My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 396

Chapter 396: Tianlingbang Conference

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Chapter 396

Lin Chen took out all the torch seeds he had left in the torch.

Coupled with the amount Yan Yanyun found for himself, it was just one per person in class 66.

The sudden appearance of the torch seed surprised everyone!

The legendary treasure that is enough to create the Son and the Son is just like a dream.

"You remember, except for the flame seeds I gave you, you must not absorb the other flames."

Lin Chen seriously advised that all the girls have unconditional trust and keep in mind.

The boys copy was temporarily handed over to Han Yizhi.

Just after the instructions, an old voice came from the void and passed into the room.

"Student Lin Chen, please report to the Hall of Elders."

"Hey, it seems that my punishment has come down."

Standing up from the bed, seeing the women's worries for a while, Lin Chen laughed like a play.

"Why do you have a bitter face, and I'm afraid I won't be decapitated. The deputy dean is a big beauty, and no one has ever been able to escape the handsome charm of your monitor."

The women covered their lips and chuckled, Lin Chen pushed open the door, and the figure flashed into the wind.

Thunder Island; Hall of Elders.

"Lin Chen, after the unanimous decision of our Presbyterian Church, you will be imprisoned for thousands of years."

The deep drink in the hall was thunderous and thunderous; the elders looked like electricity, staring at Lin Chen with domineering power.

Unexpectedly, someone Lin calmed down easily, even waving Erlang's legs while waving oranges while eating oranges.

"Well, I listen, you continue."

The elders twitched their mouths. What kind of monster is this kid? How could there be fearlessness, which could not scare him?

The deputy dean who was watching was covering his mouth and chuckling, looking at Lin Chen with great interest.

"Go on, why don't you continue? Where is the thousand years of confinement, let me go to the world to sell the flesh and let the beauty humiliate, or send me to transfer the building materials, I personally think that the singing voice is still a bit powerful, Whether its singing, jumping, or basketball, its all top-notch. Do you want to send me to be the clubs top card? My person, my specialty is really long. I promise to bring back a lot of beautiful talented students to the college..."

Someone Lin was very disgusted when he was eating oranges, and there was a lot of crackling. It was almost endless!

That expression was once very arrogant. Provoked the deputy dean next to chuckle!

Those high-level executives who have taught the four major Purple Orders are even more exasperated!

Where is the news from this kid, how can he be so sure that the elders will not be able to deal with him?

"Especially what kind of old man in the cart, what is the small screen flower in the lotus, and those are outdated. I am someone in Lin who is tired of playing. I use the fame of the little black dragon in my wave to learn "Every dragon to explore the flower" and cooperate with a note" to return to the first fishing month. 'Followed by'Lao Long Baiwei', that's called..."

"Enough!"-The elder could not help but gritted his teeth!

Someone Lin stunned, and immediately patted his head.

"Oh, I forgot that the elders may not be good, then why don't you send me to sing? My singing started as a mentor level. I will show you the elders first! Hey~ you see this orange, he is big and round ~! Hey~ Look at this leather, he is long and wide~! Hey~ Look at this brother Chen, he is handsome and beautiful..."

"I said enough! You clown with clumsiness!"-The elder was angry and rushed to the crown!

"Hey, how do you curse people! My acting is very good! The 10th period before and after the Opica Awards are all awards I picked up with my hand washing with Dihuaxiu Hand Sanitizer!"

"Cough cough, all right, Elder Fu, you should tell him the result of the meeting."

The two yellow-robed elders next to him laughed; on the argument of quarreling, Lingzhou was afraid that he could not find a few people who could fight Lin Chen for a few rounds.

Elder Fu announced the results of the Presbyterian meeting in public.

The result: Although Lin Chen was imprisoned for thousands of years, he still has the opportunity to be exempt from punishment, that is, to win at least one first in the Tianlingbang Conference!

Tianling List Conference, Lingzhou is a prosperous conference held in Tianzhou other than Kyushu!

The sponsors are Tianzhou College of Tianshu and Tiange College of Lingzhou!

This conference has extremely high specifications. It will even attract Tianjiao from most ancient families to participate.

The Celestial Ranking Conference includes fortune teller, medicine refining, casting, combat abilities, etc.

The people who can be on the list are all legendary celebrities!

Although the only participants are young and proud, they will still attract older generations from the two big states.

Because this is the moment to witness the pinnacle of the younger generations of the two states!

Some time ago, large-scale senior elders left the college to prepare for this event, because it will be an unprecedented feast!

Lin Chen must get a ranking number one above, so he can forgive his previous sins, otherwise the thousand years of imprisonment will never run away.

"I think this list of spirits is too unfair!"

Suddenly, someone Lin jumped like a thunder and jumped with anger!

The elders who had something to do with Zi Xun raised their eyebrows and suddenly became interested.

"Why is it unfair? This conference has been held for tens of thousands of years, but it's not something you like a baby who can't question!"

Lin Chen pouted his lips, and patted his chest for granted.

"It was originally unfair, and the Tianling list should add another list called the handsome face value list! If there is this list, I am someone who is the first!"

The mouths of the high-level executives slammed...


Four days have passed since Lin Chenchen fought against the four Purple Orders.

In these four days, Lingzhou completely turned upside down!

That is Lin Chen!

The gods are mortal!

Adding some color to Lin Chens legend, Lin Chen also killed a son and hanged three sons and saints before fighting the four Purple Orders alone!

Kill the four Zixun ranks of Tianqi Shengzi, stepping on Xuanjian Shengzi, palm fan Yin and Yang Shengnv, and fighting alone!

Every thing is something ordinary people dare not even think about, but one after another happened to Lin Chen!

Everyone is deeply aware that an unprecedented peerless arrogance is about to rise!

Of course, the losses caused by Lin Chens World War I to many first-class forces in Lingzhou also led the Academy to send many strong men to negotiate compensation.

However, due to Lin Chen's fame, it is really abnormal!

Almost the entire Lingzhou is spreading at a plague-like speed!

As a result, when senior officials and elders of Tiange College now go out to negotiate with the damaged forces, they are almost like an uncle, as if the talents of Tiange College are accepting compensation?

No way, my students are really too long this time! One Lin Chen is more than four sons and daughters!

Lin Chen, as a party, did not have time to ignore many of his legends in Lingzhou; he was already facing a brand new test.

That is, he is going to the purgatory realm!