My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 395

Chapter 395: I Killed All Four.

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Chapter 395

"I brought him back alone, and as for the other four, you can ask him yourself."

The deputy dean's understatement caused all senior elders to turn their attention to Lin Chen.

Lin was so calm that he spoke with a very natural tone.

"Well, I slaughtered all four, so be it."

After that, the senior elders in the audience were dumbfounded!


All four killed?

Seeing that Lin Chen didn't have a severely injured body, and his light and breezy appearance, most of the seniors were stunned.

That's four Zixun ranks. This kid picked four and killed four.

This strength is too scary!

What's more, his understatement does not seem to kill four Purple Orders at all, just like killing four insignificant chickens!

Upon hearing this news, some elders passed out on the spot!

"You dare to kill Xiangyu!"

"Peerless! My peerless, how could this be!"

Several senior elders were murderous, staring at Lin Chen with glaring eyes.

"Enough! Ghost crying wolf howling, would it be possible that you still want to do something in front of the vice president?"

Meng Qianmo glanced at the individual seniors, and they immediately resumed sober!

In front of the deputy dean, they have no such qualifications and strength!

"You also don't want to think about the character of the students you taught and what you did to others?"

Meng Qianmo pouted, and many high-level officials said nothing.

Although the talents of the four Zixun ranks are strong, they can hardly be said that they have merits worth mentioning.

"Do you think this honest child is forced to do, do we all know Lin Chen's temper? If you are not anxious to the honest children, will they kill four of them?"

Meng Qianmo's words made Lin someone blush all the time. It turns out that I am an honest child in everyone's eyes! This may not be the best annual evaluation.

"Okay, Qian Mo Ni Zi, don't be poor there. The problem now is not to investigate Lin Chen's responsibility."

Two senior executives gave this nizi a blank look, and she winked Lin Chen playfully.

"Lin Chen, please avoid it first. We have to hold a meeting. As for your punishment and result, we will inform you of it and prepare yourself."

Two senior officials glanced at him and waved.

Lin Chen smiled and said goodbye with a fist, and disappeared as soon as he disappeared.

It's hard to imagine that people who killed four Zixun ranks can still be so free!

In fact, most senior executives are aware that this punishment simply cannot impose much punishment on Lin Chen!

Because, the deputy dean has already gone out because of him personally, and his talents and even the dean have to show up. This is enough to show that Lin Chen is not their dynamic level!

The high-level executives who have personally nurtured the four Big Purple Orders can be described as daring and angry.

And the next meeting is an unprecedented event that affects Lingzhou and one of the other nine states!


Lin Chen swallowed a sixth-order low-grade Xuan Ming Pill in disregard of the frailty in his body, trotting and sitting on the ancient green dragon, and returned to his dormitory area.

"Yi Zhi! How are you guys!"

When returning to the dormitory area to see Han Yizhi and Shangguan Bihan, Lin Chen shouted excitedly.

When Sister Su Lan saw Lin Chen at first sight, her eyes were reddened, and Hao teeth bite lightly-"Everyone's situation is still not optimistic, they are already being treated by the mentor."

"Big brother, are you okay? What about the four Purple Orders?"

Han Yizhi's spiritual strength also entered the realm of law. When Lin Chen was covered with bruises, he asked with concern.

"I'm okay, the most important thing is everyone! Now that ten hours have passed, if you don't cure, the injury will endanger everyone's future cultivation, and take me over!"

Freshman dormitory area, Dan indoor.

Han Yizhi took Lin Chen into the door and saw him break into the Dan room. Many mentors were surprised.

"Then I will take over their treatment, and the troublesome tutors will avoid it."

Lin Chen gave a deep drink with the spiritual power of the state of law, and the mentors couldn't help but be overshadowed!

"Spiritual power of the state of law?"

After retiring all the mentors and elders in the refining system, Lin Chen waved his hand, and the fifth-order pill burned down.

Facing the unconscious crowd, he said in a deep voice.

"Yi Zhi, help me!"


Han Yizhi has the spiritual power of the state of law, and has been cultivated by the Han family and Lin Chen. Now he is a senior pharmacist of the fifth order.

"Longming grass, Jiuyang apricot flower, **** purple vine,"

The light of the Naling Ring flashed, and a large number of medicinal materials appeared. Han Yizhi took the medicinal materials and refined them.

Lin Chen formulated a fifth-order panacea with different medicinal powers according to each individual's different injuries.

In both hands, the thumb and fingers are docked, and the mental power emerges at a rapid speed.

With Lin Chens current level of refining medicine, with the help of Han Yizhi, refining the fifth-order elixir into elixir is extremely fast, and it took everyone less than an hour

'S injury stabilized.

"Then you can serve the top five "Taiyihua Shidan" to everyone."

Lin Chen was drowsy, just handed over the medicine to Yi Zhi and fell into a coma.

"Squad leader!"

Two days later

A clean and tidy room.

Lin Chen woke up slowly, and a group of young girls' fragrance came into someone's nose.

"It's so fragrant, am I in paradise now, can't think of my handsomeness or his early death?"

Someone Lin had just woken up and felt a terrible headache.

"He woke up! The squad leader woke up!"

"Hoooo, Brother Linchen, you scared us!"

"I heard that the squad leader also played a game for us with the four Zixun ranks, which is too rash!

Lin Chen was awake, a group of Yingyingyanyan's beautiful shadows came into view, and there were twittering worries around his bed.

"It turns out I wasn't dead, scared me. Is everyone okay?"

With a squeeze in his heart, Lin Chen smiled at the girls.

"I'm sorry squad leader, we are holding you back."

Apologizing to Qinghong, Lin Chen waved his hand completely indifferently.

"How are the others?"

"The boys have not yet recovered, but the injuries have stabilized."

Lin Chen was relieved to learn that everyone was fine.

"By the way, you seem to have grown to the rank of Qing Xun in more than a year?"

Lin Chen smiled, and the girls immediately laughed around Lin Chenxin.

During the conversation, Lin Chen learned that after he left a few volumes of precious Danfang for sale to the Danyaodian, everyone in Class 66 surged.

And, with the help of Lu Xun and Lin Tianjian and other Lan Xun students, less than a year and a half, all 66 classes transformed into the Green Xun class!

And Han Yizhi, after returning from the torch, became the fastest person to be promoted to Lan Xun after Lin Chen.

When she heard that Lin Chen had actually exterminated the four Purple Orders, the hearts of the women were both shocked and moved.

"Everyone, come back from this trip, I still have something for you."

What Lin Chen wants to give to everyone is the torch seed he got in the torch field!