My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 398

Chapter 398: 1. The Secret Realm Of Orange Purgatory ?

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Chapter 398 The Secret Realm of Orange-Level Purgatory! ?

Challenge the descendants of the gods!

They did not expect that the deputy dean actually valued Lin Chen so much!

"Huh! The so-called descendants of the gods are just a group of scammers who are very self-respecting and full of lies! We have been waiting for this opportunity, the Purgatory Realm was created for this! Now, it is time to verify the results!"

The eyes of the deputy dean showed extremely complex expressions, struggling, fearing, unwilling, angry, killing!

Her vision and experience are extraordinary, she sees infinite possibilities in Lin Chen!

Throughout the ages, no one is more suitable for that task than Lin Chen!

Those who can accomplish that task must be arbitrary, subvert history, and shake the gods of Kyushu! !


"What place will this arrogant realm arrange for me?"

Lin Chen was somewhat expecting that he pressed his palm against the jade beside the stone gate.

Jade Sheng shines an unprecedented light, shining on Lin Chen's whole body, forming a blurry aperture like stars and moon.

This iris, as if measuring Lin Chen, is constantly overflowing with faint luster.

All senior elders held their breath and stared at the spar in Lin Chen's hand.

To tell the truth, Lin Chen was not very afraid of this purgatory.

This secret realm is transmitted to different space planes according to human talent and strength.

But no matter how strong it is, it is impossible to detect his Tiandao picking system!

A seemingly in line with the extremely dangerous secret realm of Lin Chen at this stage, but these conditions are based on the premise that Lin Chen does not have a system of Tiandao picking!

Lin Chen looked at the blurred aperture for a long time, and after nearly four quarters of an hour, finally, the light began to glow!

Yellow light, green light, blue light, blue light!

The four-color light is constantly rising and changing, and all the high-level people have almost forgotten to breathe, staring at the light emitted by the crystal stone!

After the dazzling blue light, the blue becomes purple! Ziguang!

Purple light potential, this will be sent to the top secret realm, although the chance is great, but the danger is also scary enough!

However, the purple light is strong and still rising!


A beam of orange light rises into the sky!

All high-levels, including the deputy dean, exude varying degrees of shock and ecstasy!

"Hundreds of millions of orange light potential!"

"No wonder the deputy dean valued him so much, this child is very close to the potential of the descendants of God!"

"Yes! Even if it's not as good as it is, it's almost the same!"

"Don't be too happy, what danger will appear in the Orange Light Realm, we can't predict at all, whether this little guy can come out alive or two!"

There was a lot of heated discussion among the high-level officials, while the deputy dean was circling the green eyes, and the autumn wave shone.

She was involved in the creation of the purgatory secret realm at the beginning, the highest level of purgatory secret realm is the orange light level.

But she also knows that Lin Chen has a secret that she can't see, that is Lin Chen's characteristic rune!

She can't see the characteristic rune, it also means that it is impossible for the purgatory realm to detect Lin Chen's characteristic rune!

In other words, in fact, the deputy dean also knows that Lin Chen will keep one hand!

Therefore, she dare to put Lin Chen into the secret realm of purgatory!

Bang ~~!

The cloud door opened slowly, and a blazing white light came into view.

Lin Chen stepped into the giant gate, white light enveloped him, and finally disappeared slowly!

The high-level executives turned their attention to a star Yuming card in the secret room.

They cannot spy on what is happening in the purgatory.

All high-level officials can only determine whether Lin Chen is in a dangerous state by remnants of Lin Xing's Xing Yuming card of Dantian Yuanfu's fighting spirit.

Bai Guang moved around and moved Lin Chen continuously into the void. This feeling was somewhat similar to the feeling when he was taken away by the vice president.

Lin Chen's heart is full of curiosity and expectation, but he is equally cautious.

The battle is over, Lin Chen is always ready to mobilize the rune energy in the system.

Bang ~! boom!

Finally, the door to the purgatory's secret realm was closed, and the white light shining in the sky and the world dissipated.

However, what everyone did not find out was.

The spar in front of the giant gate testing Lin Chen's potential, the glowing orange light slowly faded away.

As the orange light dissipated, a different ray of light flashed by, and immediately dimmed.

The ray of light was red.


The void changes, and the fight moves around.

Lin Chen experienced the void teleportation for nearly half an hour, and finally stepped on the ground.

As soon as he landed, Lin Chen immediately turned on his mind and kept guarding his surroundings!

This is a gray plain, and the ocean is like a turbulent space.

If it is close to the turbulent flow in that space, the defense below the four levels of Yuanzun Realm can be easily torn!

"If you enter the secret realm, please complete the task within the prescribed time limit."

At this time, an obscure voice came into Lin Chen's mind.

"Task: Please kill the creatures shimmering with orange light above the head in the secret territory, and obtain the treasures with the shimmering orange light. Time limit: 30 days. Task content: indispensable, if it cannot be completed, the spiritual consciousness of the entrant will be automatically erased. "

This task is imprinted in Lin Chen's spiritual seeds. Lin Chen has a looming sense of crisis.

"If you can't do it, you will die. This secret realm of purgatory is really cruel!"

Lin Chen was surprised, the purple phoenix wings spread slowly.

Although the world is vast here, but the aura is thin, Lin Chen does not intend to waste the fighting spirit.

"A creature with orange light, I can use Zijin pupil to find it."

Lin Chen urged Zijin pupil to survey the surroundings.

Just less than a quarter of an hour later, Lin Chen entered the range of a giant mountain range.

The creatures with orange rays were not found, but Lin Chen discovered the light of the attribute light sphere!

A platinum treasure chest was suspended in the center of the basin in the mountain range. Lin Chen was a little bit happy, and quickly rushed away.

At the moment when the fingertips touched the platinum treasure chest, the creepy sense of crisis and murderous intention flooded Lin Chen's whole body!

"Dark Dragon Palm Wan Yuexuan Town Armor!"

Charging rune launched, dark dragon palm blasted out, 29,500 dragon power turned into eight dark dragons twisted out!

Tiangang's fighting spirit and Wanyuexuan Town Armor launched in cooperation with Golden Tribulation and Earth Tribulation!

Sigh~! Bang~!

A giant tail like a wild dragon sweeps through the galaxy and blasts Lin Chen!

The dragon's body is long and the scales are pale gray and red.

Its whole body releases indestructible wild blood and fiery breath!

This is a sixth-order intermediate Xuanyan Qionglong!

It hides its own breath, so that Lin Chen, who is focused on the platinum treasure chest, lurks nearby without seeing it!

Lin Chen, who fell on the edge of a mountain cliff, had bleeding at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes narrowed.

I saw that the platinum treasure chest opened and the light screen was listed.

[The host opens the platinum treasure chest and obtains a rune evolution stone.

"Give me evolutionary runes directly!"

Lin Chen obtained the Rune Evolution Stone and upgraded the last characteristic rune to level 4 on the spot!