My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 397

Chapter 397: Or Maybe He Will Be Arbitrary Forever

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Chapter 397, He may be arrogant!

Two days after Lin Chen took over the commission of the Lingling List.

Tiange Academy; Yunge Chamber of Secrets.

Lin Chen, who had just strengthened his talents, sat cross-legged and opened his system properties bar.

[Tiandao Picking System 4.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: quasi-respect peak.

Ultimate Strength: 17000 Dragon Power.

Intermediate Qi and Blood Energy: 37351 points.

The essence of mid-level fighting spirit: 29486 points.

Intermediate mental power: 3 points (early phase of the French phase)

Intermediate exercises: 39 points.

Heavenly value: 9830 points.

Intermediate Rune Energy: 47 points.

Talent: 0 points.

Intermediate elemental energy: 12 points in the fire system, 18 points in the soil system, 8 points in the wood system, 2 points in the gold system, and 8 points in the water system. Thunder system 18:00, wind system 18:00, light system 5 points, dark system 8 points.

Gongfa status bar (whether open)

Blood Vessel Energy (up to 3 types): Qinglong Blood Vessel (50,000 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel,

Talent: Destiny, reinforced iron bone 4%.

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 4, Corrupt Rune Level 3, Charged Rune Level 4, Phantom Rune Level 4,

Possessed Treasures: 15 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 420 kinds of fifth-order medicinal herbs, 35 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 5 kinds of sixth-order medicinal herbs, 16 kinds of blue-order advanced combat skills, 13 kinds of blue-rank top-level combat skills, and sixth-order low-level combat 6 kinds of weapons, 2 kinds of sixth-order intermediate weapons,

Lin Chen was lost in contemplation. If he now encounters the descendant of that **** again, can he defeat the other party?

"A year later, he is at least the mid-term or late quasi-zun. I dont have an advantage in terms of grade. I only have the possibility of fighting the creation of the Nine Tribulation in terms of merit, and the rank of the weapon, but Im at a disadvantage. . Except for the first-hand rune and talent, I don't have much advantage over him."

Lin Chen shook his head and sighed, it must be no problem to escape.

But if there is an inevitable battle, do you want to defeat such a powerful opponent?

"The other party is a descendant of God. The level of exercises used will not be low, at least I should not fall behind in this respect."

Lin Chen launched the Fusion function and started the fusion.

Press the OK button that consumes 2800 points of Heavenly Dao, Lin Chen chose to integrate all the blue-level exercises in his body!

There are 16 types of Blue Rank Advanced and 13 types of Blue Rank Top Combat Skills. These are all obtained from the four Purple Orders. Now they are all integrated!

[Boom ~ Boom ~ Ding! Ding!

After the fusion furnace completed the fusion, the light purple practice in the two volumes of blue was suspended in front of Lin Chen.

"This, this is a half-purple power method?"

Lin Chen was shocked and silent!

The blue-level intermediate, advanced, is the level held by ordinary Yuan Zunjing.

The top blue ranks are generally held only by the strong existence in the ancient family, or the strong men with more than five levels of Yuanzun Realm with rich heritage.

As for the Purple Order, even the Yuan Zun Realm Jiuzhong has pursued the quality of life.

However, this world has some combat skills created by the amazing talents, which not only surpassed the blue scale, but also one step away from the purple scale, that is, the half purple scale.

The half-purple power method is the most popular and popular grade in Yuanzunjing's peak field. The Purple Stage is hard to come by for thousands of years, but the Half Purple Stage still has a chance!

This time Lin Chen merged and his luck exploded! Two half-violet exercises have been performed!

The most important thing is that the lowest condition for the practice of the Purple Order is Yuan Zunjing, but the Half Purple Order does not have this hard condition!

[Half Purple Order Sword Technique "Nine Ghosts of the Nether", Half Purple Order Sword Technique "Fire Thousand Magic",

Looking at these two volumes of combat skills, Lin Chen immediately fell from the bottom of heaven.

It turned out to be his mother's sword technique and sword skill?

Although the system can inherit all combat skills, Lin Chen used the war gun most smoothly.

If you abandon the gun and follow the sword, although there is no problem in the proficiency of the combat skill and swordsmanship, the perception of kendo is weaker than a natural arrogance of sword repair.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed through Lin Chen's mind!

He slammed his thighs and pulled out two swords from Naling's ring.

On the right, the blade is magically enchanted, dark purple and dark, called the remnant, and ranks sixth-level intermediate.

On the left, the sword is inlaid with three azure blue jades, the blade is straight, and the blade is like frost. It is named Wanquan, and it is ranked sixth-level intermediate.

This is Ye Juesheng's remnant demon sword, and Fu Wanquan's Wanquan sword!

"Grandma, why didn't I think of playing like this!"

"System! I want to inherit "Nine Ghosts" and "Thousand Devil Fire"!"

[The system receives, consumes 30 points of intermediate-level exercises and spirits, and begins to inherit the Nether Nine Seven Wonders and the Fire Devil.


In the following time, Lin Chen was either passing on his warfare skills, or refining the Elixir, and nourishing his spirits, preparing to enter the secret realm of purgatory!

Lin Chen also found a seventh-order ore "Dragon Hidden Essence" in Ye Juesheng's Naling Ring!

During this period of retreat, Lin Chen used Jinyang Caster Technique and successfully melted the Dragon's Hidden Demon Essence into the Wulong Dynasty Emperor's Gun, restoring it to the 6th rank!

When everything is ready, we are ushering in the day of purgatory!

In the secret realm of purgatory, any Lan Xun class student of Tiange College has a chance to enter, but the mortality rate is as high as 90%.

Before the opening of the secret realm, it will be transmitted into a completely different secret territory according to the characteristics of the entrant's strength and its own conditions.

There, if you can survive, you will get the most precious adventures and opportunities in life.

It is precisely because of this that the four Purple Orders could have ascended from Tiangang Realm to Yuanzun Realm in about a year!

Have a stronger line of strength than ordinary sons!

Many hidden world arrogance is also in pursuit of entering the secret realm of purgatory, only to visit Tiange Academy.

Tiange Academy is the highest in the sky; above the clouds, an ancient stone gate that does not reach its peak.

Standing in front of the stone gate, Lin Chen could feel the long and deep breath emanating from behind the stone gate.

This is a product of the ancient civilization, unpredictable!

After fighting the four Purple Orders, Lin Chen's fire energy increased to 12 o'clock, and there was another type of Sky Tribulation War Body, that is, Fire Tribulation War Body.

Today, he has five wars and his strength has soared, but he still hasn't broken through the bottleneck of Yuanzun Realm.

There seems to be a vigor and life in Mingming, which is pulling Lin Chen into this purgatory.

In the spiritual realm, Lin Chen's spiritual seeds have increased by 5, and now there are 30 spiritual seeds, which is almost approaching the peak of the early phase of the legal phase.

The Presbyterian Chamber; many high-level leaders gathered together.

They watched the picture of the magic eye stone turning in front of the stone gate, their hearts tense.

"Vice dean, do you really want Lin Chen to participate in the Purgatory Realm? There is not much time left for the opening of the Sky Soul List Conference!"

"Yeah, in case this child has three shorts and two shorts, it not only delays the Tianlingbang conference, but also the loss of our entire academy! This is the last one!"

The high-level leaders were cold and sweating, and couldn't help pinching cold sweat for Lin Chen, looking at the deputy dean at the edge of the chamber.

It was the mysterious vice president who asked Lin Chen to enter the purgatory realm this time!

"How can the dragon not fly to the sky to transform the dragon, this child is really shocked, but in the face of the unpredictable ancient times, there are too many shocking talents."

"He, he is just standing on the starting line now. The mainland of Kyushu is very big and has too many wicked wizards, but if he can survive in the purgatory of the purgatory, maybe he can be qualified to complete the arrogant and supreme mission!"

For the first time, the vice-president of Shengyi Bai revealed his emotions, which he said was unprecedentedly serious.

"Vice dean, you, you want to train this child to challenge the descendants of the gods?"

The black and white Xuan Lao got up on the spot and was shocked!

Hearing this remark, all the seniors in the audience were trembling!