stood on top of the ancient Qinglong's head, took the Naling Rings and Warcraft dropped by four people, and a large number of attribute light balls. The system light screen popped up again and again.

At this time, Lin Chen was already at the limit of standing, forcibly rushing into the energy storm and killing the other three, Lin Chen was almost bruised.

But if he didn't do this, he would have to pay a more serious price to kill the three.

"It hurts me. If it weren't for the magic cloak, plus the defense power of the flesh shell refining body and the talent of reinforced iron bones, I couldn't even insist on half the time because of the earth robbery and Wan Yuexuan town armor. live."

Lin Chen lifted Shuras Jiuhuang change, panting and sweating like rain.

Fortunately, the skills and treasures gained in this battle are enough to make up for Lin Chen's loss this time!

"He actually killed four Purple Orders who are also sons..."

Under Taihao City, Dan Qianqiu stared dreamily at Lin Chen standing proudly in the void, and his heart shivered.

The elders of the Dan family also see in the eyes, this young man who rises from heaven under the heavens, will be full of Lingzhou after today!

His radiance and legend will shine through the ages and be famous in Kyushu!

The eight major states except Lianlingzhou are enough to be the amazing ancient wizards!

The woman present at the same age as Dan Qianqiu was nothing less than her, staring at Lin Chen's eyes, with a flash of intense splendor.

But this scene was also discovered by the strong Baijia in Taihao City!

"This kid is killing the four heavenly kings in seconds, killing my son Lin Chen from Qi Shengzi in the daytime?"

"Good guys, they are still engaged in infighting, Tiange Academy beats itself?"

"It's not time to say this, this kid is simply a god, and a dozen of four Zixun class students can still kill all four of them!"

"If you give him a certain amount of time, Lingzhou is bound to rise to a powerful person!"

Several elders of Yuanzunjing in the Bai family were also slayed at this time!

At this time, a murderous intent in the void! Make Lin Chenhanmang biting!

"It's such a wickedness at a young age. If you are given another ten years, wouldn't you let you be alone in the world? Now die, and pay my life for the son of the Bai family!"

The obscure old man's voice was just remembered, and the horrific murderous intentions surged across the stream from the east to Lin Chen!

The speed of the fingers is extremely fast, and in a matter of miles, it directly tears the Taihao City's moat!

Almost at the moment when Lin Chen reacted, he was already approaching Lin Chen within a thousand miles!

"It's a seven-level, no, eight-level or above nine-level attack from Yuanzun Realm! It's too late to defend!"

Lin Chen felt a powerless despair in his heart. He did not expect that there would be a strong attack from the Bai family at this time!

This finger forcibly broke Taihao City's moat! Take the leader of Lin Chen directly!

Lin Chen's potential and talents have caused extreme fear and precaution of the Baijia strong!

Even to risk the possibility of starting a war with Tiange Academy, he should be wiped out!

Lin Chen mobilized all the rune energy of the system between the electro-optical flint and was preparing to die.


An elegant and light voice sounded, and a graceful woman in white appeared beside Lin Chen ghostly, and Hao Tou Ying's lips only uttered a word.

That amazing finger across the sky of Taihao City, after the woman's appearance, turned into nothingness in an instant!

No ripples or waves were lifted, and they disappeared instantly!

This scene, even Lin Chen was shocked in place!

This kind of strength cannot be possessed by Yuanzunjing Realm!

"Is this beautiful woman the legendary war emperor?"

Lin Chen was shocked, staring at the white lady in front of him.

I saw the slim and delicate jade of the white lady, pointing to the understatement; the space on the horizon suddenly burst into a crackling tear.


The screams of tragic people sounded, and Lin Chen's mental power perception faintly captured a scene far away in the sky.

In Taihao City, a blue old man fled in embarrassment, his arm was broken, and a jade jade was crushed by the imperial court.

Jade Jane flashed a vortex that resembled a space channel, and he suddenly penetrated into the space and disappeared.

"Does the starry sky send jade jade, but I'm willing to do it, just, a Yuanzun Jing ant."

The lady in white waved her hand carelessly, looking at Lin Chen with a stunned interest, staring at her.

"You don't guess, why am I saving you?"

The lady in white asked with a slight smile, someone Lin seriously touched her chin and said seriously.

"Isn't it because you found me to be the most handsome man in Kyushu?"

After listening, the lady in white stunned, and then fluttered a smile, like flowers in full bloom, bright eyes and bright teeth, beautiful stars.

Immediately, she nodded and smiled-"You really are very interesting, people who dare to talk to me like this, I don't know for thousands of years has not appeared."

In this regard, Lin Chen did not doubt that this beautiful woman suspected of fighting the emperor said that she had lived tens of thousands of years and Lin Chen believed.

Rubbing his hands, Lin Chen asked nervously-"Well, this beautiful sister, are you going to kidnap me?"

Seriously, someone is really nervous!

If this **** is someone from another ancient family or some hidden strong man, she would take her away without any effort!

Even the strong man suspected of being in the Nine Heavy Realm of Yuan Zun was scrapped an arm in her fingertips, any means of her in front of her, just like a baby!

"You are so smart, I really want to kidnap you."

The lady in white waved her hand as she moved her hand around, and the vast starry sky flashed by.

After dozens of breaths, when Lin Chen stood still, he returned to a familiar place.

Surrounded by birds and flowers, there is a hall, which is like the elder meeting room of the Tiange Academy!

"My god, what a terrible space to move! How long has it been since I returned to Tiange Academy?"

When Lin Chen was amazed, a group of senior elders appeared in the hall!

"Vice dean! You are back!"

"Huh? Why is Lin Chen alone, what about the other Zixun ranks?"

In the voices of many senior elders rejoicing and doubting, Lin Chen heard the honorable title of this lady in white!

associate dean?

Deputy Dean of Tiange College! Lin Chen breathed a sigh of relief!

My obedient, it is no wonder that her strength is so terrifying, I am afraid that by this name, her strength must be above the warlord level!